My Debate Over Writing This Month


For me, writing is another way for me to think. It’s like talking but only with your fingers. These blog posts that usually come out as a ramble are usually the result of me sitting down and writing out my thought process as I go. This is probably why I really enjoy and have profited from blogging. I can think through difficult subjects, reflect over my day, have a mental fangirl attack over The Avengers or Sherlock all while practicing my typing skills. And some of you are gracious enough to responded to my thoughts with your own. It’s quite nice.

But that’s only one type of writing, though.

There’s also writing.


The type of writing where you must decide whether your character will loose his leg to a malicious one-eyed bear or have it blown off with a canon ball during the second act so that said poor character can go through the last of his development. The type of writing that flows like Arthur Conan Doyle in the shower but comes out like “little bo peep has lost her sheep” when you rush out warped in a damp towel to scribble it out. Where you are lying awake an extra hour at night because you can’t put aside that one plot problem out of your head and when you are dramatically acting out the speech that the main character’s best friend gives to rally the army to a freshly discovered soundtrack off of Youtube. When you feel like you could pull handfuls of hair out of your skull from frustration.

It’s the writing that you proudly brag about to almost anyone you meet: “I write fiction.”

This is currently what I’m struggling with; deciding if I will once again attempt Camp NaNo this July; to keep working on my fantasy book I started last year. I miserably failed in May after writing only 3,000 words after I overestimated how far I had come in regards to recovering from the brutal ordeal during the beginning of the year with my parents. I’m not sure if I want to attempt again right now.

At the same time, I have a lot of things working for me this time as well.


A) Unlike the normal time in November where the word goal is a set 50,000 words, during Camp, you can adjust your word count! More or less; you can decide. So, I could adjust it down to 40,000 words if I want. Or 30,000.

B) Besides birthdays, July is just an extremely hot and sticky month that leaves my family hibernating in our house where it’s cool. I have a strong vibe saying that I will be wanting to spend a lot of time in my room anyway. I might as well have something productive to do in my room besides struggle over which tv show I want to watch (I already know I will be watching a lot of Doctor Who, if I can get past Doomsday, which I know is coming to shred my heart to ribbons…)

C) I’ve had time to do some healing. It’s been many weeks since having to leave our last church and while I’m not completely over the heartache or am happy about it, I’ve learned to not dwell on things that could have been. I’ve found that I will never know the future whether good or bad but it’s up to me whether I will be content with my circumstances or not. I’ve had a little time to push on past a lot of heartache and it doesn’t weigh so heavily on me as it did several months ago. Yay.

D) This book. This fantasy story in particular holds a lot of lessons that I personally have struggled to understand or come to grips with. I feel like if I could wrap this story up, I will feel like I’ve come full circle with some things; some ideals, some plot ideas, and even some people. And that would be a great feeling.


Well, I wrote this post over the course of a few days, thinking over everything (just like the beginning of this post explains!) And I’ve come to the conclusion that I will make another attempt at finishing my book! Which has a new working title and short synopsis, by the way!

“The Twisted Book.”

I thought ‘twisted’ was more creative then ‘cursed’, personally. My sister was a big help by letting my come into her room and complain about needing a better title. She helped me come up with a new one and it’s really relevant to my story. So, we’re both very happy with ourselves (I’m glad I have a sister to talk to).

Synopsis: A selfish author’s unpublished novel is cursed to show him that his fate is not his own to make. Thirty years into the future, a insecure girl and her overconfident best friend stumble across the novel and are unhappily pulled into the pages to save the plot together.

I hope this attempt at with Camp won’t be so disasterous as last time. 🙂


How about you? Do you like to think through simple writing or blogging? Are you doing Camp NaNo this month?



18 thoughts on “My Debate Over Writing This Month

  1. Writing is just the same for me…it’s another way to think. Gah, I know the feeling of rushing out of the shower to write something down! 😀 Sisters are so good for talking character and plot ideas with, poor things. ehehe.
    Have an awesome day Jamie!

  2. I’m the same way! I’ll have an idea, but when I try to write it out it doesn’t always come out the way I want! 😦 I think I’ll do NaWriMo camp…my querying may stall out for month or so. 🙂 Again, I cannot wait to one day read your book! 😀

  3. Just the other night (at 10:30, to be precise!) I lay flat on my back in bed agonizing over a particular scene. A resolution came to my head, but I was terrified I’d forget it. I had a little notebook nearby, and without ever turning on the light (lest I disturb my sisters!) and wrote it down. I couldn’t see what I was writing but I KNEW what I was writing. It was rather funny to look at the note again in the morning…my handwriting was a little spidery 😀 Writing ideas down does help me think clearly about them, though!

    I really like your new title. “Twisted” is definitely a more unique picture than “cursed.” And I’m soooo glad to hear that the dust is settling and you’re able to really give your writing some good thought. I hope you have nothing but stunning success this summer!

    1. Oh my goodness! LOL. I’ve never done that but I should have a notebook by my bed just in case something like that does happen to me. 😀 I hope you saved that note; it would make a good object for special memories! 🙂

      Thank you!! That’s what I thought, too. I hope I do get some writing done, that would be amazing!


  4. I so agree! My blog posts are just the rambling blabbiness of my thoughts spinning inside of me. Both blog posting and fiction writing are different, but fun in their own way. 🙂

  5. “The type of writing that flows like Arthur Conan Doyle in the shower but comes out like “little bo peep has lost her sheep” when you rush out warped in a damp towel to scribble it out.” <<THIS. YOU HAVE JUST DESCRIBED THE STORY OF MY LIFE.

    I love writing. That's how I express myself. I would simply go crazy if I didn't write. And writing fiction?? I'd go even more insane if I didn't write fiction. There is just something amazing about writing words on paper (or typing words on a computer) and then realizing that you made a world that would never have existed if you hadn't created it 🙂

    haha I've actually been thinking about Camp NaNo since I commented on your other blog… And I have been writing like crazy this past few weeks…. so maybe I'll give Camp NaNo a try. Hopefully I can get you in my cabin 😀 I'm so glad that you're finishing your book. I CAN'T WAIT to read it in print one day!

    Wow, this comment got really long :p

    1. Lol, I know, right? It sure describes my writing life since I was twelve!!


      *GASP* YAY! I hope we can share a cabin too, I put your name in as a request when I signed in just in case you did end up doing it! Squeeee!

      I loved your comment! 😀


  6. I don’t have any process at all…:) Which must be why I’m getting nowhere…Your title is brilliant because it makes no sense, at least not right away…Normally I don’t know what I’ll say until I try, so there’s that option. keep up whatever works!

    1. Hahaha, I’m sorry my title didn’t make sense to you, I had a hard time thinking up a title in the first place. The first one was going to be a quote from Pooh Bear “think think think” but it just didn’t ring right for me. 🙂


  7. Good luck getting your book written this month! 🙂 To answer the question about writing and thinking, definitely blogging, because my only other writing are my college papers.

    About the new title, “The Twisted Book” sounds more fantasy, where “Cursed” sounds more horror. Smart move, it works better in that aspect.


  8. Writing a blog post does really help me get my thoughts in order, I agree.

    I almost wrote “eye agree.”


    Anyways, good luck on your book! I love the new title! 😀 It sounds very cool and fitting.

  9. Well main reason I thought of it as horror, because I believe that is the name of something in the Evil Dead franchise. I have not seen it of course, but I have heard it was something like that.


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