assistant (to the) reginal manager


The Office is full of fun, hilarious, quirky characters. And it’s hard to pick a favorite character. The main characters are all amazing and fun; Michael becomes endearing and is absolutely hilarious, Jim and his affection for Pam and his many pranks are extremely endearing, Pam is sweet and dorky and is a great role model, and everyone learns to love Andy.

But for me, it became clear during season three that my favorite character was and always would be Dwight Schrute. Here I am, about to begin Season Eight and he’s still my favorite.





Dwight is a rather complicated character; he’s serious and yet when he’s with Michael he will quite happily do some of the silliest things. He lets few emotions control him at the workplace and often comes across as very insensitive to other peoples feels. But he’s also been in love and has on the rare occasions put others before himself. In many occasions, he only looks out for himself. In many more occasions, he would do anything and everything for Michael. He has a strong sense of duty, he’s very loyal to those who he considers his friends and he has an overpowering lust for power that is extremely humorous at times. He’s a farmer and the dirty parts of life do not phase him. But at times he can be the most sensitive person in the office, except for maybe Michael.




tumblr_ma4fea6kEc1r15kw2o1_500 tumblr_md6ymx7jMR1qzxwuao1_500


Dwight also makes himself an easy target for pranks via Jim. This is pretty much one of the best parts of this whole show. Because Dwight is such a straight face around Jim and considers himself his superior, he unintentionally invites a lot teasing. This first gif is an excellent representation of their relationship, including Jim’s face.




tumblr_mly2lrNxdW1rynk4uo1_500 tumblr_mly2lrNxdW1rynk4uo2_500


tumblr_mlal5lmA461ra7ow0o1_1280tumblr_mlal5lmA461ra7ow0o4_1280tumblr_mlal5lmA461ra7ow0o2_1280tumblr_mlal5lmA461ra7ow0o3_1280tumblr_mlal5lmA461ra7ow0o5_1280tumblr_mlal5lmA461ra7ow0o6_1280 tumblr_mlal5lmA461ra7ow0o7_1280tumblr_mlal5lmA461ra7ow0o8_1280tumblr_mlal5lmA461ra7ow0o9_1280tumblr_mlal5lmA461ra7ow0o10_1280



Dwight is also a huge nerd, it’s easy to tell he’s really into sci-fi. Battlestar Galatica is his favorite show. He’s very thorough when it comes to jobs and suspicious of people’s intentions. He often turns into an interrogating secret agent when investigating things. This and everything else combined simply make him one of the biggest dorks ever. But it’s what makes him so lovable.


tumblr_mlh69pjDp71qa3b7io1_500 tumblr_mlmqsh0pro1r21epjo1_500



tumblr_mhpegj5iSa1qeghdlo1_500 tumblr_mjpb7xEmDQ1qeghdlo1_500


He also has very vulnerable moments that leave you going, “Awww, oh my goodness, you do have a heart!” That’d helps bring him full circle and makes him seem more real as an overall character.






tumblr_mg3b02FGEq1qad270o1_r1_250tumblr_mg3b02FGEq1qad270o15_r1_250tumblr_mg3b02FGEq1qad270o16_r2_250 tumblr_mg3b02FGEq1qad270o6_r2_250 tumblr_mg3b02FGEq1qad270o7_r3_250 tumblr_mg3b02FGEq1qad270o10_r2_250 tumblr_mg3b02FGEq1qad270o2_250This is from Season Three. This was the scene that Dwight stole me for good.

The Office - Season 9

This post was long overdue and it was about time I did just one post to my very favorite Office character. I don’t expect a lot of you to necessarily to care so that’s why I did this post just for me. 🙂

Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galatica.



7 thoughts on “assistant (to the) reginal manager

  1. Fun post, even though I have not seen the series yet. 🙂 Michael looks like a character that I would like. Nerds are the best!


    1. Also I’ve pretty much decided Dwight is my favorite character.
      How can I decide such a thing from some sentences, gifs, and pictures?
      IDK, just ask Maedhros, who became my boyfriend shortly after reading some Wikipedia and Silmarillion fanfic.
      I still have yet to finish reading the Silmarillion.

    1. 😀 It is fun and hilarious! If you want to know more, I did write a extensive review for the show which you can find under The Office tag.


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