Dear Favorites

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Dear Purple; why is it that I can’t find that many t-shirts your color at the thrift stores? You are my favorite color and yet the section of purple is always so ridiculously small. I want to wear you more. Also please try to make yourself more available in shoes. Frustrated yet adoring, -J

Dear Tardis: why the heck haven’t you appeared in my backyard yet?! Impatiently waiting, -J

Dear Stuffed-Animal Sulley; thank you for making yourself available every night for me to hug as I go to sleep. I’m sure you guard me at night. I just don’t get how you get from my arms to the floor… Is there some sort of Toy Story magic you haven’t told me yet? Are you socializing with Woody and Buzz? If so, how is Buzz getting down off the top of my shelf? Wondering, -J

Dear Pink Nail Polish; please refill yourself for free, I really don’t want to go back to Claire’s. Hoping for miracles, -J

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Dear Fall Weather: I like you a lot. In fact, I’m in love with you. Please run away with me and take me far away to a place of hot chocolate and boys hoodies and football and rolling in leaf piles. Because I have no leaf piles to roll in here. Because leaves don’t change color here but they should.  And now I’m thinking you are actually rather a jerk for not being cold enough to kill our tree’s leaves. ALL I WANT IS TO RAKE THEM INTO A PILE AND THEN ROLL IN THEM IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK! I HATE YOU AND NOW WE’RE BREAKING UP.  . . . . leave the hoodies. Bitterly, -J

Dear Winter Weather: you are not a jerk because you bring Christmas. Thankfully you shall be here very soon. Writing my Christmas list, -J

Dear Me; This was fun. I should do this again sometime. Sincerely, Me.



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It always makes my day to see your messages! Don't forget to check back, I try to write back to you too! <3

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