Musicals on the Mind

Although I’ve not seen a million musicals, I’ve seen my fair share and right now I’m kinda thinking about musicals, so I thought I would briefly cover a few of my favorites.

These below are not the only musicals I’ve seen–I thought I would make that clear. My mom plays Oklahoma every once and a while  over the computer and I’ve seen Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, and Camelot was what I compared Merlin too. I’ve seen parts of Oliver! and My Fair Lady was okay, even though it had it’s funny moments while West Side Story was a mouthful of mixed feelings. Phantom of the Opera was good but lagged in places and Mary Poppins is more up my sister’s isle of favorites.

So, these below, actually are my favorites.

Childhood Favorite: The Sound of Music


For a long time, because it was so long, this movie was saved for special evenings. Kayla and I always got very excited whenever we got to put our VHS of this film in because it was so long and fun. I have some nostalgia tied to this movie and to a lot of the scenes. And do you know what a big deal it was before I turned seventeen to actually be able to sing, “You are sixteen, going on seventeen”?

Favorite Classic Musical: The Music Man 1962 version


Not only do I love the songs from the Music Man (I diligently listened to “Ya Got Trouble” over and over till I could ‘sing’ the entire thing from memory) but it’s a pretty funny movie. Mayor and Mrs Shin get a good laugh out of us every time and when we had chickens, we named two of them after both. It has the classic musical feel and it’s an overall very funny movie with some really fun songs

Funniest Musical (and tied for classic): Singing in the Rain


This is a really hilarious movie and an interesting one as it’s plot follows the movie industry and it’s struggles as they make the switch from silent films to ‘talking pictures’. This is one that I recommend to even non-musical fans to watch because of the plot line and wit. It’s funny, it’s classic, and it’s songs and dance numbers are great entertainment.  Kayla and I sing the title song every time it rains. And how do you not love seeing Princess Leia’s mother tap dancing in high heels?

Family Favorite: Fiddler on the Roof


My mom saw this musical growing up so I see this movie a ‘family’ movie even though I didn’t see it till I was probably fifteen. This is antoher one of those very long movies and it ends on a sad note but it has some of the most lively folk music; it is nearly impossible for me to not air fiddle along to most of it, like  “Traditions” “If I Were a Rich Man” and “To Life”. It’s this movie that always makes me wish I could play the violin.

Favorite Christmas Musical: White Christmas


Christmas and musical dance numbers and Bing Crosby= good musical. Funny characters and heartwarming ending. And the catchy, memorable songs like  “Snow” and “The Best Things Happen When You’re Dancing” are some of my favorites to sing. And Kayla and I took “Sisters” as our theme song. It’s got it’s funny moments too!

Favorite Animated Musical: Corpse Bride


Like a lot of animated movies, Corpse Bride has songs. And this one has some good ones like “According to Plan” “Tears to Shed” and “Remains of the Day“.  Besides the songs, I love the movie overall and it’s my favorite animated film at the moment.

Most Nostalgic Musical: Beauty and The Beast


This is the first movie I remember watching as a very small girl. The movie is worth a lot to me because of the memories and for the messages that I took to heart when I was sixteen. The songs especially hold a lot of emotion and memories, especially the title song and theme. I seriously need to break down and just buy a DVD copy of it.

Overall Favorite: Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street


Although grisly, bloody and rated R for it’s violence, the music for Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street is beautiful and heart wrenching. I’ve been familiar with the music for a long time but I just recently saw the movie as well. It is, as this point in time, my favorite musical hands down. However,  it is not for everyone; I do not recommend the film to anyone under sixteen for it’s gruesome content. However, just like I did, you could still love the songs without the movie! And I would seriously love to cosplay Mrs Lovett someday, if I had a friend who’d be Sweeney Todd. I’ll be reviewing this film in a guest post at James’ blog in the near future and I’ll be sure to link to it once it’s finished and he publishes it. 🙂

And that wraps this up! What are your favorite musicals?

I want to watch one of these now. 😀 Leaning towards Corpse Bride…



20 thoughts on “Musicals on the Mind

    1. Oh, and I saw ‘Camelot’ a looong time ago…I was remembering it too while watching Merlin. 🙂
      p.s. I keep mentioning Merlin…hmmm….

      1. Yay, I’m not the only one who did that, then! LOL! Morgana wasn’t in Camelot, though, that’s probably how I didn’t know she was going to turn out bad. 😦

        Merlin is awesome. And I like people who like Merlin! 😀


  1. Because I fortunately do not have any sisters I never watched musicals, except for a few kid’s movies when I was little and one other that I like now. However, my friend, Rebecca, and her friend randomly broke out in songs from “Les Miserables” while talking about the movie. lol I can’t wait to read your review of Sweeny Todd! It seems like one of the few musicals that I would be interested in.

    If you haven’t seen “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog” you really need to watch it some time. It was made by Joss Whedon and is more of a comedy/parody of superheroes and it had surprising good characters. Since it was kind of multi webseries, the full 40 minute movie is uploaded on YouTube (video below) if you are interested in seeing. Warning though, there were two or three kind of inappropriate jokes, but it is probably less than the Office, so its up to you. 🙂


    1. Les Mis, I saw that too! Too much singing though for that one, it was a bit much for me. 🙂

      No, I haven’t seen this, but when I have some time; I’ll start it and see what I think! It’s probably not as bad The Office but who knows. (Trivia fact: Joss Whedon actually directed two episodes of The Office–Branch Wars and Business School!)


      1. ROFL: I think he was saying that since he doesn’t like musicals, it’s fortunate he doesn’t have sisters who are going to make him watch any. 🙂


    2. Oh, okay, that makes sense…I’m not too keen on musicals either, just a few like White Christmas & Singing in the Rain. 🙂

      Oh and Jamie, there’s a musical called ‘Newsies’ that’s fun…. 🙂


      1. I like musicals every once and a while but it’s not my most favorite film genre either.

        I’ve heard of Newsies but I didn’t know if it was any good! Maybe I’ll check it out! Thanks Sarah!


  2. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is the absolute family favourite, hands down! After that it’s probably Singing in the Rain, and they could have chucked Don and Cathy and just had Lina and Cosmo. I love the part at the end when Cosmo has a turn at singing while Lina doesn’t notice! 😀 And Don’s wit is pretty good too, “I shall tear myself from your side” and “Now, that I know where you live, I’d like to see your home.” It’s a very qoutable movie.
    With some musicals I think that you can skip some of the songs, like Hello Dolly, for instance, which is a great movie but some of the songs just go on and on. 🙂 I’ve seen My Fair Lady but we only like to watch the first half of it and then we get bored. Just you wait Henry Higgins is very fun to listen to. I haven’t seen The Sound of Music in ages, if true be know! But it is a good musical too.

    God Bless,

    1. LOL “I shall tear myself from your side” is one of the best parts! Cathy’s laugh is so funny! 😀 I saw Seven Brides for Seven Brothers with friends at a sleep over and they actually did fast forward through a song because apparently it was too long or something! lol!


  3. I have a funny story about “The Sound of Music.” Definitely one of my favorites growing up…but the first time I saw it, I was about four years old. My dad picked it up for me: two VHS tapes, because it was so long. Little Me, however, didn’t realize it was two tapes; I thought, like all my other videos, it was just one tape. The first tape ended when Maria leaves the von Trapp house (after the Baroness tells her the Captain loves Maria). Little Me promptly BURST INTO TEARS and ran to Daddy sobbing in horror and sheer heartbreak that any movie could end that way! He laughingly assured me there was still another tape, but I was still wiping my wee face as the movie continued.

    “Les Miserables” is definitely my all time favorite, with “The Phantom of the Opera” second. But I love “Fiddler on the Roof,” too–and “Beauty and the Beast.” Saw “The Music Man” a loooong time ago.

    If you want a really funny musical, though (along the lines of “The Music Man”), “Hello Dolly!” is roll-on-the-floor-laughing-hysterical. There are a few aspects of it we found objectionable, but nothing major that I can remember. Barbara Streisand stars. If you’ve seen “WALL-E,” the little song WALL-E’s always listening to is from that one. “Put on your Sunday clothes, there’s lots of world out there!”

    1. Oh my goodness! That would have been so sad!! And that would be a horrible place for a movie to end! LOL But that’s such a fun story!

      I figured Les Miz was your ultimate favorite! 😀

      I guess I need to see “Hello Dolly!” sometime! I’m always looking for funny movies! Thanks for the recommendation! And I didn’t know that’s what Wall-E was watching! How cool!


  4. Oh, I love the Sound of Music! And Beauty and the Beast. I haven’t watched White Christmas, but my friends are singing one of their songs for several performances, so I recognised it. 😀 I haven’t watched the music man in a long time, but I loved that movie!

  5. I don’t…well, my family doesn’t…watch many musicals. I’d like to explore them more, however, so YAY for a list I can reference!
    I really liked Disney’s Make Mine Music as a kid; and currently the Phantom of the Opera sountrack is amazing. The movie was hard to get through, especially the beginning, but I watched the 1925 version instead of the more modern.

    1. Ahh, well, I’m glad to provide you with a list! Phantom of the Opera was okay but I had a hard time getting through the modern one myself. It’s not quite my type. 🙂 I can’t image watching the old version! 😀


  6. First off–sorry that I haven’t been commenting much. June is a super busy month for me 😦 Hopefully I’ll be able to make some more time to visit blog-land 🙂

    I love so many of these, though I’ve never seen Fiddler on the Roof, The Corpse Bride, or Sweeney Todd. White Christmas?? Oh yeah. I could go on forever about the other ones–I love them all so much! hehe You have very good taste 😀 My all-time absolute favorite musical ever is Les Mis (I never thought I’d love anything better than Phantom of the Opera, but I was wrong.) The music is Les Mis is awesome, and I love the story. The musical isn’t nearly as good as the book, but I still love it 😀

    1. Oh, it’s okay, I understand business! 😀

      YAY, you’ve seen most on my list! Squee! I personally liked the plot/book more as a non musical but that’s just me. 😀


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