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Well, I returned from Washington Wednesday afternoon and was greeted by my mom, Kayla and Nathan, who couldn’t stop talking about how much he missed me, which was really sweet. I’ve been unwinding Thursday and Friday while doing laundry, wearing my new shirts, unpacking the suitcase and reorganizing my two bookshelves (my mom emptied several shelves of food from the closet and I was able to move some of my things onto those shelves!)


I’m finally able to sit down a do a great ‘recap’ of my trip before I forget anything of importance. I was taken all over the place and I watched a lot of movies with my aunt.  I also managed to take some pictures (some I managed to post already).

I took pictures of what I thought were flowers but was told were actually weeds. Hey, it was something green!

You shall probably be over-whelmed…

Monday: Managed to get on the right plane and sit next to two nice ladies (my goal with each airplane was to sit next to people who didn’t look creepy.) Grandma picked me up. Got to the house where I “remet” my Aunt Rachel and cousin Christopher who I hadn’t seen in probably eight years). I had dinner with Grandma and Grandpa at Red Robin and caught them up with what I had been trying to accomplish since I had seen them this past spring.

Apparently, the horse used to be a race horse, which I thought was really neat. I got to feed her an apple.

Tuesday: I took pictures of their very large yard and met the neighbor horse who was very pretty. Grandpa drove me around town and across the valley because he wanted me to get an idea of what it all looked liked. We went to a casino for the buffet; it was the first time I’ve ever seen the inside of casino. It was very colorful and loud with tons and tons of penny machines; the place was massive. We waited probably an hour and forty five minutes to get into the buffet and afterwards I got to have ice cream (and I bought Kayla a used deck of green cards that had been used on the floor at the gift shop. She really likes them.)


Wednesday: Aunt Rachel and Grandma took me to visit Forks, the little town extremely close to the Pacific coast where the Twilight stories take place (at this point, I had only seen the first movie). It’s pretty much a five hour drive both ways from where they live, so it was a full day of driving. At Forks, we visited the Twilight center, got pictures with cardboard cut outs, took pictures of Bella’s two trucks (movie version and book version) then drove around town to see the different house (Cullen house, Bella’s house, Jacob’s house and motorbike, Dr Cullen’s parking spot, the high school sign that was in the movies, ect).  I ended up getting a white shirt with bleeding hearts and swirls that said “Twilight in Forks” and a baseball with the initial C on it for Cullen (because they play baseball in the first movie). Took pictures at La Push beach before the long drive home in the dark. EXTREMELY LONG DAY.




“The Cullen’s House”


Jacob’s bike.
La Push beach, which Bella and her friends visit in the first film.
There were a lot of crab shells scattered on the beach, which I had never seen before.

Thursday: This day is rather muddle but I think I saw New Moon during breakfast and then Grandma and Aunt Rachel took me to one of their largest malls that was huge and two stories high; which was a lot of fun. Got a Disney shirt, a Walking Dead shirt, a Despicable Me shirt, and a Doctor Who shirt. Also the very cute Rick Grimes toy. Visited a half-price bookstore; found a sequel to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory that I didn’t know existed and Aunt Rachel bought me The Hunger Games and The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones so I could read them in the future. Also went to a chocolate place that had the best sweets. I think that afternoon we watched Eclipse. I like both those movies better than the first Twilight movie.

These are the shirts I brought home (no picture of the Twilight one, though.)



Friday: Grandpa took me to the Space Needle after lunch, which was lots of fun and very high. We then drove to the wharf and he let me ride the Great Seattle Ferris Wheel; the wait was long but I called home and talked to everyone. I got some fun pictures while up in the air. We had Ivars, visited a fun place called Ye Olde Curiosity Shop (where I got some fun fake IDs.) I’m pretty sure that that night Aunt Rachel and I borrowed the first Percy Jackson movie from The Redbox. I think we watched the rest of the Twilight movies that day to but I can’t remember that well.








Saturday: I think I slept in; we took a trip to Walmart where I found a Joker shirt. I watched football with Grandpa during the afternoon and he explained the game in a way that made sense to me, so I was very excited about that. Aunt Rachel and I saw the second Percy Jackson movie in 3D at about dinner time and it was very good. We ate at a stir-fry restaurant afterwards, which was my first time, and it was an interesting experience. I stayed up till 1 am watching “Eye See You” with Grandpa; it was intense and was full of extremely graphic murders which I could barely watch through my fingers but it was a Sylvester Stallone movie so I HAD to watch, you understand? I HAD to watch it.

Movies I saw for the first time during my visit.


Sunday: I was so tired at the end of this day, we did so much walking. Aunt Rachel and I rode the monorail to Pikes Place in the morning. We took the Duck Tours, which was basically getting on this amphibious vehicle and taking a 90 minute tour of Seattle and riding out on water, which was really neat. After that we visited Pikes Place–I got to go through a very fandom-y, geeky store full of merchandise for all sorts of fandoms which was beyond awesome. I got a Tardis lunch box, lots of fake IDS (one for the 9th Doctor, Dean Winchester, John Watson, and Daryl Dixion, also a Tardis Access Pass, which I wore the rest of the day and got compliments on.)  We had lunch before visiting the aquarium (where my camera’s battery promptly died and I had to switch to Aunt Rachel’s,) which I remembered visiting when I was little. We rode the Light Rail to the science center where we waited for IMAX theater to open which was a long wait. We saw Mortal Instruments, then rode the Light Rail to get to the Monorail which took us back to our town where we got home around 11 pm. Had pizza and went to bed.

Drove by this cute sign during the tour; I like this shot because you can actually see the lights are on!
I like how the water sparkled while we were out on the lake.
I’m very proud of this shot; I snapped at the sign only once while in a moving vehicle and I captured the word ‘super’ perfectly.
“Rachel the Pig” in Pikes Place. Apparently she’s well known…
Me and the guys outside of the fandom-y store–oh, and Catwomen, too, I suppose.
They had The Doctor and Daryl right next to each other; it was perfect!


I’m glad I’m not in the habit of swimming in the ocean. I’m almost glad there is no ocean near my house.


This is a strange shot because we actually walked under these fish when we went underground. They were our ceiling!

Monday: slept in till almost lunch and pretty much just watched what I could find on TV; The Big Bang Theory, Castle, and the first Transformers movie, which I forgot was hilarious. I spent the evening in my room folding clothes and repacking my suitcase while watching Family Guy and Bad Ink on the small TV set.

Tuesday: Slow day; briefly saw my Uncle Rob which was really nice. I did some journal stuff and mostly tried to relax and repack the rest of my things.


Wednesday: said goodbye to everyone and Grandpa dropped me off at the airport at 1 PM. Found my way through the strange airport a lot better then I thought I would. I watched a movie on the flight, was picked up, taken to Carl’s Jr for dinner and collapsed at home around 8:30 PM.


And there we have it! Now I shall always be able to remember since I wrote it down! The scariest thing about the whole trip was probably the airports–not the planes themselves, but the airports–and they really weren’t that bad in the first place (I shall be publishing my post on surviving airports in the near future for those who were wanting to read that.) I’m not exactly sure what my favorite thing was; I liked the whole trip over-all! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to finish sorting the pictures I took. 🙂



8 thoughts on “The Washington Post

  1. You watched the first and second Percy Jackson!? That’s awesome! Now you need to read the books. 😛 😉 They are awesome! We still haven’t got the second Percy Jackson here (in Australia) me and Rogan (my brother) really want to see it! 😀 Who was your favourite character?
    A John Watson ID? I reckon Sherlock must have pick-pocketed him because he was being annoying! 😉
    Sounds like you had a great time.
    God Bless,

    1. I did! I really liked both; I think I like the second a bit better though. 🙂 Maybe I will read the books sometime, we’ll have to see. I hope it comes to Australia soon! I think Percy is my favorite character; although I like Annabeth as well. Grover is also a good character. 😛


      Thanks for reading and commenting!


  2. Percy is amazing! 😀 He’s even better in the books! He’s know for his sharp wit. I know I sound like a total book-is-better-then-movie-person but I think Annabeth IS better in the books. I actually saw the movie first though. Then I read the books. 🙂 Oh! And I have a huge crush on Tyson. I like him better in the books. I haven’t even seen him yet in the movie. 🙂 And his war cry is ‘Peanut Butter!’ In short he’s such a sweetheart. 😀

    God Bless,

  3. Glad to see that you had a good trip! 🙂 Really cool fan swag, especially that Joker shirt. 😀
    Those Avengers and Doctor Who cardboard stand things are cool as well. 😉
    I have not seen Eye See You before, or even heard of the movie, maybe I should check it out.


    1. Thank you! I know, I flipped out when I found the Joker shirt, I think I actually said out loud, “WHY ISN’T THIS IN ARIZONA?!” lol 🙂

      They were really cool; they also had the 11th Doctor, some Star Wars ones and a Weeping Angel!

      I had never heard of it before and I think it’s on the unknown side. If you can find it, I would of course be interested in your opinion of it. (Not anything special although Stallone did do a great job with his character.)


  4. “The Washington Post”…LOL, clever 😉 I loved hearing about your trip and seeing lovely pictures of you…your new haircut is SO. CUTE.

    The whole weather fiasco was so funny–and relatable, because I can see the 10-day forecast for my trip now and it’s going to be Christmastime weather for a Louisiana girl! I can imagine how delightful Washington must’ve been after Arizona heat.

    1. LOL, wow, I didn’t even realize what I had done! HAHAHAHA. 🙂 And thank you, I’m glad you like my hair cut, I like it too. 🙂

      The weather was very nice but I think I mentioned the cold so much everyone thought I must not have liked it! I didn’t even think to find a forecast for my trip; at least you have a good idea of what to pack accordingly. I packed socks as an afterthought and was very glad I did! LOL


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