Good Days

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Today proved to be a really good day, one that I was not expecting. I thought it was just going to be another slow Saturday.

I got to sleep in which felt amazing because this whole week I’ve gotten up before 8:00, which feels early to me. So when I got up I had a shower and then talked to my mom in the kitchen; I’d recently been talking about wanting a little TV for my room since I obviously can’t play VHS tapes on my laptop. I’d priced used ones at Savers and they were around ten to fifteen dollars which I thought wasn’t that bad. Well, mom had seen a perfect sized one with a built in VHS player at a yard sale for five dollars! She took me back over to see it and I decided it was just too good a deal to pass up. It just barely fits on my on my one closet shelf and after using two white extensions cords I got it working! I’m so excited to now have my VHS tapes available again–that’s Chicken Run and The Prince of Egypt and Disney and Pixar movies!!!

I had literally started playing a movie on my TV when the doorbell rang and I found my iPod delivered!! I’d bitten the bullet last week and ordered one. I didn’t expect it to arrive till after Halloween so I was so excited when I realized what it was! I’ve been spending this afternoon loading free apps like Instagram and Pinterest onto it. I want to get really familiar with the features and will be taking it with me when I walk or run during the day so I can use the maps feature. Encase I get lost… because that is something I can totally see happening… getting lost…

Then I got to go out to eat which was a yay and then my sister and I carved pumpkins! I carved some last year with Nathan but he was very disgusted by the seeds and guts and I ended up doing his too, pretty much ‘destroying’ my hand–hey, go carve a pumpkin yourself and come tell me it’s easy! This year it was just me and Kayla, so I only did one and that was the perfect amount of work. We listened to an creepy audio story on my Darth Vader boom box and the kitties played near us and it was perfect.

Then we got to watch Modern Family, Once Upon a Time and Clue with mom all evening; I uploaded apps on my iPod and we had pizza and hamburgers and… it was just a really good day today. Quiet but full of surprises.

I hope I have more days like this in the future because I really need more good days. 🙂

How has your weekend proved to be so far?



4 thoughts on “Good Days

  1. I am glad you had a good day. 🙂

    So, are you going to download that zombie app on your iPod? Just curious, how much was your iPod? I think you told me on Skype but I can’t remember. I am thinking about getting one since my MP3 Player is not like it is suppose to be.

    Wait. Pizza and hamburgers on the same day!!!! Arg! You are making me SO hungry right now. lol 😛 I love pizza and hamburgers!


    1. I will on iTunes once I can find it!!! My iPod, which was the newer version, 5th generation, was about 300 dollars. It’s a lot but I’ve been saving money for about two years and haven’t made many big purchases. It’s worth it depending on what you want it for, though, I think. 🙂

      LOL, well, we had hamburgers and then later one while we were watching Clue we just threw in frozen pizza just for fun (we have a kind that is SO. GOOD. You would never believe it’s frozen pizza!) LOL I do too, they are pretty much my two favorite foods. 😛


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