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274297433525586444_He768ybH_c Because why not? This tag originally came from this blog. I borrowed the questions because they looked fun and unique. 🙂

What was your first-ever piece of writing? It was probably my first story about Tom, who I wrote about for maybe two years when I was pretty young. I wrote short stories using the spelling words I had gotten wrong during school to practice spelling them. And I got hooked with story telling! 🙂

How old were you when you first began writing? Probably eight years old or around there. At least, that’s when I first started. After a few years I dropped writing and didn’t really pick it up again till 2006 when I was twelve. I started writing what I now know is called “fan fiction”. I wrote fan fiction for probably four years before spinning off with my own original characters.

Name two writing goals. One short term & one long term. A short term goal is to keep up my blog; a form of writing. A long term goal is to experience publishing one of my books. tumblr_lwz2odFwed1qe4vldo1_500 Do you write fiction or non-fiction? I guess I like doing both; blogging is a non-fiction form of writing and I adore blogging because it’s a fun recreational activity. I also love writing fictional stories. So, to quote from The Road to El Dorado, “Both. Both. Both. Both is go.”

Bouncing off of question 4, what’s your favorite genre to write in? While experimenting with fantasy writing the past year has been interesting but I can tell I’m not that good with it. Modern day fiction is my strong forte.

One writing lesson you’ve learned since 2013 began. I learned it’s okay that a first drafts be extremely sloppy. Apparently, that’s how their suppose to be. That was almost comforting to learn. 🙂

Favorite author, off the top of your head! Agatha Christie; also Arthur Conan Doyle. I think they’ll always be at the top of my head for good reasons! tumblr_m15dh9z3cX1qdjqnwo1_500 Three current favorite books. The Valley of Fear, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Dracula.

Biggest influence on your writing {person}: I’m not sure if there’s one person, it’s more like a bunch of people in small ways. My sister has always liked my stories even when I haven’t and she’s liked me reading them to her aloud, which was always encouraging. I’ve had lots of good friends just encourage me to keep up with my writing or say things like, “Hurry up and publish so I can buy your book!” Other good friends have been encouraging and helpful, giving inspiration for a character or giving me that extra energy shot to make me write that next chapter with their enthusiasm.

What’s your go-to writing music? All sorts of stuff, mostly instrumental/soundtrack type music. Last year I complied a ‘Writing’ playlist on YouTube to play when I sit down to write, and I use it a lot. You can check it out here. tumblr_mhn1hi9QBB1qz9m4qo1_500 List three to five writing quirks of your’s! Little habits, must-haves as you write, etc. While it’s not a strict ‘must have’, I usually need a white noise like a decent rain effect playing the background when I write fiction. I like to have chocolate within reach if I have a high word goal I want to reach. Also when writing fiction, I like to have privacy, like being able to shut my door and have as little going on around me as possible because I can get distracted easily. 😛

What, in three sentences or less, does your writing mean to you? Writing is my way of communicating what I think, feel, and love. Writing is my way of dealing with problems in both fiction and non-fiction. To me, writing means sharing.


18 thoughts on “The Writing Tag

  1. How fun! Christie and Conan Doyle are both excellent, though I’ve got to admit I prefer Dorothy Sayers to Christie. (Also, LOVE the Sherlock picture!!)

    Now I’m curious about your fiction writing… 🙂

    1. Ooh, I know!! “Murder on the Orient Express”; “And Then There Were None”…I can’t remember if it was Christie or Sayers who wrote the “Mysterious Mr. Quin” short stories, but I’ve always loved those too.

      1. Yes, Agatha Christie wrote “Murder on the Orient Express”, which floored my best friend and I when we read it together. I love her creation of Hercule Poirot, he’s one of my favorite detectives. 😀


    2. Ahh, Poirot and the “little grey cells”. Someone made a TV show of the Poirot novels; my older sister is a big Christie fan and she likes the show a lot!

      1. Ah, not news then!

        So, Christie, Conan Doyle, Bram Stoker, Roald Dahl….what else do you enjoy reading?

      2. I like Robert Louis Stevenson a lot; two of my favorite books are The Strange Case of Dr Jykll and Mr Hyde and Treasure Island. I also like HG Wells and Jules Verne. 🙂


      3. Ooh, excellent choices! Have you read Charles Dickens? If you like Wells and Verne, I’ll bet you’d enjoy “A Tale of Two Cities” quite a bit; it’s my favorite of Dickens’ work.

      4. Charles Dickens isn’t really my cup of tea but I have seen two film adaptions of A Tale of Two Cities–I know, I know, it’s not the same but still. 😀


  2. I loved this post! I have a ‘writing’ playlist too, mostly composed of movie soundtracks! 🙂 Do you have a favorite movie composer you like to listen to while writing? I like Hans Zimmer. 🙂

  3. Of course I am not a writer, or a fiction write, since I suppose critical writing still counts. Anyway, cool tag thing. You mentioned that you wrote what would be called “fan fic” when you where a kid, but what kind of fandoms did you write about then? If you don’t mind me asking that is.
    Music to write by is always one of my favorite subjects since it is often overlooked how important it, or at least I think it is important. 🙂 Recently I have been listening to the themes from Baccano. I really like the old 1930s band music feel to it.


    1. Oh wow that music is so fun! I like the second a lot! *is bobbing up and down in seat to music* 😀 Band music is some of my favorite period music. 🙂

      About my fan fiction; I used characters from a children’s mystery book series called Encyclopedia Brown, which were about a boy detective who figured out mysteries because his head was like an encyclopedia; he helped his dad, who was a Chief police officer, helped his friends in scrapes and fixed a lot of problems that a gang of troublemakers called the Tigers caused during summer break. I liked Encyclopedia and the different members of the Tiger gang so much that I wrote a short story about them. They basically all became friends by the end of it and the Tigers began to learn how to be crime solvers like Encyclopedia. After that short story I wrote four–no, five books about the reformed gang of kids as they became young adults and tackled different mysteries and bullies–one book per year, so we kinda grew up together. I made a lot of my own characters that joined the Tiger’s crime solving gang and eventually took those original characters and started a different book series with them. 😀 That was probably more information then you wanted but I had fun recounting that part of my fiction writing history. 😀


  4. Okay, so can I just say I love that picture of Sherlock and Moriarty? Moriarty just has got this ‘I’m so bored’ look. 🙂
    Blogging is such fun! I think that’s the reason I don’t keep a journal or anything. It’s because I blog and so I don’t need to. 😉

    God Bless,

    1. 😀 I like it too and the fact that they are sitting on a book because they originally came from a book! 😀

      Yes, that is why I don’t journal either. Blogging also is a good form of accountability as well. 🙂


  5. Great tag! Maybe I should do this sometime on my blog! We share a lot of things in common when it comes to writing…sometimes I listen to music while I’m writing and sometimes I listen to music beforehand to stir the right emotions in me.

    1. You should, I found it great fun! 🙂 Thanks very interesting, I never thought about listening to music beforehand. That’s a good idea! 😀


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