a little bit more busy

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I haven’t blogged in a while, so I think it’s time I just get on here and talk a little bit about stuff in general. 🙂

My birthday was awesome and I wanted to thank you all again for all your messages. They made me feel really special on my day and it meant so much to me. It was a slow day in a lot of respects; Kayla and I watched an episode of The Office, I got to go thrift store shopping, and I had my favorite dessert (fool’s toffee!) Kayla gave me a Doctor Who poster and the Warm Bodies DVD, which I have been wanting for a long time. Mom gave me a Doctor Who magazine which was all about Daleks and a lot of sweets. 😛 It was a good day.


I’ve actually been a little busier the past several days.

I started exercising this past week because my back had been really bothering me and I got fed up with the pain. So, I made the decision all on my own to pick up a fifteen minute workout that I’ve haven’t done in ages. Literally, the next day after I’d done the exercise twice, my back felt completely better. I plan to keep up the routine to keep myself in shape. I feel very good about myself since it was my own idea to start exercising.


The past two days I’ve been baby sitting the neighbor dogs, Clarence and Tink. It’s was an emergency of sorts, so I was glad I hadn’t had anything planned. So, I’ve been babysitting them for a couple days now. That’s been pretty fun overall; I’ve watched A LOT of cooking shows on the cable which as been awesome.

I’ve also been learning a lot about boundaries this past month and how they are necessary for all relationships to be healthy. I had to work more on respecting my sister’s boundaries more and that’s been good for me. I  also had to put some of it into practice yesterday with an outside source which was a little intimidating at first but which I handled better than I thought I would. The experience gave me more confidence in my abilities as a person and I feel even more prepared to stand up for myself in any future experiences that might violate my boundaries.


I need to talk about fandom related things now; tomorrow is when the actor for Twelfth Doctor will be announced–I’m super excited about that. AND THEY RELEASED A TEASER TRAILER FOR SHERLOCK SEASON THREE. WATCH IT RIGHT HERE FOR THE TWENTY SIX SECONDS OF BRAND NEW FOOTAGE AND JOHN’S MUSTACHE. . . . . .  this show shall be the death of me. Hmm, are the any other shows that I need to talk about…

Oh, Supernatural. I’m half way through the first season of Supernatural. Honestly it’s about time I saw this, it’s the only other large fandom on Tumblr that I hadn’t gotten into yet. But I am now. Oh, speaking of which, I saw the episode Bugs, which was really creepy, because death by insects is just creepy, okay? And literally, the very next day when I was watering the neighbor’s grass, I discovered it was practically crawling with cockroaches; it might as well have been taken right out of the show. I wanted to get a can of bug spray to set on fire like Dean Winchester to defend myself. I ended up just staring in horror and then running home instead. So, yeah.


Well, I must bring this close now; I hope you are all doing good. I shall spend the rest of my weekend with more Supernatural and the neighbor dogs. Sounds like a great plan. 🙂



6 thoughts on “a little bit more busy

  1. You have a Doctor Who poster, posters are cool. 🙂

    My friend is a fan of Supernatural I believe, although I haven’t seen it.

    Your Twitter is account is fun, I am enjoying it a lot since I actually started Tweeting more often. 😀


    1. LOL!

      You should give it a try, I would love to hear your opinion on it…

      Thank you, I’m glad! I haven’t been quite as much since I started sitting the dogs and I miss it. 😛


  2. I’m so sorry your back was hurting! 😦 But I’m glad it’s better now! 🙂 Keep up the workout!
    I missed you on blogger. ❤

  3. I’m glad that you found a way to help your back! Haha, that tweet you is totally something would say, too…. lol

    AAAAAA!!!!!! I just say the teaser trailer!! How did I not know about this sooner?! I may or may not be hyperventilating. I like John’s mustache!!!! 😀

    I’m happy to see you back in blogland! Unfortunately, life has been super busy for me, too. It’s insane how hard it is to find the time to post :/

    1. 😀 It really happened too; that’s the funny part, I really did do ten crunches and expected immediate results. Lol!

      EEEEEEEEE wasn’t it good!? I CAN’T WAIT! I just know Sherlock is going to have something smart to say about the mustache! 😀

      It is insane; I also end up putting posts off because I just can’t get them worded right and they stay there forever. 😦 I shall have to work harder at it, though. 🙂


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