Happy Birthday, Kayla


Today is my sister Kayla’s seventeenth birthday.

I’m afraid it’s my own fault for still seeing her as a my little, little sister. Seriously, she’s no longer a head shorter than me–she’s been an inch taller for a year at least. Come on, Jamie.

Kayla is very special to me. We still bicker and we can get on each other’s nerves because we’re so different. But at the same time, we’ve been bonded together through troubles and the same nightmares, learning to put aside our difference to lean on each other. While we still are learning how to be better sisters to each other, we are at least best friends. And not all siblings can say that.


Here’s to Kayla:

She is the Ethel to my Lucy, going along with my silly schemes and sticking up for me when most needed:


She is the Maria Hill to my Nick Fury– if I pretend to be Nick Fury, she’s more likely to just carry out my requests… and she knows it:


She is the Dwight Shrute to my Michael Scott, happy to be my best friend and both tell me when I’m being stupid and then join me when I’m being stupid:


She is the Myka Bering to my Pete Lattimer, the one who balances everything with some logical thinking:


She is the Mitchel to my Cam:


No, seriously Mitchel and Cameron are simply the exaggerated and male versions of the two of us–and yes, I’m comparing us to the gay couple from Modern Family. The best characters of the entire show? Yeah, those guys are us. Minus the gay. But now I’m just rambling.


This was all for you, Kayla. Happy, happy birthday. Thanks for being everything mentioned above and more. 🙂 I love you.



16 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Kayla

  1. *hugs super tight* Aaaaaaa!!!!! I JUST LOVE THIS POST!!! YES!!! You said I’m Myka!!!!! XD And Cam and Dwight and everyone!!! XD LOL! Thank you so much for the post!!! I love it!!! 😀 *hugs* Love you too!!! And thanks for all your amazing presents!!!!!!!!! 8D

    1. *Squeeee* You commented! 😀 I’m so glad you like it; happy birthday again, Kayla!!! *tight hugs back*

      We are so Michael and Dwight– especially when they did that rap song about Scraton. 😛


  2. ROFL!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!! ROFL!!!!! The ending!!!!! XDD And remember The Heat!!!!!! XDD That’s us too!!! XD

  3. Happy Birthday Kayla!!!! 😀

    Siblings are the best, aren’t they. 🙂 Funny analogies about you and Kayla. 🙂 My brother are have almost completely opposite personalities too, but we are best friends and get along well. I can’t think of a good analogies for my brother and I though.


    1. They are they best. 😀 Hahaha, that’s funny, I wonder the odds of how many siblings actually are opposites in personalities and tastes. 😛


  4. That is a good question, although we do have the same taste in movies, TV and such, but our personalities are entirely different. Jacob likes sleeping really late and I hate it. lol

    Oh yeah, I found a video for Kayla’s Birthday. 🙂


  5. Happy Birthday, Kayla! 🙂
    ‘And not all siblings can say that’ Yes, it’s true that not all siblings can say that, but I certainly can! 😀 What is it like for siblings who aren’t best friends??????

    God Bless,

  6. *dashes into the room, breathless, holding my imaginary hat to my head lest it fly away*

    Gah! I meant to wish Kayla “A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!” day before yesterday–I promise–but one thing happened and then another and I completely ran out of time–and then yesterday I was in town all day long! I’m sincerely sorry I didn’t get to extend all my best wishes on your big day, Kayla, but I really hope you had a wonderful day and that your seventeenth year will be full of awesome sauce and heavenly blessings. Hugs!

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