These Are My Heroes

These are my top nine cinematic personal heroes; the key word being personal. Personal heroes. 🙂 The numbers are also subject to change; heroes One and Two will probably almost always stay there but the rest will probably get bumped around a lot because I always like someone more right after I watch them in their movie or tv show. 😛 So, the numbers are in a figuratively-speaking way.



9. Tony Stark from The Iron Man Trilogy and The Avengers. Of course he’s in the top nine, are you kidding me! I love Tony and I have to really bite my tongue when I see people hate on him because he’s ‘superficial’ or ‘flashy’. They’re either a) trying hard not to see that he actually does grow throughout four movies or b) they’ve not watched those movies and therefore have not even given him a shot (and no, you can’t just watch The Avengers–you need to see all his movies to make a fair judgement to his character.) Tony Stark has some great character development; yes, he’s extremely superficial to start out. But that’s okay because you can’t grow unless you have problems to deal with. By Iron Man 3 he shows so much deep growth in his core character, like what’s most important to him, that it’s pretty much impossible argue that he’s not made some huge improvements on how he lives in, say, Iron Man 2. Tony Stark is one of my heroes because he manages to work past some of his flaws and learns to put others ahead of himself, which is the true mark of a hero. And he’s Iron Man. How can you not like him.

Obi-Wan, 10_Fotor_Collage

8. Obi-Wan Kenobi from The Star Wars Saga. Obi-Wan was my favorite part of Star Wars prequels. What I liked about him was that he was honorable, patient, willing to learn, willing to teach; you could see how he turned out to be such a wise, good man later on. Anakin should have been more like Obi-Wan in AOTC in my opinion; I would have sympathized way way more in his fall if he had been. So, to me, Obi Wan is a great example of a noble hero.

Han, 18_Fotor_Collage

7. Han Solo from The Star Wars Trilogy. Who’s not going to have Han Solo amongst their heroes? Do I even need to go into detail with him? He’s tough, he’s smart, he’s funny and he’s grows through the three movies into quite an honorable character. He learns to think outside of himself and do things for others! What more do I need to say?


6. The Doctor from BBC’s Doctor Who Reboot. This is the only alien to make it on this list. 😉 I have only seen the Ninth and Tenth versions of The Doctor but I love them both. Besides saving the world a million times (seriously, it’s, like, what he does for a living,) he’s also just a great being with heroic attributes. He sees value in everything, he’s supportive, he understands freedom, and he doesn’t run away when enemies or problems arise; he tackles them instead. He believes in people when they don’t believe in themselves and is an excellent motivator. And he gives great hugs. 🙂

Luke, 80_Fotor_Collage

5. Luke Skywalker from The Star Wars Trilogy. Luke is that classic character to rise from nothing and achieves greatness. He’s my hero because he had the courage to fight tyranny, aid those in need, and learn from others and then learn from his mistakes. He faced horrible truth without becoming bitter about it (that is very hard thing to do, people, I personally know.) He’s also a great friend, putting himself at risk to help his friends when they’re in trouble. He’s the classic Star Wars hero and no, he is not whiny. I’m sorry, but I need to say this: he whined one line to my memory and whining once doesn’t make you a ‘whiner’. Why don’t you come and tell you’ve never whined once in your life: if you haven’t out loud then you have in your head. People get over yourselves and start appreciating the greatness in this character. (Okay, I’ll stop spouting now. :P)


4. Rocky Balboa from The Rocky Saga. In some ways, I feel like not a lot of people take Rocky seriously. But I really can’t repeat enough times how much Rocky showed me what a real man’s man is–sorry, I want to go into some details here so you know where I’m coming from; sit tight for me, okay?

I come from a certain church background of six years where certain guys judged other guys, both real and fictional,  if they were quiet or not beefy (real example I know was used: Hiccup from How to Train Your Dragon): and immediately stereotyped them as those who have ‘let society turn them into wimps’, who needed to stop playing video games,, who needed to ‘man-up’. Without regard to the fact that God make’s men in all sorts of different body types and personalities. Not all men are naturally loud or naturally physically strong–and that’s completely okay! And the attitude I felt coming from certain men who promoted this idea left a bad taste in my mouth. Being tough and judgmental of other people does not make you a man. It just makes you into a shrimp.

So I was so happy and hopeful when I discovered Rocky. Because here was a guy who was tough, strong, able to take a punch and give one too, but was naturally quiet. He was a gentle guy when off the boxing mat. He was kind, protective of others, a gentlemen to the ladies, and even repentant when he learned he had been wrong about something. Rocky is my hero because he’s what a real man should be like on the inside. And I wish I could have seen this idea come from someone other than a fictional character. But hey, I’ll take it from where I find it.


3. Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead. He’s my rough redneck who turned out to have a heart of gold. He became my hero by watching his character build through struggles and separation from a poisonous influence in his life (aka his older brother); and y’all should know by now that I’m a real sucker for characters with great development. Daryl is my hero because he’s now a noble protector who’s passionate about saving and keeping lives safe, is now respectful of people, and understands that a true family is made of those who build you up and not those who tear you down. He’s a role model to me because he represents that you can survive a bad past, leave behind the shell of who you once were and move on in life with hope. This is something I really need to see as I’ve come out of poisonous relationships myself, so I connect with him to different degrees.


2. Steve Rogers from Captain America and The Avengers. YOU ALL KNEW HE WAS COMING, DIDN’T YOU! Steve’s my hero for his heart. He has a pure heart. He stands up for others and he has a strong sense of humility that makes him so endearing. That was one of the things that really made him such a huge favorite of mine, was the humility. Like with what I was talking about with Rocky, I’ve gotten tired hearing lot of Christian guys talk pridefully–about anything! And Steve is a breath of fresh air when it comes to not patting himself on the back or becoming full of himself. He has a sense of honor and nobility that is extremely rare in this age. It’s good to see a character like him shining smack in the middle of Hollywood!


1. Sherlock Holmes (from the original stories, Basil Rathbone’s films and BBC’s Sherlock). Sherlock Holmes is piece of complicated fictional material, in a sense. He’s a flawed character with tendencies to be more like a machine than a human. However, Sherlock Holmes has been one of my biggest heroes for most of my teen life. What are some thing I like about this guy?First, if we’re talking about the original version of Sherlock from the stories, I also love how kind he is towards women. While he has no desire for romance (STOP GIVING HIM ROMANTIC PARTNERS IN THE MOVIES RIGHT NOW IT’S SO NOT IN HIS CHARACTER HOLLYWOOD SOMETIMES YOU DRIVE ME INSANE) his original character was very, very kind and gracious to the fairer sex, and I appreciate that about him a lot. I also like that he is flawed. Near perfect heroes are awesome (CAPTAIN AMERICA) but I like a flawed character too; Sherlock fails on a lot of levels, he’s inconsiderate, he’s does drugs, I mean his really screwed up and I don’t excuse those bad traits. But in a sense they make him a well-rounded character and that’s a good thing. The thing I like most about him, though, is that he lends his gifts to helping others; he doesn’t have too, but he does. And that’s all it takes to be a hero, in my book.

That’s why we can be heroes too; no matter how ordinary or flawed or under-confident we might feel about ourselves compared to the people on the big screen, we can be heroes just like them. The only time it is hard to be a hero is when you are too busy being caught up in yourself.


I have lots of cinematic heroes; here are some that made it to the honorable mentions. They include Phil Coulson, Thor, Merlin, Nolan Ross, Rick Grimes, Batman, John Watson, Nick Burkhardt and Spider-Man (I’m fairly confident that after I watch a bit more Supernatural, Dean and Sam will easily soar into honorable mentions and one of them might jump into the top nine!)

The only other ‘list/tag’ post I have planned is the Non-Disney animation one but I have a few more movies to watch before I’ll be ready to start doing that one, so we’ll see if I come up with anything else in-between. 🙂



15 thoughts on “These Are My Heroes

  1. Rocky. (*happy sigh*) And I’ve only known him for–what is it, three days? Doesn’t matter. I have REALLY come to like Rocky! I love how he prays before he goes to fight. He’s such a good, loving man to Adrian, and really he’s kind and gentle to everyone, even people who are rude to him. Oh, but if you’re rude to Adrian–watch out! 😀 What a breath of fresh air. You don’t often see movies nowadays with such honorable characters like that.

    I was looking forward to this post–and I have to admit I was surprised by #1! I shouldn’t have been, but I kept reading and trying to figure out who could possibly be your top hero, haha! Of course it makes perfectly good sense. The only one I’m not familiar with is #3, so for the whole post I was nodding and saying, “Yep, yep, yep, good guys, good guys, good job Jamie.” 😉


      LOL, I figured everyone would predict who my top hero was, but I guess not! Lol! And thank you! I am glad you are familiar with so many of them! 😀 😀 😀


  2. Great post! Though Tony does get on my nerves, especially in the second, you can see by the third that he has greatly matured and is much more sacrificial. Han Solo is awesome! And just so you know, I like Anakin better than Obi-Wan, though i am told that I actually act mroe like Obi-Wan than Anakin, which is interesting.
    I’m going to have to say that Steve Rogers, though he is a great guy, does not beat Batman or Thor. 🙂 😉
    Sherlock!!! Okay, so I totally knew this would be on the list! Actually that is one of my favourite things about the original stories is how he treats women! He is always such a gentleman! And of course I love him from BBC Sherlock as well! Oh, yeah and I get sooooooo sick of having Irene Adler in every single movie as a romantic interest! It makes me so annoyed! He never loved her, he admired her! Get it right people! If you want a romance, do John’s and Mary’s. Though, i wouldn’t mind if Sherlock ended up with Molly in BBC, though it most likely will never happen. 🙂
    Love, Phil Coulson, and Batman (like I mentioned) and Spiderman, and John Watson (not as much a Sherlock though. 😛 )

    God Bless,

    1. I know Tony can get on people’s nerves, at least you’ve seen up to Iron Man 3 and can have a real solid opinion on him, which I appreciate. 🙂 I did know you like Anakin more then Obi-Wan, and that’s fine. I didn’t like in ATOC and like I said, I would have sympathized more with his fall he didn’t behave as childishly as he does. But that’s just our differences in opinion again. 😛

      Yes, isn’t he nice to women in the original stories?! And yes, someone else who doesn’t like Irene as his interest! Films have been pairing them up for decades and it really annoys me. At least in BBC’s Sherlock he didn’t fall in love with her. *heavy sigh* 🙂

      😀 Thanks for commenting! 🙂


      1. I think he mostly got one my nerves in the second one. He has his moments though!
        I do like Anakin, he’s my favourite Star Wars character ever! But I hate his whining anyway. I think he didn’t need to be so whiny! I like him best at the start of the third movie, you can see how far he has matured, and of course in the Clone Wars (which I know you intensely dislike) but, he really is a good character in it. Obi-Wan, on the other hand really seems to be rather stuck-up in the series, he seems to talk so posh, and I’m-better-than-you type attitude and doesn’t have very much to do with the action, while Anakin is out there doing stuff, and he has really good lines. 🙂
        Every time I see something with Irene Adler, I groan, it’s getting so old! Actually last night we tried to watch the 2009 Sherlock Holmes movie, and we did turn it off because it was getting, waayyyyyy weird, though I loved Watson, and it had Irene in it! Also in Elementary, she is suppose to be Moriarty! The very idea! Mum previewed SIB for me, and said I couldn’t watch it, but yeah, at least I know I can’t watch it now! 🙂
        God Bless,

      2. I hate how much whining Anakin did, and people don’t mention it, they only pick on Luke, and that really grinds my gears. As to Obi-Wan, we’ll have to agree to disagree about him. 🙂

        I hated that 2009 Sherlock Holmes movie; I didn’t think Robert Downy Jr. was right for the role at all and Irene bothered me so much. I would have loved it if they just not used the Sherlock Holmes character names at all. Original names with slight tweaks to the characters would have made it much better in my opinion. I haven’t seen Elementary but it will be a desperate day when I decide to watch that show. I’m sorry you can’t see SIB but maybe you will be able to see it when you are older. 🙂


      3. Okay, well, I’m guilty of that. 🙂 He is pretty fun to imitate when you make him whining. And vice versa for me, I hate it how people say how great Luke is and then couldn’t care less about Anakin. 🙂 So while we’re on the subject of whining, you need to watch LOTR so I can know you’re opinion of Frodo Baggins, as I am a Frodo defender, though once again, it can be funny to imitate him with whining as well
        Yep, I guess we will. But look on the bright side, we agree on the 2009 Sherlock Holmes!
        Elementary is soooooooo laughable compared to Sherlock.
        Maybe, we shall see! 🙂

        God Bless,

  3. You have a lot of great heroes on here…and yay! Another Obi-wan fan. I love Obi-wan. Not as much as Han Solo, of course….but I like him a lot. 😉 The only character on here I had never seen before was number three.

    And the Doctor is amazing, of course. (and yes, he *does* give great hugs. Random point about Doctor Who that I love: the hugs. Seriously) And Sherlock. And Captain America (*cheers*) And you know, Rocky is pretty awesome, too (although it’s been QUITE a while since I’ve seen the first movie). I admit I’m not a huge Iron Man fan, though, although ALMOST EVERYBODY I know loves him (so you’re not alone, haha) Actually, I like him best in the Avengers because he’s funny…I can handle him more as a supporting character than as a main one. I haven’t seen the third movie yet, though, so I guess he still has time to grow on me. 🙂

    1. Yay for Obi-Wan! (and Han Solo!) 😀

      I am very alone when it comes to being a Walking Dead fan on here…

      You need to see Iron Man 3 as soon as possible!–I loved Tony in The Avengers because, yes, he was hysterical, but his character grew in such bounds once he’s in Iron Man 3. I was so happy with where they took his character. He’s still so ‘him’ but a ‘him’ that gets thrown some big reality checks. It was great. 😀 So yeah, you need to see that movie! 😀


  4. Great list! I have seen all of them except Daryl Dixon.
    I 100% agree about Luke not being a whiner! It makes me so mad when say he is just a whiner. Luke is relatable because he is just a normal guy caught up in a bigger plot to save the galaxy. For my recent college paper I actually wrote a little about Luke and how some critics are wrong about his lack of character progress and I got a 96/100! 😀 Luke also reminds me of Spider-Man, another vastly underrated character.
    Sherlock is great, I have been trying to find the time to have a big Sherlock VS post comparing all the big three modern Sherlocks (*whispers* BBC Sherlock will win).
    Of course Captain American is my favorite comic book hero and Iron Man is not far behind. Plus Han is probably my favorite character ever, which you already know.

    I need to actually get my Top 100 Heroes list in order. 😛 I made a list a while back but it is SO out dated now.

    By the way, sorry for the extremely late comment.

    1. SOMEONE ELSE AGREE ABOUT LUKE! (not surprised though. :P) That’s so neat that paper got such a high score!! STAR WARS IS AWESOME.

      Oooooh, that post would be really neat (and I’m glad BBC Sherlock will win! :P)

      I remembered Han was you favorite character! Lol

      I was trying to remember if you actually had done a Heroes post or not but that answered my question! 😛

      That’s okay! 😀


  5. This is an awesome list, Jamie!

    I love the way you got right to the hearts of the characters!

    Jumping to what you said about Rocky: I too have spent time with the idea that the real men are not ever quiet or shy or soft, and it was great stories where the heroes are quiet, shy, and soft-spoken that got me to question this. A hero who doesn’t act all “macho” can certainly be brave and strong when he is called upon to be, and I think the ultimate point is that great heroes and “real men” are determined by their hearts and their actions… not how they look outside.

    So some of my favorite qualities that you pointed out?
    Doctor Who: He believes in people when they don’t believe in themselves.
    Steve Rogers: He has a pure heart and a strong sense of humility.
    I agree on your definition of why Sherlock Holmes is truly a hero… and also on the fact that flawed heroes remind me that I don’t need to be perfect to do something good in the world.
    Daryl: Moving out from a bad past into a future with Hope. {Reading about him, I think I wouldn’t be scared of a zombie attack if he were nearby, you know? 🙂 }
    Luke Skywalker: He learns from his mistakes. And I agree about the “whining” too.
    Han Solo: Tough, smart, funny, and experiences character growth. ‘Nuff said. 😀
    Obi Wan Kenobi: Honorable, Patient Wise.
    Tony StarK: It takes a lot to bring a character from being superficial to being deep.

    In other words, you have some very cool heroes. 😀

    1. Thank you, Faith, I’m glad you liked it!

      About Rocky; I am glad you’ve been able to reconsider some of the same ideas and noticed some flaws in them. I don’t know if you’ve seen the Rocky movies but he’s a great example of a real man with quiet heart.

      I loved how you recapped the qualities to all my heroes; bulls eyes on all of them. (and I LOLed about Daryl because I would feel very safe in a zombie apocalypse if he had my back! haha!)

      Thank you, they are very cool, aren’t they? I hope they are some of your heroes too! 🙂


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