My post about my favorite strong women of film is over half way finished but I wanted to post something right now to give me time to finish it. 😀 I don’t remember where I found this tag (it was probably on Tumblr somewhere) but it was pasted on one of my desktop sticky notes and I decided to use for today’s post.

I’ve listened to a lot of soundtrack/instrumental music in my time but more recently I’ve been giving pop music more room on my playlists. Most of the time, I’ll grab onto songs that have great melodies or different beats but every once and awhile I’ll fall for a song because of it’s lyrics. I know, it should probably be the other way around but I’m afraid that’s how it works for me.

Music, in all its shapes and sizes, can be very beneficial to mind and soul; a lot like laughing. I think it’s important to have music in some shape or form in your life if possible. There’s usually something for everyone. And it can say things for us that we sometimes can’t get out on our own.


A song that reminds you of your favorite season/day/month: My favorite season is easily winter; before, during and after Christmas, of course! Sleigh Ride, especially it’s instrumental version, has always gotten me excited for season no matter what age I’ve been!

A song you prefer to listen to at night: Nighttime is usually when I’m squeezing in some of my TV shows and then I listen to all sorts of things while I brush my teeth and get ready for bed at around midnight; I play Young and Beautiful a lot because it’s soothingly slow and helps me unwind.

A song that reminds you of someone you care about: Made For You actually reminds me of my best friend because we both heard it for the first time together and we both commented on the unusual beat that it had. So whenever I listen to it it reminds me of the night we both heard, therefore reminding me of him.

A song you cannot stand: Call Me Maybe, hands down. I’m not even going to link to it.

A song that makes you feel like flying: Hall of Fame, every time I listen to it I feel like running five miles and just accomplishing everything I ever wanted to accomplish, like taking off and flying.

A song that makes you feel like falling: I first heard Seven Devils when it played for the season finale of Revenge and it really struck me as something different. I still haven’t really paid that much attention to the lyrics because I get lost in the music itself very easily. And I’m putting it here because, now that you mention it, it makes me feel like I’m falling in slow motion–backwards.


A song you listen to when you’re sad: Put Your Hearts Up has been cheering me up since spring. The music video is so pretty and the song always makes me feel a little happier.

One song that you’ve fallen in love with recently because of the lyrics: I’ve linked to this song a million times already but here it is again: Roar. Not only do I like the music but the lyrics stood out to me because they were so relate-able and relevant for where I’ve been the past few years, even if other people didn’t realize it. In so many ways it’s like Katy wrote the song especially for me. I’ve been listening to it every time I feel like I’ve been beat down. It could easily be my most favorite song of the year.

One instrumental song that you love: I’m using this to mean “soundtrack”, okay? A favorite of mine at the moment is Clary’s Theme from The Mortal Instruments movie. It’s really pretty but haunting.

A song you want to hear live: A song by Cher Lloyd, maybe. Or Taylor Swift. I’ve never really thought about this before so I don’t really have anything specific.


One song about something you love: I really love Star Wars. I also really like Lindsey Stirling. So of course I’m going to share her Star Wars Medley!

A song that makes you want to run until you’re some place very far away: How about Radioactive?

Two songs that always bring a vivid image of something to your mind (can be a place, an action, a person, anything): Escala’s cover of Requiem For A Tower actually conjures a whole motion picture-like story in my head whenever I listen to it. I can see all the scenes from the first note to the last every time and it always feels very real to me. And then the other one, which I’ve share before, is track 8 from the Bolt soundtrack. Every time I hear it, I’m able to see a specific place that I made up for last years NaNo novel.

Bonus: a song that you want to share with your followers: I have no bonus. If I hadn’t already written about Roar, I would have put it down here. 🙂 So here’s your chance to go listen to it if you skipped over it earlier. 😛


 I won’t be tagging anyone today but if you want to do it, please feel free to steal it away to your own blog. 😛



8 thoughts on “Songs

  1. My opinion of music is incredibly weird and abnormal for sure. In general, lyrics are irrelevant to me unless they are explicit. The theme/tune is about the only thing that matters, however I have a strange affinity for most geek parody song. While I have not have liked the original song, I like the geek version a lot. Also I strangely enjoy music that the lyrics are in a different language. For example, I have been listening to the different openings for my new favorite anime, Code Geass, and I seriously can’t spot listening to them, except for the second one, I don’t that song. Anyway, sorry for my long rant on music, instrumental will always be my favorite, but I am in the vast minority. 🙂


    1. Well, at least someone else doesn’t usually let lyrics influence their music tastes, I thought I was the only one. 😛 Parody music is always fun but I haven’t really delved into the realm that much. I also don’t listen to other languages that much but I have put several foreign songs on playlists because of the music itself. The Code Geass music is interesting, I like number 3 best. 🙂


  2. Ooh, I listened to “Roar” since you liked it so much. I think it was pretty good…not my favorite song perhaps, but one that holds meaning.

    1. Thank you for your feedback; I’m glad you liked it even though it’s not your favorite. 🙂 It does hold a lot of meaning, and it’s written in such an open way that anyone can take it to their own experiences if they need to, which is really nice. 😀


  3. My playlist is practically filled with pop music. I got a lot of Katy Perry songs in there that I can dance and sway to. Roar has been my fave KP songs for a long time; the messages it brings is so beautiful and strengthening. I’ll definitely check out the other songs you’ve listed here. 🙂

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