These Are My Heroines.


Here it is, at last. This post has been coming for a long time–I mean that literally; I wrote pieces of this seven months ago in February– I’ve just not had the guts to finally finish writing it until now. And before I can talk about certain characters, I need to get some things off my heart and on the table. It has taken a lot of rewriting to get this to the way I wanted, so I hope it’s all clear.

While I understand the importance of knowing Biblical gender roles in real life, I do love a good female superhero or agent in films or tv shows any day–I’ve not kept that a secret either; most of you know that about me already. Having lacked a lot of decent female roles models in my own life, I’ve loved finding heroines I can look up to, ones who’ve been able to give me help by setting examples that I can observe and learn from. Women like Princess Leia and the Black Widow are important to me for such reasons.


However, I have felt judged for liking strong female characters by fellow Christian teens and kids, starting back when I was sixteen. I have had friends, personal friends whom I’ve known for years, frown and question my sister and I when they learned we liked characters like Princess Leia and Natasha aka Black Widow, often giving their own unthoughtful opinion whether we asked to hear it or not. I’ve heard things said along the lines of ‘Leia’s a feminist because she wasn’t submissive to Han in the first movie and she’s engaged in the political world and she’s sassy’. And in regards to Natasha, ‘no woman could ever fight a man and win, she’s not realistic at all; she’s a warrior woman, she needs to learn her place at home’.

Statements like these scared me into silence because I didn’t want to get into debates that I didn’t want to participate in. Even if we don’t see certain friends anymore, it’s hard to ignore that overall opinion because a lot of Christian kids feel the same way and talk about it in their own web circles. And that’s fine, because that is their business. They can and should be able to like and dislike who they please.

However, what I’m tired of is feeling bad or “less Christian” for liking the characters they categorize as ‘umbilical’ ‘unrealistic’ and ‘not good’.


I will say right here and now: there is no perfect character, in books or in movies or TV shows. Everyone, including Leia and Natasha, have downfalls. The root of the real problem that I’ve faced boils down to this; fellow Christians are exercising their right to speak but neglecting the need to be gracious of other’s opinions and convictions. You should be able to believe, like and dislike what you will but it needs to be balanced with grace. But I can’t wait for everyone to understand that before I can feel ‘safe’ to share what I personally like.

So. This post is me letting go of hurt feelings from the past and standing up for what I like, because I can. I can no longer let other people’s opinions dictate what I say or feel out of fear of being judged. I’ve learned that how other people feel is their business and I shouldn’t have let it hurt me the way it did, even though it wasn’t right that they couldn’t have been more respectful of how I felt. However, other people will also have to learn that I dang well like Black Widow and the fact that I thought she complimented The Avengers beautifully. I don’t want to be scared of admitting that or anything else anymore.


There are reasons why I admire and look up to these strong women in particular, even for all the crap I’ve gotten for liking them. This is not a list of me trying to clear these fictional women of accusations my friends have given them. It is instead the reasons why they are still my heroines after all these years. I’m going to start my recovery by not being ashamed of them anymore.

Let me introduce you to the four women who always stand out to me to the most time and time again, who’ve showed examples of courage, and that’s it’s okay to cry when you need to and that you can still get up to fight back at things that are trying to hurt you.

Princess Liea from the Star Wars franchise.


Oh, the pretty Princess Leia, she was my first introduction to cinema’s tough women! She had strength to withstand torture to protect her people, she could hold her own ground and think on her feet in the middle of life and death situations, she knew when to not throw her trust immediately on two men she didn’t know. She’s a capable leader in a time of need; she could help her father and then take his place in command when she had to. She can hold her own verbally. She can hold her own with a weapons. She wasn’t rendered into a puddle of uselessness when she was separated from her man and instead helped rescue her friends first and then him later on. I could go on and on about Princess Leia. But overall, she’s absolutely amazing. She deserves the iconic role in history that she has and I think more girls could stand to look up to her.


Natasha Romanoff from Iron Man 2 and The Avengers.


Oh, Natasha Romanoff; how I’ve been saddened seeing so many people say, “The Avengers would have been perfect if she hadn’t been there.” I wish more people could appreciate the good qualities in her, like, her intense loyalty to people who’ve helped her in the past, her clear head on and off the job, her ability to keep most of her emotions separate from her job, too. Her willingness to go beyond her skill set as a spy to be a soldier when the world most desperately needed her to be. Her fighting skills that can get her out of harms way even when it appears she’s in over her head. Her strong will that helps her be able to get up and move on after traumatic experiences even though it shook her up a bit–something I wish I was better at. These are things that made me really love the Black Widow and I can’t wait to see her in Captain America’s sequel!


Sarah Conner from The Terminator and Terminator Two: Judgement Day.


I really really like Sarah Conner and the development her character took between those two movies. She wasn’t always a tough gal, which is what makes her character so good. What I like about Sarah is that she thinks and prepares for the future. She faced the truth instead of running from it. When she became unhappy with what she thought was her future, she decided to do something about it. Even though she was mentally exhausted and hurting, she pushed through obstacles to achieve her goals. She learned to work systems to her advantage. She was self-sacrificing and good mother. In many ways, I really identify with her because I’ve gone through emotionally traumatic experiences myself (I have never had my life threatened by an actual Terminator but I think most emotional trauma is a lot like that anyway.) I’ve had to make a choice too, if I was going be fearful of what my future might hold or if I’m going to instead learn to grab it by the neck and say, “You’re not crushing me, not today.”  And Sarah really set an example of a women able to do just that.


Myka Bering from Warehouse 13.

Warehouse 13

Where to start? Myka is a great character in a fun show but she showed an example of being hurt but dealing with it and letting go. She’s also incredibly smart, can stand on her own but also accept help from her partner when she needs help. She steps out of her comfort zone when she has too, she learned to roll with the punches when things don’t go her way. She can both think of others but also of herself in what she personally needs, which is a great balance. She sets high standards for herself which sometimes isn’t always great but is better then setting no standard at all. Myka is that the feminine “tom boy”, she knows and likes that she’s a women but she doesn’t hide that fact that she grew up different from other girls. She’s different which in so many ways makes her so relate-able.


Yes, I’m focusing on only four women. There are lots of heroines out there, like Catwoman from The Dark Knight Rises or Kate Becket from Castle, and they are strong women too. But Catwoman felt under-developed, and she and her high heels irked me through most of the movie, which made me sad because I wanted to like her.  And Kate Becket is a good character but she’s also not a personal role model to me either because she hasn’t been able to let go of things in her past and move on to become a more healthier person.

However, I also understand that heroines and their stories are very different; if all heroes or heroines where healthy mentally, physically or emotionally, you’d loose a lot of what makes their story so good. And it gets even better if we get to see them work through their problems. So even if they aren’t my personal heroines, I should still be able enjoy what they give to their movie or TV show, even if I wouldn’t view their choices in life as something I would want to follow. 🙂


In summary, I think it’s important to be a strong woman; emotionally, spiritually, physically, and mentally. You never know when life is going to throw a lightening bolt into your face. But besides that, it’s important to have good role models of strong women in your life to watch, whether they are real or fictional. Seeing good examples of strength is important.

Princess Leia showed me that it’s okay to independent from guys until you know the ones around you are trustworthy. Black Widow showed me that if you have a clear head and a strong will, you can do almost anything, even save the world from monsters. Sarah Conner showed me that it’s possible to get back up after traumatic experiences and be more strong then when you were first knocked over. Myka Bering showed me that it’s okay if you’re different from others and that you can work through your past to let go of things that have hurt so you can move on.

These are my heroines. Maybe one day, I will be able to be as heroic as they are.



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  1. (*jumps up and down clapping wildly*)

    Okay okay okay…gotta calm down long enough to give a coherent comment. First of all, I loved this post!!! Loved the honesty, loved your reasoning for why you like this character or that, etc.

    “Fellow Christians are exercising their right to speak but neglecting the need to be gracious of other’s opinions and convictions. You should be able to believe, like and dislike what you will but it needs to be balanced with grace.” Oh my, a thousand amens. This is a lesson I’ve had to learn myself–and I apologize if I’ve ever unintentionally offended you by any lack of graciousness on my part. I learned the hard way last year that it’s great to have convictions/opinions, but not to slap someone in the face with them. Please forgive me if I’ve ever unintentionally done that to you!

    Now, the only heroine you mentioned that I’m familiar with is Princess Leia. (Well, no, I’m familiar with Black Widow but I still haven’t seen The Avengers. *cough*) I love Leia. Of course she isn’t perfect, but she is a very well-developed character, a good daughter, a loyal friend/sister, and someone who stands by her man! (I’m thinking that scene where she disguises herself and rescues Han from the carbonite…or when they’re taking out that enemy base with the Ewoks.) You had a really good point, too, when you said that “Princess Leia showed me that it’s okay to independent from guys until you know the ones around you are trustworthy.” Yes yes, because you wouldn’t ever want to fall into total dependence/submission to the first Joe that comes around.

    Leia had a huge influence on the development of the heroine in my novels. Like Leia, my heroine starts out representing her father in a legislative body. She isn’t a wuss but she can be proper and regal when the occasion calls for it. She’s intelligent, she can defend herself and her friends, and she actually has a life and personality beyond her romance with the hero. So I feel like I owe a lot to Leia!

    Like you said, we value Biblical gender roles, but there are fierce, capable, strong heroines in the Bible as well. We’d do well to emulate them and model our own fictional characters after them! I mean, come on. If you’re going to fuss about Natasha Romanoff taking out some villainous men, let’s have a little talk about Jael and Sisera, shall we? That tent peg put Natasha’s pistols to shame 😉

    1. First off, thank you for sharing all your thoughts, I really liked your feedback and excitement! 😀 It makes me happy!

      Second, you have never offended me to my recollection ever! We’ve agreed on pretty much everything since we met, so I think you’re good, but thank you for being willing to apologize anyway! That means a lot.

      You need to see The Avengers sometime, oh my gosh! Lol! And Leia is amazing! It makes me so happy that she’s really influenced you’re life too! I really respect and love her character and story development and everything she stand for and I’m glad someone else does too!

      You’re fictional heroine sounds wonderful; she shares a lot of good qualities with Leia which is amazing! 🙂

      Thank you for saying that and for you wonderful comment and for supporting me! I really appreciate you, Maribeth! 😀 😀 😀


  2. First off, I just want to respectfully say that I don’t understand how anyone could find any problems with Princess Leia or Black Widow. In my opinion, they are the type of women I would love to be. They are strong and courageous and independent without (in my opinion) stepping away from Biblical gender roles.

    I totally agree with you on this. While I don’t go crazy for all the women’s liberation movement and stuff like that, I do believe that God created everyone equal–I believe that He wants women to be strong and independent human beings.

    Thanks for posting this, Jamie. I really enjoyed reading it. Don’t ever let other people tear you down simply because your opinion is different from theirs. Love ya, girl! 😀

    1. I still have a hard time really figuring out why a lot of my friends didn’t like either of them; so I’m glad you agree. 🙂

      I agree 100 percent with you on that! Men and women are equal, even if they are different. 🙂

      Thank you so much for your encouragement and for being there for me! 😀 Love you too!


  3. This was great, Jamie!

    I love how you love them…you realize they have faults…and despite them you love them. I haven’t seen “Terminator”…I’m not sure I’d want to. But all those other fandoms I’ve seen. I love them. 🙂 They’re all so brave…so fearless. No. They have fear. But they fight past it. They’re not men, but they’re Men. Humans. Just as brave and wonderful as the rest of them, male and female alike. 😉

    I can’t believe that people say that the Avengers would have been good had it not been for Black Widow. They really say that?! Not that I doubt your word, but!!!!!!!!! My dad’s favorite Avenger, if not favorite superhero, is the Black Widow. His argument is that while all the other heroes–with the possible exception of Hawkeye–have a special “power,” yet Black Widow is able to hold her own. Few, man or woman, can boast of that, and many the fearsome debate there has been in my household on the respective merits of the Black Widow and the Batman, and who would win in an epic showdown!

    And if you wouldn’t mind…I’d like to talk about a Christian heroine.
    I understand if you don’t want to publish this, but I’d like to share. I’d also ask you and trust you to respect my statements as I yours.
    Well, I’m Catholic. Therefore I honor and respect (no, not worship–that is to God Alone) the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God. She is my Queen, and the epitome of womanhood. The relevant thing to all this is…”The Ballad of the White Horse”! You laugh, I know. I’m pretty sure I’ve told you about that book before. If not…well, prepare to get an earful. I love that book to death. Anyway, in a part, speaking of the Blessed Virgin…hold on, let me get my beloved book. This is paraphrasing somewhat, as the original is poetry but I don’t feel like marking the lines, lazy child that I am. 😛 “He saw Our Lady then, her dress was soft as western sky, and she was a queen most womanly–but she was queen of men. Over the iron forest (brief editorial: big, old-fashioned battle going on here, hence the “iron forest”) he saw Our Lady stand, her eyes were sad withouten art (my book translates “withouten art” to mean “sincerely”), and seven swords were in her heart–but one was in her hand.”

    I guess my point in all of this is that it’s not “unchristian” to like and admire a strong warrior woman! Our Lady was depicted as such by a fervent Catholic (and this book is certainly not condemned in our Catholic circles) and I, at least, believe it to be fitting that the Mother of He Who laid entire armies low should be a warrior when needed!

    Peace…but if not–there being such a thing as a just war–for the glory of God!

    I hope you don’t think the less of me for putting in my two cents like that. I don’t think you would…but normally I might not put such a…daring…comment into…well, it’s been a trying day and I’m in the mood for something reckless.

    I’m a child. A terrible, cross, bitter child. I suppose half of this is just a desperate bid for attention…someone, hear my side of the story! Please! Why am I not putting this on my blog, if I want someone to hear me so badly? Well…to be honest…you don’t know me. I mean, should I lose your respect and friendship I would be sore dissapointed and likely cry (and I don’t cry–really CRY often. When I cry you bet your buttons something is dreadfully wrong in my little world) but you aren’t a person I’ve known years and your entire family intimately knows my entire family…I suppose I don’t fear your judgement as much as I fear that of others.

    How do you do it? How are you so…fearless? You weren’t always. I know. You’ve said so. But you got past it. I admire you incredibly for it.

    Well. This comment got away from me. I wish you a wonderful week-end. 🙂

    1. Ahh, Spork, I’m so glad to hear from you again! Thanks for supporting this post and me! 🙂

      FYI The Terminator films are best watched cleaned or edited to a degree as they are adult films, so your feelings of caution are not unwarranted! 🙂

      I love how Black Widow is your dad’s favorite Avenger! Yes, she has no superpowers, she simply has remarkable training! That is a fascinating thought, her against Batman. I have a feeling that she could actually whip him! 😀 😀 😀

      I LOVE the fact that you trusted me enough to share some of your Catholic beliefs with me; I don’t mind publishing your comment at all and I think you are quite brave. And what you shared fit perfectly with my post! Even though I view Mary differently then you do, I respect your beliefs and they were very interesting to read! I think Mary was a warrior women in so many respects, especially spiritually because she had some amazing faith!

      I want to say thank you for sharing one of your heroines with me and of course I have not lost respect for you or our friendship! And you should share this on your blog, it would make a good post. 🙂

      How am I so fearless?! I love that you think me fearless, because I still struggle with fear, even today. But you are right in that I have managed to get past a lot of it; publishing this post tonight was a step in that direction for me. But at this point, I’ve gotten to a position in life as a young adult where I need to decide if I want to hide who I really am as I go into adulthood or if I want to take more chances at being, doing and sharing what I love. And, I want to take the chances! It really really helps that I have my mom’s full support in all this, too. And I think God has been helping me through all my heartache the past few years to really see what some of the problems were and how I can fix them. Writing this post helped fix a problem because I got everything out onto the table, I figured out the problem, addressed it from my side and then let it all go. I can now go to bed and wake up tomorrow and it won’t be there to bother me anymore. It’s baby steps, in a lot of ways–remember, it has taken me months to get this post to the shape it is above. And I still have a long ways to go. But each step counts!

      Thank you for your encouragement and honesty! It’s very admirable of you! Thanks for commenting!


    2. Baptist to Catholic here, but I’d like to point out something about Mary.

      She agreed to become pregnant. Before she was properly married. In a society in which divorce and unwed pregnancy was disgraceful. Because she trusted God THAT MUCH.

      That’s pretty boss, y’all.

  4. Oh my dear. I loved this post so much, and I loved your choices for the reasons you listed! I haven’t seen Terminator, and I like Claudia better than Myka, but that’s strictly my preference for goofy over responsible. I love Myka, Leia, and Natasha!!

    I’m sorry other Christians have made you feel judged for what you enjoy, and I’m glad God is helping you to move past that. I believe that we can pull good things and good lessons from worldly people, as you did in this post. (Your example of Leia was my favorite!)

    As far as strength, my mother is my go-to example. She’s our architect, our visionary. She home schooled ten kids, cooks, takes care of finances, and handles things like buying houses, with my father’s input. She grew up in a rough home with an alcoholic father and was saved at the age of 23. It has taken her years to get over her childhood. But with God, she has. She’s mellowed to a wonderful, gracious, welcoming woman, and nobody looking at her would guess she was a troubled, motorcycle-riding hot chick thirty years ago.

    Why do I tell you this? So that you will understand my background when I tell you to stand strong in what you admire. God cannot be boxed. God can use anything to inspire you, even the women others may condemn as “unBiblical”. Don’t let them tell you not to admire these women. Tell them to learn from these women.

    1. Thank you so much! I’m in the minority of liking Myka more then Claudia but I do like Claudia a lot as well; she’s so funny! 🙂

      Thank you for your support; I’m glad you also agree with me. 😀

      Wow, you’re mom’s story is inspiring and she sounds amazing! Thank you for sharing that with me! I agree, God can use anything which is what is so awesome! The strangest things can touch and influence our lives for the better at the funniest times! I like how you said God cannot be boxed! That’s such a good reminder! 😀 Thank you for your encouragement! 😀


  5. Hello, I think this is the first time I’ve commented on your blog, I just have to say this post is really good and very true! I’m glad you like strong heroines in spite of other people’s opinions. There’s definitely nothing less Christian about that. You’re doing it right. 🙂

    I love Black Widow (how could anyone think The Avengers would’ve been better without her??) because she can take care of herself plus some, but there’s still more to her than a pretty girl who can fight, thanks a lot to Joss Whedon. He’s just incredible at writing strong, but real, and truly relatable heroines. Leia is also great, and Repuzel from Tangled just popped into my head. She’s a good example too — she’s naive, but also very courageous. 🙂

    1. Well, hello and thank you for commenting then! I am glad to hear from you! 🙂 Thank you for your encouragement and I’m glad you liked my post! 🙂

      YES! Joss Whedon did excellent with her; I actually didn’t care for her that much in Iron Man 2 because we didn’t get to know her that well. But we got to see her soul in The Avengers and I just adored her once I saw her in that movie. Yes, it surprising a lot of Christian kids didn’t like her at all in the movie which I think is sad because she was a great character! She was there from beginning to end and did some amazing feats *spoiler* (She shut the darn portal down, for goodness sakes!)


  6. Superb job Jamie, standing up for what you believe in even though people around you do not agree. 😉
    Honestly, I don’t see how some of these characters are considered to be “feminist” and against any Biblical principles. I agree with basically everything you have to say about heroines. 🙂 Leia’s sassy personality is one of the many things that makes her my favorite heroine. Also a case for Black Window. Women have certain advantages when it comes to espionage, that is why there are women in the CIA in undercover work and such. I really liked how Natasha was a manipulator in the Avengers and used her skills to extract information.
    Basically all of my favorite female character are either sassy or femme fatale because I really like those type of characters. Faye Valentine, Ellen Ripley, River Tam, Jean Gray, Sarah Conner, and many more, those are all great characters and their franchises would not be the same without them.
    Also I believe you would like the Terminator: Sarah Conner Chronicles TV series, because Sarah is awesome in the show.
    Great post Jamie, I enjoyed it a lot. 🙂


    1. Thank you!!!

      Those are some great points and I’m glad we agree (and it figures that we would! :P) I like Leia’s sass, too, she’s not afraid of saying what she wants to say and not worrying what others will think of her. And women do make great spies, which Natasha proved when she confronted Loki!! And I agree, a lot of great films and franchise would really lack if they didn’t have great female characters!
      I will have to look into that TV series. 🙂

      Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for the long comment!


  7. This was a really interesting post, although the only two on here I’m familiar with are Princess Leia and Black Widow.

    Goodness, I do love Princess Leia- always have. I never had a problem with her in a biblical way (well, outside of Star Wars’ use of the force…of course;) (for instance, why should she submit to Han in the first movie? She wasn’t married to him- she didn’t even know him. The Bible doesn’t command women to obey every single man we meet!) She has her flaws, but everybody does.

    and that’s coming from a huge anti-feminist. 😉

    Basically, I just want to nod along with Maribeth’s comment 🙂

    1. Thank you for commenting and sharing your opinion, I appreciate that!

      YES, EXACTLY, IT WAS SO WEIRD THAT OUR FRIENDS THOUGHT SHE SHOULD HAVE JUST BEEN SUBMISSIVE. But then again, that church was the edge of being a cult group and they were very “Patriarchal/Man” centered in an extreme way that was pretty unhealthy. So.

      Yes, Maribeth’s comment was amazing and I accept your nod of agreement! 😛


    2. HAYDEN!!! (*hugs*) Just wanted to pop back in and say what a great point you had about Han and Leia. And NO, the Bible does NOT command us to obey every single man. We give our loyalty/submission only to the men of authority in our lives, and at that point, Han wasn’t in a position of authority in Leia’s life.

  8. Wow, I really loved this post 🙂

    I never really understood why people always say (especially about Natasha, I’ve heard a lot of this about her) that “a woman can’t fight a man and /win/.” This is not true. Yes, body structure is different, and the primary strength source is flipped (men generally have upper-body strength, women generally have lower-body/leg strength). No, this does not mean that she can’t beat him. I take karate and know that it is absolutely possible for a woman to beat a man in combat, especially if she has had more training and better form than him.

    I know the object of your post wasn’t just about physical strength and hand-to-hand combat, but I’ve heard way too many people complain about Natasha, and they obviously don’t know their facts. I like how you pointed out how she isn’t just a “strong character who beats people up”, but is well rounded and has a good personality as well!

    1. Thank you!

      I agree, a women who has been trained in any form of combat could take out a guy. You’re insights are excellent.

      Yes, people who only see a kick butt woman in Natasha are missing a lot character development that Joss Whedon gave her, and that’s a shame. 🙂 Thanks for commenting!


  9. Hey Jamie,
    Good post. 🙂 Black Widow is awesome! And though I don’t like Leia as much as I like Padme she’s good. 🙂 Oh yeah and the pictures you put in this post were awesome. 😀
    There’s a difference between liking strong women in fiction and in real life and being a feminist. I think there are certain things that men do better than women and vice-versa but I don’t have a problem with someone like Leia who knows how to handle a blaster. I mean c’mon she’d need to know how to use something like that to defend herself as she was secretly part of the rebel alliance. And her going to find Han with Chewie and Luke, well, I think we’d all be of the same opinion if something like that happened to us. Black Widow is very professional, but I still like her.
    I do prefer her in the Avengers though. You don’t suppose Hawkeye and her will become a couple do you? 🙂 It looked kind of like that from the end of the Avengers. 😉
    God made men and women different, because he knows best. We have different strong points,and weaknesses. But that’s not a bad thing; It’s how God made us.
    Strong Heroines are good role models. They are not feminists.
    Sorry if this sounded a little long winded. It’s just a bit hard to get my thoughts straight. 🙂

    God bless,

    1. Hey Vellvin! 🙂

      Thank you about the pictures, I actually made all the collages; it was quite fun. 🙂

      I’m glad you agree about the girls. And you don’t know how hard I ship Natasha and Clint; they are really cute and they already have a solid relationship. I hope they end up together at some point, but you just never know. It would also almost be nice if they just remained good friends, too. Either way! 😛 And you are very right; men and women have lots of differences and that’s exactly how God wanted it to be. 😀

      No, thank you for sharing your thoughts, they are very welcome! You have a taken a good position on the subject. 😀


  10. Cool! 😀
    Yep, the duo Clint and Natasha, secret agents of shield. Oh, I like that. Yep, we’ll have to wait and see what happens with them. Oh ,and Thor: The Dark World looks awesome, don’t you think?

    God Bless,

  11. Ah, heroines. It’s always good to have a role model, or twenty.

    I understand. Growing up, people at my church were very rigid too, unfortunately, but I came to realize that was wrong of them. There is absolutely nothing wrong with standing firm in your beliefs, but pushing them onto someone else, and expecting them to adhere, is awful. The people you mention sound very cynical to me, and extremely old-fashioned – and not in a good way. I’m sorry you felt as though you had to give up part of yourself to fit in. 😦

    I personally don’t like women who are based around physical strength; it’s just my preference. I think that’s why I don’t care for Natasha as much as I could. But, that’s me, again. I do think that a strong woman is a good thing, and that everyone has their strengths. If you’re being the best person you can be, that is what matters. Not everyone can fit into a box and be the same. It’s good to look up to people who have traits you admire. I personally admire intelligence highly, so that’s what I look for most, and if inspires me. 🙂

    Don’t let anyone dictate what you should or shouldn’t like. We all have our likes, dislikes, and have to learn to work together. Being different is part of being you!

    1. Ah! I do love Leia though. I like how she isn’t overly physically strong, but she’s capable – she’s very smart though, and independent, and she is brave when others can’t seem to be.

    2. 😛 Heehee, the more the merrier! 😀

      I’m so sad that you’ve been through such similar problems but at the same time glad that you also know what I’ve been through and can understand where I’m coming from. It was an extremely old-fashioned group, and they went to the extreme with almost everything–our family did too. Thankfully we been broken away from that mindset for several years now (meaning myself, my sister and mom–not our dad however, which makes things very difficult.)

      I totally understand what you mean about physical strength and I agree; I like physically strong women but they are even better if they are also smart and kind. Sometimes there are tough women who do all their action scenes in high heels which just bothers me but it’s obviously a choice made by the director and not the character, because are you kidding me?! High heels hurt just to walk around at the mall, can you imagine doing physical combat in them?! 😛 So I get what you mean.

      Thank you for that encouragement, I want to try really hard to be myself from now own and no longer let peer pressure matter so much to me. 🙂

      And Leia is the best, I’m glad you like her!


  12. Wow! What a fantastic post! Great choices about your favorite heroines! I think it is good for girls to have those strong female characters to look up to, and it’s okay for women to be independent and strong as long as that is the direction God is calling them to. Of course real-life ones are better in the long run, but fictional ones can be just as good. For example, one of my favorite real-life heroines is Abigail Adams, the wife of the second President of the United States…she stood strong through so much trauma and hardship. It’s an amazing story! Or Helen Keller, Mother Theresa, Queen Elizabeth I…the list goes on and on.

    Anyway, my all-time favorite fictional heroine growing up was Disney’s Pocahontas. I just loved how she followed her own path and chose her true self over the traditional ways. I also loved the Pevensie girls, Laura Ingalls from the Little House on the Prairie TV show, Esmerelda from THOND, Rose Dewitt Bukater, and Kim Possible 😛 And if Avengers had been released when I was still a kid, I probably would have picked Black Widow too 🙂

    Great choices! There should be no shame in loving your heroines!

  13. Hey Jamie!
    So, that previous comment of mine…I didn’t say what I meant very well at all and it’s just kinda been bugging me, so I was wondering if you mind deleting it…? I don’t like asking but it just was annoying me that it’s just like there, if you know what I mean….thanks.

  14. Great post! I’m very proud of you for not worrying about what others think and having the courage to post this! 🙂

    You made some excellent points about those heroines!

    It just floors me that some people actually said that about Leia and Black Widow. It shocks me that people still think that way. I can’t believe that they still think women should submit to men or that feminism is bad. We’re in the 21st century for crying out loud! And there is absolutely nothing wrong Biblically with feminism or being a strong independent woman.

    I’m going to repeat myself for a second, there is nothing wrong with feminism. Feminism means that you believe that women and men should be treated equally. Of course some people take it to extremes, but the belief that men and women are equal and should be treated as such is what feminism is. Women should not have to submit to men. They are not in charge of us. We are on the same level that they are. As a friend of mine said, when God created Eve, He didn’t take the bone from Adam’s head so she could be higher than him, or his foot so she could be lower than him, but He took the bone from Adam’s side so they could be equal partners.

    I think it’s important to have strong female characters in television, movies, books, video games, etc. It gives women good role models and it shows people that women are just as good as men.

    By the way, you should watch Star Wars: The Clone Wars. It has some great heroines! Some of those include Ahsoka (who I love to pieces) and Satine (who shows that you don’t have to be violent or able to fight to still be a strong and capable woman).

    1. Thank you for your comment and support. You have stronger views then I on the subject but I appreciate you sharing them and speaking your mind.

      I’ve seen some of The Clone Wars and I didn’t really care for it but that’s just my personal tastes. I’m glad you like it and draw from it, though. 🙂


      1. You are very welcome, and thank you for replying and being so courteous and kind! 🙂 Thank you for respecting my views and allowing me to talk about them. I respect your views too 🙂

        All right, I understand. It’s not for everyone 🙂 Thank you.

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