Summer Bucket List Re-Cap


Well, the summer is over and it’s time to see how many things I accomplished from my bucket list!

1. Pirates of the Caribbean marathon. Kayla and I had fun with this one.
2. Cut my hair short: DID IT; IT’S FEELS AND LOOKS GREAT!
3. Try to work more on The Twisted Book: Finished the first draft!
4. Read more HG Wells or Jules Verne: I’ve done hardly any reading this summer, so fail.
5. Star Wars marathon with family: was planned but never got carried out. *sob*
6. Slowly redo my wardrobe via Goodwill/Savers/thrift stores: I found some really nice shirts, got some more pants into my wardrobe along with a few new skirts.
7. Have a water fight with my little brother for memories: Not only this, but we also got to go swimming, too, which was a bonus.
8. Continue to learn new piano pieces: I learned at least two more new ones, not including The Walking Dead theme…
9. Begin Downton Abbey: Not only did I begin this show, I finished all three seasons with my mom. Great fun, I should do a post about it…
10. Decide whether I should attempt Camp NaNo again in July or wait for November: I did it and am I’m still planning on doing it in Nov as well.
11. Skype with one of my internet besties: not only got to Skype but also record my first podcast!
12. Watch Dr Who: I did watch some but not as much as I thought as I would. I think I watched more Supernatural actually…
13. Sweat off a couple pounds in our blasted heat: While I don’t think I lost any weight, I did start exercising again so that’s great.
14. Blog faithfully here and elsewhere; also comment faithfully:
15. Attempt to get through my dark movies/Tim Burton/Johnny Depp stage: Well, I’ve gotten through the ‘obsessive’ stage (because I’ve watched pretty much all the movies that interested me), but I still love the genre a lot.
16. Read a ‘random’ new book off the mystery shelf from the library because that’s an exciting idea: I started one but other things came up so I didn’t get to finish it.
17. Continue going through some self discovery and come to grips with a few things: Very happy to say I did a lot of this one.
18. Learn to talk more like Captain Jack Sparrow because it’s a pirate’s life for me, yo ho: well, I’m afraid I’m not talking like Jack but I think I’m actually starting to live more like him; I’m learning to roll with the waves as they come. And, that’s actually better then just talking like him. So I’m going to cross this one too. 😛 Yo-ho!


So, what am I going to do this upcoming fall? No clue; maybe wait impatiently for Season Four of The Walking Dead, wait for Marvel’s Agent of Shields, wait for Thor 2, enjoy not drowning in my own sweat . . . I don’t know.

I guess we’ll all see.



10 thoughts on “Summer Bucket List Re-Cap

  1. Sounds like you had a totally awesome summer!!!!!!!!!!!! :DDDDDD
    You actually got most of your bucket list done; I got almost none of it. Then again we started school early, lol.

  2. You accomplished quite a lot this summer! For me, I accomplished the only three things that I had planned: survive college, continue blogging, and record a podcast/chat with more internet friends on Skype! 😀
    My parents watch Downtown Abby, maybe I should consider watching sometime, although I am having a strange obsession with anime right now thanks to Death Note’s awesomeness. lol 😉


    1. You had some big items there! 😀 At least you accomplished them.

      You might like it… you might not though. LOL darn that Death Note. Heehee. I haven’t seen anymore anime but I’ll be open to watching more if they come highly recommended.


  3. I see you’ve done most of what you set out to do this summer. That’s great! Even if you didn’t do some of it, that’s fine! I like some of the things you put down, like marathons, watch Dr. Who, and cut your hair short. I really want to try that but I’m not ready for that leap yet. I’m glad you did that and you like how it looks! I love your blog! I know it’s the end of the summer but I hope to read some more!

    1. Thank you; I was sad I wasn’t able to do the Star Wars marathon but I did get a lot accomplished. 🙂 I’m glad you love my blog and thanks for following!! 🙂


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