The Disney Animation Tag


I’m using the tag form to cover Disney’s animated films (I have chosen to exclude Pixar.) I’d suggest taking a quick glance at this list I created on Letterboxd so you know which films I have seen (you can also notice the absence of several films that I haven’t seen either.) I’m also working on making an original tag for non-Disney/Pixar movies which shall probably be my last ‘list’ post. But I thought I should cover the great land of Disney’s animation first. 🙂 

What is your favorite Disney movie? I like to say Beauty and the Beast, but I also love 101 Dalmatians, The Rescuers, and Wreck-It Ralph and Hercules were also really, really good. Honorable mentions include Bolt, Winnie The Pooh, Treasure Planet, The Aristocats and The Hunchback of Notre Dame.


Do you like the drawn animation or the computer animated movies better? It depends. I do like drawn animation and have a great respect for the art. But I like the computer animation a bit more then I did a few years ago. It all depends, I suppose. With drawn animation you get such a classic feeling of the movies you probably grew up with (for example, 2011’s Winnie The Pooh.) But you can also create such amazing tones with computer animations (for example, Meet the Robinsons.)


Favorite male characters? I love Beast, Fix-It Felix from Wreck-It Ralph, Winnie the Pooh and Bernard from The Rescuers. I actually do not have that many favorite male characters; for this reason, while I’m not going to include the cartoons in this tag, I have to mention Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. They’re my overall favorites. Honorable mentions include Basil of Baker Street, Tigger, Rabbit, Thomas O’Mallay, Baloo, Robin Hood, and Hercules.


Favorite female characters? Belle (She is also my favorite princess), Jane from Tarzan, Miss Bianca from The Rescuers, Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and Anita from 101 Dalmatians. I can relate to Belle in many different ways. I absolutely loved Jane because she’s full of fascination but also funny a little dorky. Miss Bianca is everything an adventurous lady should be. I’ve always like Anita since I was very little and Esmeralda is that symbol of strength against tyranny that I really admire.


Favorite villains? Disney has so many good villains! Ursula was thrilling to watch; Hades was hilarious. Cruella De Ville is a long time classic favorite and Madusa from The Rescuers is underrated terror. And how do you get over Ratigan–he’s such a hilarious twist on Moriarty! Honorable mentions include Maleficent, Scar, Shere Khan from The Jungle Book, Gaston, Clayton from Tarzan and the Stabbington Brothers from Tangled. 


Un-deserving underrated film? I know of two: The Great Mouse Detective and The Rescuers. I loved The Rescuers the few times I saw it as a kid and it’s still one of my favorites but to my knowledge I’ve never met anyone who’s actually seen it. And The Great Mouse Detective is also very unknown, though more people are aware of it. Also Bolt is very underrated which is extremely unfair in my opinion.


What are your favorite songs (try to limit to ten)? This is hard; there are so many good ones. The ones that instantly come to mind include: Be Our Guest, Beauty and the Beast, Cruella De Ville, Can You Feel The Love Tonight, Poor Unfortunate Souls, Little April Showers, A Girl Worth Fighting For, Kiss The Girl, I Won’t Say I’m In Love (and the overture for 101 Dalmatians.)


Which soundtrack is your favorite? Treasure Planet, Beauty and The Beast, Bolt, Wreck-It Ralph, and 101 Dalmatians. All great soundtracks, especially Treasure Planet, that has some great instrumental tracks. Honorable mentions include Winnie the Pooh, The Aristocats, Tarzan, The Lion King, and The Nightmare Before Christmas.


Who is your favorite non-human character? Winnie The Pooh. I am sorry if that seems silly but Pooh and his movie The Many Adventures is the first I remember seeing when I was little; there is so much innocence tied up in this character that makes me really happy (I also like the books; they are extremely clever!)


Any favorite animal side-kicks? I like Maximus from Tangled, Rhino the Hamster from Bolt and Mushu from Mulan. It’s just hard not to like them.


Which films are your favorite in regards to visually stunning? Tangled has some amazing colors and animation that were very pleasing to behold. Wreck-It Ralph was visually stunning and Treasure Planet has some great outer-space scenery. But I think Tangled wins this one.


Favorite happily ever after moment? Beauty and the Beast’s transformation scene and ending, of course. I’ve yet to see another animated film move me like that ending did. 🙂 Honorable mentions: Meet the Robinsons, The Tigger Movie, 101 Dalmatians and Cinderella.


21 thoughts on “The Disney Animation Tag

  1. Great list! 😀
    I actually hated Wreck-it Ralph it had a really interesting story-line but it just had wayyy too much crudeness for a kids movie. That’s probably why I didn’t like it that much because it is suppose to be a ‘kids movie’ and it just didn’t seem to be. Sorry, just my opinion. Umm, do you mind if I borrow that Sherlock tag from your other blog post? I’m not quite sure when I’ll do it but I’d like to if that’s okay with you. 🙂
    Tangled is awesome! And I love Basil of Baker Street, I think I didn’t actually make the connection that it was Sherlock Holmes, well, I wasn’t really interested in Sherlock Holmes until I saw Sherlock, and someone might’ve said, but I really didn’t take notice. Ratigan is a very interesting view of Moriarty. 😀 And Hades is very funny!
    I love Mushu! Maximus is good too but I prefer the lizard, I mean dragon because he doesn’t do that tongue thing! 😉 No, actually I just like him better!
    Jane, Bianca and Belle are really good characters. I’ve never actually seen all of the Hunchback of Notre Dame, and who cannot like Winnie the Pooh? I mean seriously it is such a sweet story!

    Well, I’d better go.
    God Bless,

    1. Thank you!

      Really? I don’t remember there being too much crudeness but I suppose our standards might be different. 🙂

      Yes, you can steal the Sherlock Tag! I actually say no because it wasn’t really mine in the first place but the blog I took it from said I could take it; so. 😛

      LOL, I actually didn’t see The Great Mouse Detective until after I first read some of the stories and discovered Disney had done a spoof of it!



    2. Everyone has their own opinions, so yeah, that’s okay! 🙂
      What blog did you take it from? Are they a Sherlockian type blog?
      I’ve had the Great Mouse Detective for years! The start always scared me when I was littler and the part in the toy shop with the babies cradle was also scary because you knew Fidget is in it! But nevertheless Fidget is awesome! 😀

      God Bless,

      1. The blog is called The Random Ramblings of a Devoted Fangirl it’s not about Sherlock specifically but the author is a fan of Sherlock. You should go check it out. 🙂

        The beginning is quite intense and I actually held off showing the film to my little brother till I knew it wouldn’t traumatize him. Haha. 🙂 Yeah, when he’s not about to scare you, Fidget’s not that bad… 🙂


  2. I haven’t seen a couple of those…just added ’em to my watch list…. 🙂 I love Winnie the Pooh too, he’s so lovable and hugable. And I’m so glad to hear you’ve read and like the books too! 😀

  3. I love all of your choices!! The only one I haven’t seen is “Wreck-It Ralph” (which MUST change.)

    And you watched The Rescuers and The Great Mouse Detective!! Have you seen The Rescuers Down Under? As sequels go, it was pretty cute.

    1. Thank you and yes you must see Wreck-It Ralph, it was so unique and fun! 🙂

      Yes, I have see The Rescuers Down Under; not quite as good as the first but I adored seeing where Bernard and Miss Bianca’s relationship went. 😛


      1. How neat! You were part of that special magic and I say right now thank you for the work you did, many of Pixar’s movies are my favorites in different regards, so thanks for bringing them to life. 🙂 And thanks for commenting. 😀


  4. Even though I have seen most of the classic animated Disney films when I was a kid, I really do not have a lot of nostalgia today for them and have never considered watching many of them. Maybe that’s because I watched Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Spider-Man, and Batman (Burton) when I was a kid. Arg, I’m on a tangent again, anyway, now about your actual post.

    Wreck-It Ralph is my hands down favorite of Disney’s animated movies! So funny, great characters, and the video game references really put it over the edge as one of my favorite movies. 🙂

    I’m going to answer one of your questions that I find particularly interesting.
    Do you like the drawn animation or the computer animated movies better?:
    With a few exceptions like Wreck-It Ralph, The Clone Wars, and a few others, drawn animation is my favorite. I really like the style and what can be done with the medium.

    I’m looking forward to your new tag because I have a lot of comments about non-Disney/Pixar animated films like *cough*HowtoTrainYourDragon*cough*

    By the way, are the picture collages custom or did you find them somewhat?


    1. Yeah, you got all the really good movies when you were younger and most of Disney’s kids movies don’t even compare (unless you have nostalgia or attachments, that always helps. 🙂

      Wreck-It Ralph was so so so good, I loved seeing “the world” behind video games. 😛

      Yay, someone else really likes drawn animation too! 😀 (of course, this would include Anime, right? I know how much you like Anime now! 😛

      I am glad you are looking forward to it; I am too, because I’ve seen several great animated movies that don’t get as much love simply because they’re not Pixar/Disney. 😦

      They are custom! I use the free downloadable program Fotor which can both edit pictures and make collages and it’s been very handy. I can include lots of pictures but not burden my post down in a way that could slow down someone’s internet, lol.

      Thanks for commenting, I know Disney isn’t really your thing in the first place. 😛


  5. Yeah, the drawn animation does include anime. 😛 But I have always liked hand drawn more anyway because of fantastic shows like Batman: the Animated Series, Spectacular Spider-Man, and Young Justice. 🙂

    I will need to look into Fotor because I have been wanting a thing to make collages of movie posters for my lists. Thanks! 😀

    P.S. Why doesn’t WordPress let me reply directly to you? I remember that I used to could do that last year I thought.


    1. You keep mentioning Batman: The Animated Series and I keep thinking I should look into it sometime. 😛

      You are welcome; it’s a very nice and easy tool. 🙂

      Not sure, I did notice it’s a little different–it might be because of the WordPress theme I’m currently using… I’ll have to look into it. :/


  6. The whole time reading this I was going, “YES YES YES!” haha. We have the same tastes in disney movies, apparently 😀

    I love the song “Can you feel the love tonight” too. I’ve loved that ever since I can remember (like… since I was three). And Winnie the Pooh is awesome, don’t ever worry about liking it! haha

    And sorry I haven’t been commenting much–life became crazy all of a sudden. lol

    -Emily 🙂

  7. No way can I pick just TEN favorite Disney songs. That seems like the most impossible thing ever. (Under the Sea is the winner for me.) I watched Tangled today with my sis and mom, and it really is breathtaking. The lantern scene = Heaven on Earth.

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