My Podcast Debut


I’ve taken a big step in my blogging journey and today is the my debut in the podcast world! James from J and J Productions asked me to be his first guest; we talk about Star Wars, Avengers-related tops  ie Iron Man 3 spoilers and thoughts about the Thor 2 trailer, and then we discuss BBC Sherlock. The podcast was a lot of fun to do. I’m not a planner; I had an outline of how the podcast would go but that was it, I ad-libbed pretty much everything I said. I felt comfortable talking with James and I felt like myself; it was a lot of fun.

Listen to it, here!

James is one my best friends; we’ve known each other for two years at least. We met through our blogs and became friends because of our love for Star Wars. I’ve guest posted several times on his blog and we’ve introduced each other to movies and music that we thought we both would like. And we’ve finally gotten to talk! When we did our test run for the podcast, we ended up talking for an hour!

I would love to skype with more internet friends in the future. While I have nothing else lined up in the future, I’m hopeful at the idea of doing more podcasts while I’m in the blogging world. They’re great fun. 🙂


4 thoughts on “My Podcast Debut

  1. That podcast was so much fun! 😀 It was also great to just talk about stuff before doing the podcast. 🙂 If the podcast is successful and I decide to record more we will definitely record another podcast together.


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