A New Name (?)


I’ve been thinking about maybe changing my blog name–I’d keep the address the same because this blog will always be about how I personally see things from my perspective. But this December will mark my third year running this little place. I know a lot of people routinely change their blog names around but my blog title has remained the same for quite some time. While I don’t know what I would change the title too right now, I’ve been kicking around the idea for fun. It would maybe be something catchy or eye-grabbing or just unusual maybe.

What do any of you think on any of this? Does it bother you when bloggers change their blog names, have you done it with your own blog and would you have any thoughts on a new name for my blog? Since you are readers and therefore have a different viewpoint then I do, what would you come up to both call it and/or describe it in a tag line? I’d appreciate any feedback!



8 thoughts on “A New Name (?)

  1. Intriguing idea, however I am not sure what to think of the idea…. On one hand, your blog’s name is not the most memorable (no offense) if you were not actively following the blog. But I have no ideas for a new name and I do like the current one a lot. If you do end up changing it, I would recommend something slightly shorter since shorter names are easier to remember and easier to type when linking back to it.
    As for have I ever thought about changing my blog’s name: I have thought about it a couple of times, because it does not instantly tell the reader what the blog is about but I was not sure what to change it to and J and J Productions has become somewhat well known in a small part of the blogosphere.


  2. It’s kinda annoying to me when bloggers change their blog’s, but only when it’s very frequently, mostly just ’cause it gets confusing. 😉 I love the name you have right now, but I know that if you changed it I’d love the new name. 🙂 A tage-line? How ’bout “one of the nicest ever blogger’s blog”? 😀 But really…umm…you could reference some favorite fandom of yours or something…I’m not much help, am I?! 🙂

    1. Frequent changes are annoying so I completely agree with you. Aawwww that’s so sweet! You are supportive which is just as helpful!!!!! 🙂


  3. To tell the truth I find it a bit difficult when people change their blog names as I find it very confusing. Throughtwoblueeyes is a very unique name. 🙂 And umm, no I can’t really think of anything to suggest for a new name. 🙂 Sorry.

    God Bless,

  4. I’ve thought about changing mine before…mainly because I named it when I was really into politics and presidential elections and all that rot…but I probably won’t change it, because it’s come to encompass how I live my life anyway. Personally, I agree with Vellvin and think your name is original. It doesn’t restrict you to one subject or type of blogging, either, it’s just…YOUR LIFE.

    1. Thanks Maribeth! I do have to agree that I did pick a name that could cover anything I ever wanted to talk about and in that case I love it. Maybe what I’ll do is make a new tag line…


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