Hello from Washington!

IMG_6002I finally have some time to sit down and say hey from Washington! If you’ve been keeping track of my Twitter, you will have known some of the things I’ve done so far; I’d suggest continuing watching my twitter if you want to keep up with me!

It rains a lot here but it’s really humid right now and everyone is complaining about how hot it is. To me, it’s cold! LOL

I’ve been doing good; the family seems to love having me here. Aunt Rachel and Grandma Joyce (yes, there’s where I get my middle name!) took me to Forks yesterday to take the Twilight tour (and I’ve now seen the first two movies.) From the Seattle area, it takes five hours just to get to Forks! We left about 9:30 AM and got back at around 11:00 PM! I did get pictures of the ocean, Jacob’s bike, Bella’s truck, and the Cullen’s’ house. It’s was nice spending time with my grandma and aunt (who is quite the character! 🙂


Today I got to go to the large mall, and then we visited a chocolate place that smelled like Wonka’s Factory (or what Wonka’s Factory would smell if it was real.) So that was all really fun.

Well, right now, I’m watching Eclipse with Aunt Rachel so I gotta go. 🙂 I’ll be posting my bucket-list recap soon. 🙂



6 thoughts on “Hello from Washington!

  1. Beautiful pictures! Washington state, I take it? I’m told that part of the country is GORGEOUS, and so far your pictures are bearing that out!

    What’s your opinion so far of Twilight? I know people who’ve enjoyed it, and I’ve seen a great many pins mocking Bella and Edward mercilessly.

    1. Yes, the state. It is really beautiful; there are so many trees.

      It’s biggest flaw is easily the bad writing, which influences the bad acting, ect. I like Jacob better than Edward but I like vampires more than werewolves. Belle is just strange but I’m looking forward to seeing her as a vamp later on.


    1. Forks is a small town very very close to the Pacific ocean, and it’s where Twilight takes place. You can drive through the town and see where everyone supposedly would lives. 🙂


  2. Hey you are very near me 🙂 I live over on the east side where it does not rain. I suggest while you’re here you try to go do some sight seeing around the state, there are some extremely beautiful places around here.

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