“Grandmother’s Letters” | Book Review


Today I’m here to share about a story written by one of my in-real-life friends, Rebekah Jones; her second published book, “Grandmother’s Letters.” I’ve followed the journey of this book since several years ago. I’m pretty sure I was there at the beginning, actually. My memory is a little foggy but I do remember hearing her talk about her first ideas and getting the first chapters via email. It’s been inspiring watching Rebekah persevere through editing and publication and I really hope I can follow in her footsteps.

The super cool thing about this book, though, that I can’t help but share first, is that the whole thing is dedicated to me! My name is in the book all by it’s self on a page. Like–wow. I would have been thrilled to just make it to the acknowledgments page! So, I’m very glad I was able to be an encourgement to someone; that makes me feel like I’ve really accomplished something in life. 🙂

Now. On to the book!

My Summary: Several lives between two different towns slowly become entwined together in surprising ways. Seventeen year old Louise is getting reluctantly pulled into a treasure hunt by her friend when she would rather be reading the freshly discovered letters left behind by her great-great-grandmother. In the same town, twenty three year old Xavier is suffering under the pressure of a never-approving uncle and is unable to find work outside of tutoring. In the next town, an old man , who would rather be alone with his many pets, is surprised by the friendliness of his neighbors and their friends. And a hundred years in the past, we see through letters the struggles and victories of Georgiana Donahue’s life. No one knew these letters would be the strings to connect unlikely people into one another’s lives.

Overall, the book is well done. It can be slow at a few points but for Christian families looking for good literature for their older children, this would be an excellent choice. Rebekah was able to weave many different characters and their stories together in a way that was really neat to behold by the end. There were several points where I was like, “Wow! So that’s how they connect!” The characters all go through different paces of spiritual growth that can encourage the reader or that the reader can relate to. She gives the Gospel message and incorporates Biblical ethics without coming off too strong or distracting from the different plot lines.

The end is easily the best part because that is when everything just falls into place and your sitting there going, “Wow, didn’t see that coming, or that, or that either!” She was able to surprise me and I’ve had theories for those characters for a couple yearsl!

Overall, it’s a great book for Christian families and their children! It is available as paperback and Kindle on Amazon which you can find here.

Thanks again, Rebekah, for the special dedication, I’m so glad I was an encouragement to you! Thanks for being my friend!


4 thoughts on ““Grandmother’s Letters” | Book Review

  1. Sounds interesting, although it is not really my genre, no offense. My favorite books are sci-fi and fantasy. I wish your friend the best of luck as a writer.


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