It’s So Hot

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Well, I haven’t felt like blogging the past few days but I’m plunking myself down to write about the past few days anyway.

I’ve been doing a lot of things with Nathan, who is my six year old brother, right now. I’ve been swimming at the neighbor’s house a lot with him while we can and it’s been fun. I’ve been  helping him learn to swim; he’s now jumping off the side of the pool into the water with only his arm floaties and letting his head go under the water without panicking. Also, he’s now walking the neighbor dogs with me in the morning instead of Kayla; I still walk Clarence and he now takes Tink. He’s doing well with that too, although he doesn’t like Clarence licking him. I’ve been teaching him how to verbally communicate clearly to Tink so she knows what he wants her to do and he’s been doing well with that too.

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It’s been very hot so, besides walking the dogs, swimming and going to the library, I’ve not wanted to go outside at all. So, I’ve been doing lazy summer things inside. I’ve been playing the piano a lot, keeping after my room for once in my life and making sure it stays tidy and playing Battleship with Nathan. I’ve also been watching Downton Abbey with mom, Warehouse 13 with Kayla and lots and lots of Arrested Development with Me, Myself and I. Oh, and The Walking Dead, I’ve been watching a lot of The Walking Dead. Which has been trampling me emotionally the past week (STOP KILLING OFF MY POOR CHARACTERS LIKE THAT OH MY WORD JUST EAT MY HEART NOW.) Such a brutal show but it’s kept me coming back for more every darn time (but seriously, don’t start watching it if you can’t handle stuff that comes with a high adult rating for violence.)

So besides swimming, tv shows and trying finish the last bit of my driver’s manual, I’ve been doing very little. Next week I plan to buckle down and put a lot of things on hold to put a dent in my writing. Before that I’m going to wrap up a few tv shows and finish reading a few books before hand.  Also, my sister’s birthday is this Thursday and I need to wrap her gifts. 🙂 How can she be turning seventeen?!

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How has your summer been?



6 thoughts on “It’s So Hot

  1. Well, my ‘summer’ is actually winter! 😀 So yeah my winter is cold and warm when I get into bed and going in the pool? Are you nuts?! Oh yeah, that’s right you’re in SUMMER! 😛 What books are you reading? I’ve been missing you from blogging.

    God Bless,

    1. Oh wow, I didn’t realize you were in a different zone! Hahaha, how cool! What books I’m reading; I never finished The Time Machine by HG Wells and I am reading a mystery book by PD James as part of my summer challenge (to read a random mystery book from the library). 🙂


  2. I should probably The Walking Dead, especially since you enjoyed it. I want to say more, but I am having a complete brain freeze right now and I cannot think of anything else to comment about….. *Beats head on desk*


    1. You would actually enjoy The Walking Dead, I think…. I can’t think of any other people who would. It’s really gory but it’s got some great characters and the story is pretty good. 😀


  3. My summer is really amazing so far. It’s still crazy, but things are starting to slow down. Besides, crazy is good sometimes. It keeps my mind active 😀

    Ooo yeah, how do you and your mom like Downton so far?!

    1. The good crazy is the best crazy! 😀

      We are loving it! We’re several episodes into Season Two so far. It’s so good! 🙂 My mom especially has enjoyed.


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