Attention! Attention!


Hey everyone; this is interrupting my list posts, but that’s okay. I wanted to mention that I entered/published a very short piece of fiction based after my NaNo novel, The Twisted Book, on Booktrack Studio today. Booktrack is holding a contest and I couldn’t resist entering for fun and the experience (and the prizes). FYI, Booktrack brings books to life with music and sound effects!

I would really appreciate it if you could spare five minutes of your time to jump over and read my entry,Unearthed Magic, for me. I also really want you guys to experience the magic of Booktrack if you haven’t already, I’m still excited from discovering this place myself! It’s really neat to read a story and have the effects synchronize with your reading–you can slow or speed up the track depending if you are speed reader or not, too!!

You can also consider this a teaser to The Twisted Book–I don’t plan to include what I call “Unearthed Magic” in my final book, but I thought it would be fun to write a narrative to just gives you a sample of what the twisted book itself looks like.

A thousands thanks from me in advance!


PS Who would be inclined to reading The Twisted Book in it’s entirety on Booktrack Studio–especially you not-so-big-into-reading people? I shall consider publishing it on there as well as in E-Book and paper back form on Amazon, even though that would be a lot of work. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Attention! Attention!

  1. SLKDFJSADFWEAFSDF! That was amazing! The sound and music combined with your eerie tone of your writing was perfect! It kind of reminds me of an audiobook, which is cool. Your writing was superb and I am not just saying that because we’re friends. Seriously, compared all of the stuff by “professorial writers” in my English class yours is a lot better in terms of setting a tone in such a short amount of time.
    Even though I do not usually have much time or read books much, I would at least definitely try to read your book if it was on Booktrack.



      Thank you so so so much for your thoughts, I’m glad you enjoyed the experience! Thank you for complimenting my writing, too. 🙂

      I shall keep that in mind–it would be a long project to to do an entire book but it’s just so fun at the same time (of course I need to get it past the sloppy first draft that is in but now I really have something to work towards. :P)

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