Favorite TV Shows List

I actually started this directly after making “my favorite movies” list because I had so much fun.While these aren’t in any particular order, my more favorite are closer to the top.


Sherlock: Nobody should be surprised this is the first one here. This show is near perfection in my opinion; perfect writing, perfect characters, fresh and excellent adaptions of the classic stories, heart stopping cliff-hangers: this is the best Sherlock Holmes adaption ever. You can browse the tags to my many other posts about this wonderful show. #sherlockholmesisahero



The Office: Equals comedy gold with the most ridiculous in-the-office mishaps, very awkward misunderstanding, deadpan delivery of some of the best back and forth dialogue ever and some special heartfelt moments. The reason The Office is here so extremely high on my list is that it helped make some of my darkest hours this past spring bright with it’s quirky characters and hilarity. I am very grateful that I started watching this show when I did. Characters like Jim Halpert, Dwight Schrute, Pam Beasley and Michael Scott will always be very dear to me.



Doctor Who: OF COURSE THIS SHOW IS ON HERE, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Sci-fi goodness at it’s best! Great characters, great story lines, time travel, wit, aliens of all kinds and good ol’ England. What’s there not to like in Doctor Who? Again, this is one of those TV shows where you can go look up a bunch of posts where I have already shared my feelings so I won’t go on and on here.



The Walking Dead: This is a shocker unless you’ve already read this post. Thrilling story, great characters, frightening horrors and never-ending fear of death and fight for survival; I was beyond surprised by how much I loved this show, which I decided to watch on my own with no recommendations. Daryl Dixon’s gradual yet perfect character growth gave me thrills and I have a love/hate relationship with the series’ commitment of killing off characters. I have felt nothing but the greatest respect for this zombie show which shocks me just as much as it probably shocks most of you.


Grimm Watch Poster

Grimm: This was probably the show that made me realize that I liked the genre of fantasy. A cross between dark fantasy and cop drama, I fell in love with the world where the Grimm Brothers’ creatures were real and living among us. Nick and Monroe are one of my most favorite bro-relationships and the story arcs between seasons one and two are great. I hope this show lasts a long time because I will want anything they can give me.



Warehouse 13: Science fiction mixed with secret service mixed with perfect character banter mixed to make one of the funnest shows I’ve ever seen! I adore all the historical ‘facts’ mixed in, seeing new artifacts and the ever growing drama of the Warehouse 13 team. I’ve already talked about this show a lot so I’ll move onto others.



Revenge: I started this show on Netflix thinking I wouldn’t see more then the first episode and that it would be too soap opera-like, but boy, was I wrong. It grabbed my attention immediately with it’s wide range of characters, suspense and plot. Mystery, back-stabbing and revenge fill every episode; I’ve found it fascinating watching Amanda Clarke as she charmed and smiled her way into her enemies’ world under the name of Emily Thorne in order to bring well-thought out vengeance down everyone who destroyed her father and her childhood. She’s likable for all her craftiness and for some reason I’ve gotten a great kick out of watching her carry out her agenda with ease. Nolan Ross, Amanda’s loyal friend, stole the whole show for me because he’s hilarious and a computer genius; I love that character to death. The first season was full of twists, surprises and turns. The second season got more complicated as more back stories were revealed thus leading to bigger twists! I’m dying for Season Three to come out so I can continue the saga.


MOD SinglePageKeyArt.indd

Modern Family: ONE OF THE BEST COMEDIES. EVAH. I found this on accident one day and couldn’t stop watching! Of all the comedies I’ve watched, this is probably the cleanest and most family friendly, so I can easily recommend it! I’ve gotten stitches in my side from laughing so hard. It’s really relate-able because it’s so close to real life. It’s filmed a little like The Office, where the characters will sit down in front of the camera and talk, which makes them seem like real people, and I like that. But what I like most is that while all the characters can appear based after all sorts of different stereotypes, the show gives you a deeper look revealing that each person is dimensional and not actually a regular stereotype! My favorite characters are easily Cameron and Mitchell because they are so. dang. funny. Kayla and I compare ourselves to them all the time, too. 😛



Supernatural: I’m only into the first season but I love the supernatural-ness and the Winchester brothers *cough-Dean Winchester-cough* and the dark suspension that comes with them. While they are slightly more intense then what I’m used too, I have yet to get nightmares or have trouble sleeping or turning my light off, so I pat myself on the back a lot about that (of course, who knows what the future seasons hold!) I’m extremely excited to be finally watching this show after hearing about it for two years on Tumblr. I haven’t seen anymore of this in a little while though, so I need to get back to it! When I get deeper into the series it will probably climb higher on this list, as well.



Merlin: The show is funny and light yet dark and magical with a interesting take of the old legends; I knew about this fandom as the one that ended sadly and left all it’s fans miserable–so of course I started watching it (and it’s BBC, so how could that hurt?!) Overall loved it. Merlin and Arthur are probably just underneath Sherlock and John when it comes to my favorite bro-relationships because they had five whole seasons for their relationship to grow and develop. And of course the end was brutal and I think I cried…? *thinks* Yes, I did cry at the end. I want to get my mom and sister to watch this show at some point…



Downton Abbey: This show actually did live up to all the hype that’s been showered on it. It’s dramatic, it’s engaging, it’s like stepping back in time but better. What I like best about it is that not only do we get to know a great family and their drama but also the servants and their own troubles. We see upstairs and downstairs and how all those classes get touched through war and culture change and the little things that happen in their own lives. For those who love period dramas in the first place should adore this show and even those like me who don’t really care will most likely then not get engaged with it!



Once Upon a Time: This was the show after Grimm that made it really clear to me that I love fairy tale adaptions and fantasy. Family friendly with fascinating takes on the classic fairy tale characters along with good drama helped hook me on this show. Rumpelstiltskin is also one of the neatest villains/heroes that I’ve seen from TV; he’s one of my favorite characters. I also really like Snow White/Mary Margaret and how she handles life’s problems both in Storybrooke and in her original fantasy world. The show stands up to good re-watches because I just re-watched it with my mom and sister (you almost need to re-watch it to really string the characters and their intertwining stories together.) We are all breathless waiting for the library to put Season Two on our card!



Castle: When can these two become an item? (NOBODY TELL ME IF THEY ACTUALLY DO I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR ANY SPOILERS). Great mysteries, good banter, an overall super good mystery drama series! Richard Castle is a hilarious character, it’s always fun seeing him tease Kate Becket on and off cases. The show delivers a great balance between serious crime-solving and light-hearted humor and finger jabbing between characters. And of course if you are a fan of FIrefly they slip references in every once and awhile. (And Nathan Fillion was born for this role, he does such a great job as Castle!)


I watch other shows too which I’m not going to include–I’ve only seen the first two episodes of Firefly and haven’t been able to get back to it but if I had seen it already I’m pretty confident I would feature it.  I like Arrested Development, Terra Nova, Monk, The Big Bang Theory, I Love Lucy, The Andy Griffin Show, and Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot. I hope to love Marvel’s Agents of Shield and Orphan Black. So, maybe at some point there will be a second addition of this post when I see more! 🙂

I’m now going to go back to frantically waiting for Season Three of Revenge and Season Four of The Walking Dead. . . .


16 thoughts on “Favorite TV Shows List

  1. Let’s see: I think I watch about half the shows you listed. Sherlock, Downton Abbey, Once Upon A Time, Castle (!!)…you have really good taste! 🙂

    And I love Rumpelstiltskin too; he’s the most fascinatingly complex character on the show, to my mind.

    1. Why thank you! You do as well. 😉

      I agree, he’s extremely complex and I like how he’s not really a “good” guy or a “bad” guy; it all depends on perspective which is really neat! 🙂


  2. Yes! I have been looking forward to this post! 😀 Great list, I have heard of all the shows to some degree and of course I have seen several of them. 🙂 I actually plan to start my Top 30 Scripted TV Shows list next week or the week after because I have just finished it finally.
    As I usually do with this kind of post, I will comment on most of your choices.

    Sherlock: Duh, the show is awesome! Due to its brevity Sherlock is not in my Top 5 on my list, but in terms of quality, the show is brilliant! I think I will just refer to Benedict as The Cumberbatch because he is so freaking amazing and so is Freeman!

    The Office: Haven’t seen it yet, although I am interested since you like it so much. 🙂

    Doctor Who: As you already know, Doctor Who is my hands down favorite show ever! To think about it, other than a few reality shows like Survivor, Doctor Who is the currently longest running series I watch. Although that is not much of a feat since most of the shows I watch get cancelled after a couple seasons, or one most of the time. I am kind of bad luck when it comes to that. lol

    The Walking Dead: Rebecca is watching the show too, actually, so if I ever get the chance to watch it, I will need to do that since you like it so much.

    Grimm: I have heard about this from Rebecca as well, although it is not that high on my “Must Watch List” at the moment.

    Warehouse 13: As I have said before, the series has really rubbed me the wrong way in season 3 and I still can’t seem to like it much anymore, but I still watch it. Did you know that the final season will air next year?

    Revenge: My mother watching this show, but it really does not seem like something I would want to watch. But I am excited that the star of the show is going to be in the Winter Soldier next year! 🙂

    Supernatural: I have heard quite a bit about this show from my guild leader, so I am interested in the show to some degree.

    Merlin: Yet another show that I need to consider watching sometime since you like it so much.

    Downton Abbey: My parents actually watch the series and own it on DVD, so I will eventually get around to watching the show at some point.

    Once Upon a Time: My parents watch this as well, although my father said it is not really a show that guys like me would enjoy since he does not care for it all that much either.

    Castle: I want to watch this show for two reason: Nathan Fillion! And Firefly references! I know there are other good things about the show but I am dying for something to help my Firefly withdrawn.

    Terra Nova: I really enjoyed the show, too bad it was cancelled after one season, which is probably my fault. 😛

    Monk, I Love Lucy, The Andy Griffin Show: I have enjoyed all of these shows, although it has been a while since I have seen them. 🙂

    Yes, I sure hope that Agents of SHIELD does not disappoint. In Whedon We Trust!

    My only slight surprise is that you did not mention Death Note in your honorable mentions, but other than that great picks of what I have seen! 🙂

    OK, now I suppose I will mention a few of my favorite shows other than Doctor Who and Sherlock. 🙂

    Firefly: Yeah, I ruttin’ LOVE this show and I quote it endlessly with my brother and guild leader.

    Code Geass: Code Geass is probably the only work of fiction that has made me so sad and almost start to feel emotion while watching it. Although most of the show is incredibly suspenseful and fun, there are some seriously sad and heart wrenching moments. Also it is an anime.

    Death Note: So incredibly suspense! Code Geass is the only anime that I like better than Death Note. Easily one of the best experiences I have had watching a show.

    Seinfeld: My favorite comedy by far! So hilarious, I love it.

    You will see more of my favorite shows on my upcoming list. 🙂

    On a side note, I feel even more extremely nerdy now that I watch anime, I suppose I have covered just about every genre of geekdom now.

    Wow, that was a long comment, but it was fun to write!


    1. Thanks for the long comment, I like hearing all your thoughts on each one. 😀

      I forgot all about Death Note! Since I watched it on Youtube in a pretty consistent one-episode-after-another, it didn’t really feel like a TV show for some reason. And since you like Code Geass so much I will need to check it out at some point! 🙂

      I need to finish Terra Nova, it’s been so interesting!! And Firefly as well. 🙂

      The Walking Dead, Supernatural and Castle are the shows you would really like–you probably would not enjoy Revenge or Once Upon A Time or Downton Abbey that much, so I wouldn’t worry about getting to those. But you NEED to see The Walking Dead soon; all three of us could fangirl/fanboy together about it! I NEED MORE FRIENDS TO WATCH IT, IT’S NO FUN WATCHING A FANTASTIC SHOW BY YOURSELF! 😛


  3. @Jamie: True, Death Note is not a show that you can only watch one episode of. I still have yet to marathon a series faster than Death Note. 😀 I post about the show would be cool sometime. 🙂

    Oh, I forgot to mention a few things you need to know about Code Geass before watching it.
    1: The series starts a little slow. Unlike Death Note, I was not hooked until episode 9 or so.
    2:The animation style is VERY anime, by which I mean that the characters have colorful hair and the character models are not as realistic as Death Note.
    3: Don’t expect the show to as good as Death Note since I only started liking the series more than Death Note after the second season.
    4: The show does have some “fan-service” which caters to the male audience more.

    Below is the YouTube link to the entire series. 🙂

    Hopefully I can go over to Rebecca’s house and watch some The Walking Dead on Netflix with her. 😀


    1. I know, I went through Death Note so fast; I kinda scared myself! LOL

      Ahh. Well-noted. 🙂 Thank you! 🙂

      I shall keep my fingers crossed!!


  4. YAY!! Merlin!! 😀 I love that first poster for Sherlock, the faces in the mist are so cool…. 🙂 I’m not a big fan of TV series as a format for telling stories (does that make sense?) but I do LOVE some of them, Merlin especially…and I’m really looking forward to watching Sherlock sometime…. 😉

    1. I totally know what you mean; I used to prefer movies to TV shows for cinematic story telling myself. I just recently have found that if the story is good, it’s actually really nice to have it last longer then two and half hours like a regular movie. But it took a little dabbling to discover that. So, I still completely get what you mean. 🙂

      MERLIN! *Sobs* I’m still so sad that show came to an end, I need to rewatch it sometime.


  5. Of all the shows on your list, I’ve only seen Castle, I’ve also seen Firefly, I like both those shows. I’ve been thinking about buying The Walking Dead series.

    My favorite TV show is CBS’ Person of Interest, starring Jim Caviezel!! I absolutely adore that show! I would easily choose to watch it over anything else!

    1. I am glad to meet another Castle fan! 🙂 You need to see Doctor Who and Sherlock, though!!

      I have heard a little bit about Person of Interest and I thought I would give it a try at some point. 🙂


  6. Lots of great shows! I really like Sherlock too, it is an interesting interpretation of a modern-day Sherlock Holmes. Once they finish it I would really love to see more modern adaptations of classic characters…like Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde, Oliver Twist, etc. That would be cool!

    I loved The Office, but I honestly could only watch the first couple seasons before I had to stop…because I know some people who are EXACTLY like Dwight and Michael so much so, it was almost painful to see them portrayed in a humorous way on-screen. The show’s hilarious, but I kept cringing because they kept reminding me of those people IRL. Not even kidding, one of them even looks a bit like Dwight! Yikes!

    I watch more anime than TV shows, so I only recognized a few on here. I really want to watch Supernatural one of these days but what holds me back is that I’d have eight seasons to catch up on! Downtown Abbey and The Walking Dead also look amazing. If we had TV channels I could probably watch them…

    Great post once again 😀

    1. Great thoughts! I would also like more modern adaptions; if they were handled like Sherlock. 🙂

      Well, that’s too bad. Thankfully for me, the show was funny enough that it really helped me deal with some extremely depressing weeks.


  7. Awesome list! Merlin and Arthur are my BroTP, and I cried at the end, too. I have yet to watch Sherlock, but that’s on my list. You have an excellent taste in TV :p

    Oh! You should check out a BBC show called Primeval! It’s really good and has a Jurassic Park/Doctor Who feel to it.

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