I wish it would rain


I’m really wanting it to rain soon. Yesterday it got really cloudy and it smelled like rain and there were even the tiniest drops of water but that was such a poor excuse that I can’t count it as rain. I wish it would rain really really hard, so that the yard was was full of water and the cats could all cuddle together on the porch in the two boxes. So that there would be big puddles that I could go out and run in.

I also want it to rain because that is the best weather for writing. And I would love to write my book to real rain outside my window then to RainyMood.com. Even though RainyMood is the best rain effect on the internet.

But alas, I don’t think the sky will be weeping anytime soon. *sobs*




24 thoughts on “I wish it would rain

  1. I wish I could send the rain I have been getting over last few weeks your way. It has literally rained everyday in the last two weeks, it is almost absurd!!!!! I am think the equator has moved up and I now life in a rainforest. lol 😛


    1. Awww, darn. That’s probably what will happen to me if it does rain. It’ll probably rain really hard for five minutes and then go away. :*(


  2. We’ve gotten some rain, but not enough of it. Our garden has suffered 😦 😦 😦 You should’ve seen the corn. I was looking at one measly little cob this morning: half of it was “naked,” with no kernels whatsoever. We had a similar problem with our peas. You’ll have a big long pod, with maybe two peas hiding inside when there should be a dozen at least.

    Thankfully, cucumbers, squash, and zucchini will grow no matter how much rain you get 🙂

    1. ROFL where do you live, can I move next door to you?! I’m here in Az and it rains so little and gets SO. DANG. HOT. I seem to think and write better when it rains too. 😛


      1. I live way down south in Dixie, which means 110 degree summers and -10 degree winters. Rain six days a week, and the other one’s a thunderstorm. I’ve never seen a real snow in my life. Come on down — I’d love to have you as a neighbor! I think it’s really cool that you live in Arizona. I love it there — one of my favorite states to visit.

      2. Well, 110 degrees is our summer, less humiditiy I’m sure, but still but I don’t think our winters get quite that cold. BUT I LOVE RAIN SO MUCH. I have several other cyber friends in the south as well, I should seriously keep the Dixie in mind if I ever plan to move. Lol. 🙂


      3. Well, it’s great down here, for the most part. Weather is an obvious disadvantage, although to you, our dastardly rain might be a plus. Weird. Wanting rain is a concept I can’t even wrap my brain around. Do y’all get whirligigs up your way?

      4. Sorry! It’s just my hateful southern slang acting up. I have the worst drawl, and folks around here seem to think it’s cute. A whirligig is a Dixie term for tornado.

      5. Ahhha! That’s such a fun name! And, no, we don’t get tornados. Outside of wildfires, I don’t think our state gets hardly any natural disasters, which is one thing I really like about living here. 😀 And by the way I love genuine southern accents! 😀


      6. We have tornadoes so often that we have a storm shelter built into our house. It’s four feet of concrete. Just last year a whirli — sorry — tornado took our neighbor’s house. And my accent is 100% genuine, and 100% annoying. I absolutely hate it. Could have something to do with my creepy obsession with the Brits . . .

      7. Wow, that’s sounds scary… 8-|

        Awww, well, I can see how those two things would clash… 😦 I have no accent whatsoever. *cries* I do like the British accent, though!! So pretty!


      8. You actually just can’t tell it. Most people don’t notice their own accent, but others can. Lemme tell ya, Arizonians have their own accent. All of em do. Plus I heard the podcast you and James made. Yours is actually sorta northwestern, believe it or not.

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