Fandom-Related… Stuff.

I’m taking a breather from working on my heroes list to just do a short non-list fandom-related post of randomness…


I decided to take the fandom identification quiz again: a few things changed. I went from being a Rebel in Star Wars to being a Sith–that’s quite a change; and the Doctor instead of a Dalek! I also changed districts from 10 to 12, am now a Narnian instead of a Daughter of Adam and Eve and a dwarf instead of a human.  I am still a Borg, a Gryffindor and a Lannister.










Going through my folders I realized I had a lot of good jokes from my favorite mockumentary TV shows that I need to share sometime as a lol post, so I might consider doing that in the near future…


10 thoughts on “Fandom-Related… Stuff.

  1. Cool pics! I love Agent Coulson. ^.^

    Hey…I haven’t taken the Fandom.Net thing in a while…maybe I should do that again!

  2. Cool, I think was the Doctor and Gryffindor as well in that personality test, but I think was a Jedi, and I can’t remember the rest of them. 🙂
    The Thor: The Dark World poster is cool, I like the edit they did to it.
    I love the last picture, Coulson is the best! 😀


    1. Hey, awesome! A Jedi would be awesome, but it’s also kinda neat being a bad guy. 😛

      I liked it too; I’m so ready for the movie to be out!

      Yes, he is! And I saw the second episode of AOSHEILD, it was really good, especially that ending!


  3. Interesting quiz! Oh, and just so you know, I thought your Villains post was good even though I didn’t comment. 🙂
    I must watch Agents of Shield! I must! 🙂 Cool Thor poster!

    God Bless,

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