The Sherlock Challenge


To open up my posts of ‘lists’, I’m going to start with a challenge for one of my most favorite things: BBC’s Sherlock.

– favorite episode

This is probably one of the easiest questions ever: The Reichenbach Falls. They’re all pretty amazing but this one tops with it’s twists, plot and the emotional trauma it left me in after my first viewing. Absolutely fantastic.

– least favorite episode

A Scandal in Belgravia. Although it has some of my favorite quotes and I did enjoy the mystery, I have a dislike to Irene Adler when she’s taken outside of her original context–the original short story. The sexual themes that kept popping throughout also makes it rather awkward to watch. So, even though it’s really good, it has to go at the bottom.


– favorite main character

Obviously Sherlock, but I talk a lot about him already. John Watson is my other favorite and Martin’s version is my favorite adaption of the character because it’s perfect. They’re both perfect!

– favorite minor character

I have two that I think can be considered minor characters. First, Mrs Hudson; I’ve always liked Mrs Hudson; she’s such a special character. She’s one of those very few people who Sherlock cares for and you can tell that even when you first see them together. Her gentle but steady personality brings a good balance to 221b’s atmosphere of chaos, too. The second minor character–although I don’t really think he’s a minor, is Inspector Lestrade. He’s rather nice and he’s not too proud to refuse help from Sherlock. I think he and Sherlock make a good pair in the crime-solving force, too. And even though Sherlock didn’t even know his first name till the fifth episode, he liked him enough for Moriarty to use him to his advantage right along side John and Mrs Hudson.

– favorite quote

There are so many! “The name’s Sherlock Holmes and the address is 221b Baker Street.” “We can’t giggle, it’s a crime scene!” “Shut up, everybody, shut up! Don’t move, don’t speak, don’t breathe, I’m trying to think. Anderson, turn the other way, I’m trying to think!” “There is a mute button and I will use it!” “Not your housekeeper.” *at doorbell* “SHUT. UP.” “You’re on the side of the angels.” “Welcome to London!” and John’s speech in the cemetery.


– favorite ship

I actually don’t really ship anyone in Sherlock; I used to ship John and Sarah but I don’t anymore since the writers are sticking with the books and bringing Mary into the picture. I’m really excited to see where that’s going to go…

– what you would like to see in series three

I want them to keep slipping more things to catch from the original stories. I really hope that they adapt The Sign of the Four well; I have great faith in the writers and actors, though, so I don’t have a lot of worries or wishes. As long as they keep as true as they have to the original work, I shall be thrilled.

– a moment that made you squeal

The end of A Study in Pink where Sherlock and John walk away from the crime scene in slow motion. I got chills from that scene when I first saw it.


– a moment that made you cry

The cemetery scene at the end of The Reichenbach Falls was the only scene that made me cry–more like sob. But then who didn’t during the end of that episode–if you weren’t crying on the outside you were crying on the inside.

– character that is most like you

GOSH how do you answer this?! I actually don’t think I am like anyone in Sherlock. I can relate to John an awful lot, though, so we’ll leave it at that. (If you think of someone I’m similar to, please don’t be shy to share because I would be interested in hearing your thoughts.)

– feels moment

There are a lot of feels moments in Sherlock for me, but I really like the scenes during and after Sherlock rescuing Mrs Hudson; tossing the bad guys out the windows and of course his line to John.


– favorite headcanon

Having nothing sad ever happen to either of my boys, ever; they just solve murders and have jolly fun doing it without one of them having to jump off a roof and leaving the other one all alone, again…

– favorite actor

I have to shine the light on both Benedict and Martin here because they both deserve it. Benedict does the modern version of Sherlock very well because he sticks close enough to the original version. Even though it’s a bit different, he gives a more accurate version of what a man like Sherlock would be like in 21st century; more enclosed, more thoughtless, more intense. And on the other hand, Martin plays modern John perfectly. His John can stand on his own, he’s not just there to play Sherlock’s side-kick, which I believe is rather rare for Sherlock Holmes adaptions. He also has some of the best facial reactions. 🙂

– favorite actress

I like Louise Brealey in her role of Molly Hooper a lot. Even though Molly doesn’t come from the books, I still really like her awkward character who has a crush on Sherlock. Louise does a good job in making the character like-able without doing too much other then react to Sherlock. She compliments the show nicely. 🙂


– favorite thing about Sherlock

His character development, easily. Although I like his ability to deduce and seeing right through people, I really like how his character develops at the end of Season Two. He’s more thoughtful; he cares more then he would like to admit. And that’s really neat to see. I also like his wit. 😛

– favorite thing about John

I love everything about John. It would take too long to discuss him here.

– favorite scene

That’s too hard! Oh my gosh! . . . . let me think for a moment . . . . . Okay, I got one; I really really love the scene in A Study In Pink where everyone was looking for drugs in 221b and Sherlock was having a verbal battle with everybody and Mrs Hudson kept telling him to handle his taxi driver and there were eyeballs in the mircowave and then he just solved mystery. That was a really good scene. 🙂

But, what am I saying??! All six frickin’ episodes are really good: this is easily my most favorite TV show and if you haven’t seen it yet then you need to as soon as possible–just do it. You can come back and thank me later.




11 thoughts on “The Sherlock Challenge

  1. As you already know, our favorite episodes of the series are exactly the same. 🙂 One thing about the show that I do not think people give enough credit to is the humor. Most of the episodes have several hilarious parts or quotes among the serious mysteries. The hilarious British banter is what I like about any British show! 😀

    Here is my answer to one of the questions. 🙂

    What you would like to see in series three: I wouldn’t mind just being able to see season three before I am 100 years old!!!!!


    1. Oh yes, the humor is certainly not as known which is sad. 🙂 British writers have really figured out how to write good banter! 😀



  2. AWESOME!!! 😀 😀 I love that picture of all the different characters. I ship Molly and Sherlock, though i think that would never happen. 🙂 Still waiting for Mum to preview SIB so I haven’t seen that one. Hopefully I can! 🙂

    God Bless,

    1. I hope you can see it too, it has some really funny parts in it although it does have a more mature theme and feeling to it. 🙂 I’ll keep my fingers crossed though! 😀


  3. Lestrade. I love Lestrade so much. And you’ve gotta admit, Moriarty was the coolest, most disturbing villain since Doctor Who’s the Master.

    “Don’t talk out loud, Anderson, you lower the IQ of the whole street.”

    Also, Mycroft. ‘Nuff said.

    1. Oh yes, Moriarty creeped me out so bad, he was extremely disturbing, which I thought was great. 😀

      HOW DID I FORGET THAT QUOTE?! There are too many good ones to remember! 🙂


  4. Okay, so, Jamie, if lists are hard for you to make, well, it payed off when you made this one -it’s fantastic! I love lists and reading yours was fun! 🙂 I really want to watch Sherlock BBC….

    1. Yes, lists are hard for me to make–I have to admit when they are in challenge form where I need to answer a question, isn’t quite as hard but it’s in the same format. But I’m glad you liked it.

      *Falls off cliff* YOU HAVEN’T SEEN SHERLOCK?! Oh my gosh you need to see it right now so we can fangirl about it!


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