you can do so much with twenty six letters

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Abby over at Listless let me borrow her post idea ‘alphabiography’–thanks again!–and I had a ball coming up with something for each of the twenty six letters of the alphabet. My favorite letter? Elmeno.

And that joke is waaaay overused.


A// I’m {artsy} in that I like the craft of words… I’ve also had my hands in knitting, crocheting, sewing, latch hooking, and cross stitch. But I like words best.


B// Larry the Cucumber used to be my favorite but I think {Bob the Tomato} is my new homie–he’s what makes Larry so funny!

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C// My favorite avenger is {Captain America} with no regrets; second favorite is Iron Man.


D// Every single time a character says, “{Doctor? Doctor Who}” I always exclaim, “THEY DID THE THING.” Sometimes I think it annoys Kayla.


E// England. ‘Nuff said.

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F// I’ve really liked getting into {fantasy} this year for both writing and films. You can make anything happen…


G// I really like gum and I think it’s because I couldn’t have it for so long when I had my palat expander and braces and all those other things that I wore to make my teeth so straight.


H// I found my dream {house}. You will not convince me otherwise.


I// I’ve been eating a lot of {ice cream} recently. I think it’s because it’s been so hot.


J// One of the first books that has remained a favorite for more then a year is The Strange Case of Dr {Jekyll} and Mr Hyde. It’s still one of my favorites.


K// I’ve been building a very small collection (about four) of old fashioned {keys} since I was very little and it’s one of the coolest things to know I loved stuff like that even then.

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L// Imagine my surprise while watching The {Lorax} to hear Andy Bernard’s voice from The Office come out the mouth of The Once-Ler. You go, Ed Helms, I’m now addicted to listening to you singing “How Bad Can I Be?” I have to admit I like you best as Andy though.


M// “{Mummy}. Where are you {Mummy}? Have you seen my {Mummy}? {Muuummy}.” I actually missed an opportunity to use this Doctor Who quote when at some friends’ house and I miss-dialed my mom’s number. I will never forgive myself.


N// I really really wish my {nails} would last more then 16 hours after I’ve painted them; it gets frustrating. If they did, I would invest more time in doing designs…

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O// I really really miss watching {The Office}; I need to go ahead and watch Season Eight on Netflix I guess. And I need to finish that Dwight post while I’m thinking of it.








P// I want a little {puppy}. Now.

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Q// One of my most favorite {quotes} is le picture below:


R// My most recent role model from entertainment is dear, dear {Rose} Tyler. I will never be as sweet as she is. *sob* And her accent is the most adorable thing.


S// My first superhero was Captain America but, really, it was technically Larry Boy, who was a spoof off of Batman… so now I don’t know what to think.


T// I’ve yet to loose interest in all things {Tim} Burton, so I’m starting to think it’s not really a stage at all. If it is just a stage of my life, it feels like a very long one. And I like it. 🙂


U// Crime shows are awesome because they often remind me of how {unique} every single person in existence is; every ear, every fingerprint, even every lipstick impression is different!

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V// We Heart It made me notice how cute {Volkswagens} are. I still want a big black truck but at least I now really appreciate how awesome these little things are.


W// Although Sherlock Holmes is my ultimate favorite character and I love him to death, I would marry John {Watson} in a heart beat because I connect with him in many ways; we’re both writers (or bloggers), we both are sidekicks to someone instead of having our own sidekick, and while not always sharp to details we’re very loyal to the few close friends we have. I feel very connected to John.


X// What the heck do I use for X? Oh, I know; there is a character in my friend Rebekah’s freshly published novel ‘Grandmother’s Letters’ who’s name is {Xavier}. He’s a very troubled young man; I personally like his cousin more, but his name does not start with X.  Speaking of  ‘Grandmother’s Letters’, I can’t wait to buy it at the homeschool convention and finish reading it in book form!


Y// Has {YOLO} gone out of fashion yet? pleasepleasepleaseplease say yes….


Z// I really really really can’t wait to find my favorite {zombie} movie on DVD! I will buy and watch it a million times and put it next to my pillow at night…


PS What do you think of the new design? It’s been about six months since the last time I changed it and I do like switching things around every once and while. So far, this is my favorite one by far. 🙂


10 thoughts on “you can do so much with twenty six letters

  1. Hey, this new layout is REALLY cute! I love it! It’s a nice mix of feminine and modern. And I have to tell you, I laughed right out loud in our kitchen over the Captain America/Larry Boy paragraph. So relatable! 😉 (Although Superman was a big deal for me when I was little too. Christopher Reeve’s portrayal was probably my first movie crush, LOL!!)

    1. Thank you, I’m glad you like it, I didn’t even see it the way you described it but you are so right! LOL yeah for Larry Boy! 😀 And I’m thinking about watching the Superman movies, I’ve heard Reeve’s is really good! 🙂


  2. Great choice with M, creepy kids with gasmask, scarier than all the serial killers in horror movies. lol Very cool idea, I think I will try some here in this comment. C and D would be the same as mine. 🙂

    A: The Avengers! Because they are awesome!
    C: Captain American, the First Avenger.
    D: Doctor Who?
    F: Firefly.
    S: Star Wars, nuff said.



    1. Haha, yes, much creepier! 😀 I’m still mad at myself for missing that perfect opportunity though. 🙂

      I like your choices! And I will definitely give Firefly another chance! 🙂



  3. Jamie dear I love the new design!!! 🙂 And this post is really fun. I never thought about crime shows like that before..very interesting…. 🙂 I love it when I realize I was into something when I was little that I still’s encouraging or something. I love that quote too.
    Love you lots,

  4. Jamie! I love this blog design! ‘Though every design you have had since I met you has been great 🙂 !
    And this post was very cool. I agree: I want a little puppy. Now! 😀

    I too have been into the ice-cream lately, though tonight it is kinda cool and gray I still hear the last of the strawberry calling my name.

    I love those Office quotes and pictures… Please do post that Dwight spotlight!!!! I can’t wait to see that!!!

    Last night I was looking at my bedroom walls and I said to my sister “You know that Sherlock poster that Jamie has? Well, I think I need one like it from In The Heat of The Night.” 🙂

    It is so cool that I finally found a series that I really, really like! I am up to season three of this 80’s detective show, and I am already thinking about crying over the series finale. I won’t want to see it end! Thankfully, there are five seasons left.
    I had so much fun putting together my show review. Almost all the episodes have been good, a few I wouldn’t recommend, but the good greatly out weighs the other!

    It is really neat to be a fan-girl…and the fact that my sister likes it too is awesome.
    Fan-Girls Unite! 😀

    This is my review:

    I have to say that Parker Williams is one of my favorite characters. His character develops over the seasons, and by now it is clear that he is very perceptive, he cares about everyone, and a crime against someone he cares about is very hard on him. He is often the person who can get through to someone who has been hurt, because they can tell he cares. Whether it is Miss Mercy, an elderly lady, or a young woman who was blind, Parker cares.
    He is good-hearted and he always has a mason jar of sweet tea on his desk. And he has three stray cats that he adopted… one after the other. At one point, when they were out investigating a case and Officer Wilson Sweet saw Parker pick up another stray kitten, he said “No Parker! Don’t even think about it!”
    “Come on Sweet! You got a problem with cats?”
    “No! You’ve got a problem with cats!”
    “I don’t have a problem with cats. I’ve just got three of them.”

    After watching this, I decided my next cat is going to be named Parker. And that may happen pretty soon, because a black cat was in our yard today and looked like it needed a home…

    Some of my favorite scenes are Parker scenes. At first he is often assigned to the phones, but when he goes out on a case he does great. He wants to be a detective.

    I could go on and on in your comment box about what I love best about this whole series, but I will stop myself. 🙂 Eventually.

    {The episodes I wouldn’t watch would be Pig Woman of Sparta, Don’t Look Back one and two, and Hot Nights. First ones were a little dark, and last one was too much seduction. It was shown in the proper light, but I didn’t watch ’em straight through. }

    It is so cool to have a family language, like you talked about, where you can quote a line from The Office and Kayla gets it!
    Well, now I get to walk around saying “Like I always said, Bubba has all the fun around here.”
    Bubba is Sgt. Skinner, a good officer and a good friend to his fellow officers.

    And “Now don’t worry, he starts dyin’ I’ll call you.” Chief Gillespie talking here.

    And “I think that if you just put that word ‘Blame’ out of your mind, a feeling of peace will come over you.” Said by the Chief, with sarcasm, to a man who truck was stolen and then Officer Skinner had a run-in with the truck and the thief and the truck was… well, it wasn’t the same afterward.
    Neither was a police cruiser.

    And: {Parker, over the car radio from the station}
    “Bubba, please state your position.”
    “I repeat, Bubba, please state your positon!”
    {Bubba, parked by the highway, eating his lunch}
    “Parker, this ain’t Miami Vice. You know where I’m at, you know I’m eating my lunch.”
    “Bubba, you don’t have to snap at me because you’re ticked off at your girlfriend.”
    “And you don’t have to broadcast my personal life to every law enforcement vehicle in the county, now do you Parker.”
    “Bubba, she’s been calling, at least once, every fifteen minutes! If you see a phone, could you please stop, give her a call, and put the poor little thing out of her misery? And for that matter, me too!”

    I love that fact that when the show begins in 1989, he still had to stop and find a phone… there were no cell phones yet. The show has a good small town feel, but there sure is a lot of crime in Sparta Mississippi!

    That town must have the highest crime rate in America! 🙂

    Thank you for letting me ramble. 😀 I love talking about this show… ask my sister! 😉

    Goodnight Jamie! 😀

    1. Aww, thank you, I’m very glad! 😀

      Wow, I’m very very glad you found a show you can really love! I will read your post as soon as possible, probably after I come home from the homeschool convention this afternoon! I enjoyed reading your thoughts here though, I’m glad you feel free to ramble! 🙂

      Love, Jamie

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