Okay, I’ve always loved getting tagged! And at this point, I have two rounds of questions I need to answer! Let’s get started with the tag from my new friend Sarah.

Favorite restaurant? I like Panda Express, Pei-Wei’s, Flamingo Palace, and… I can’t think of anything else outside of Chinese food at the moment.

Favorite music band/group? I’m not really into any particular band, I like a little bit of this and that from all sorts of artists and groups but none big enough that they come to mind right away.


Favorite tv show? THIS QUESTION TORTURES ME NOWADAYS. I HAVE SO MANY FAVORITES! Sherlock, Dr Who, The Office, Merlin, Grimm, Warehouse 13,  Once Upon a Time, Castle; I CAN’T JUST PICK ONE THAT’S LIKE ASKING WHO MY FAVORITE CHARACTER OF ALL TIME IS  YOU JUST CAN’T PICK ONE………. Sherlock Holmes to that question, but never mind, I’m ruining my own argument.

Favorite movie? I’ve been consistently saying The Avengers for pretty much a solid year so let’s stick with that. 😛

If you could be friends with one celebrity-who? Wow, I have no idea, there are some really nice celebrities out there like Tom Hiddleston, Benedict Cumberbatch, Chris Evans– and Martin Freeman is hilarious. But I’m going to break down and say Robert Downy Jr!  He’d be great fun; I can tell!

If you could marry one celebrity-who? This is even more intense because you need to marry someone who will treat you right. Right? So, without a doubt, without second thoughts: Tom Hiddleston. By far one of the most gentlemanly, considerate yet down to earth celebrities in this day and age. After him, I go for Benedict Cumberbatch. 🙂 *sighes* five years ago I would never believe I would be likng British guys, but look at me now.


You could live in a movie-which one? Um okay, did you just want my head to malfunction? There are too many to choose from! I’m going to go with my first thought, which would be Star Wars!

Biggest pet-peeve? Gosh, I know I have more then a few, why can’t I think of any of them? Why was I born so optimistic? I’ll think of one after I publish this post. 😛

Biggest fear? Never having or loosing friends. As someone with the ENFP personality type, I learned that people and friendships are very important to me. This is something I’ve known for a long time but didn’t realize was actually  in my DNA, so to speak. I really need to have friends but I always loose contact of the few that I do make. So, it’s always one of the biggest fears I have when I make new friends; that I’ll loose them. Sometimes when we’re just hanging out, I’ll just look at them and think: I don’t ever want to loose you. Or you. Or you. And certainly not you.

If you could change your hair color-which one? Well, my hair color is a sandy blonde/brown. If I could change it, I’d try black first. I love black hair, especially on guys. Then maybe I’d try a really obnoxious brown/red mix. Haha. And then pink. Because I might like sci-fi and murder mysteries but I’m still a girl at heart.


And these other questions were free to grab and answer from this blog; and a couple were fun looking so I just had to give them a try!

You are eating ice cream, when you get a nice big dollop on your nose. Do you wipe it off with a napkin, ignore it, or try to lick it off with your tongue? I would probably swipe it off with my finger and then eat it!

What is your favorite candy? I like Milkway bars, special dark Hershey’s chocolate… I’m not a super huge candy eater.

What book are you reading now? Or what was the last book you read? I’m still in the middle of The Time Machine. I know, it’s taking me forever. I need to pull the book off the shelf and not put it back till I’m done with it that way I’ll actually finish it.


What’s the most exciting thing to happen to you while blogging? (Nice comment, hit a certain amount of followers, ect) Probably hitting over a 100 followers. That was really exciting. 🙂 Thank you again, especially to the next ten of you who have come along since.

Artsy (drawing, writing, creating) or sporty? Or both? I think I’m more artsy; I prefer writing, creating stories and characters and communicating than running or biking every day.

Red & white or blue & yellow? Blue and yellow. Or both. Or all four together in a colorful rainbow. Turned into cotton candy. I mean, I would eat that. . . . . look at me, I’m turning into Willy Wonka.


Favorite color for a house? Something neutral, I suppose, like a cream or something just soft. I guess that’s what I’m used to. Who knows, maybe if I had my own house and was feeling excited, maybe I’d paint it red. Or blue.

Cooking or baking? BOTH! I like both, but I suppose I like cooking a teeny bit more. With baking you have to be so precise or else the chemistry could get messed up and your muffins could turn out wrong. With cooking it’s a bit of this and that and toss this in and measure that with your hand and throw it all together and it can come out awesome!

Dickens or Austen? Neither. Sorry. I’m kinda of a Arthur Conan Doyle/Agatha Christie/mystery genre type of girl. 😉

Well, that was a lot of fun but I must draw this to a close. Everyone, have a good Memorial Day, okay?



16 thoughts on “Q&A

  1. Loved some of your answers! And I really like that picture of ‘British Cheekbones’ 😀 Though I’ve never seen Dr. Who and I don’t watch Merlin anymore.
    Austen definitely over Dickens for me! Dickens is sooooooo depressing sometimes. 😛
    I do more cooking than baking, as I usually make dinner and cooked snacks and sweets we don’t have very often.
    Favourite chocolate, hmmm, that’s hard….plain probably, Cadbury of course.

    God Bless,

  2. Cool questions and questions! Some of the more unique questions I have seen for a tag. With all this talk about candy and ice cream it is making me hungry.

    You spelled Doctor Who wrong again. Since you are still a new Whovian I will let it slid this time….. lol 🙂


    1. LOL, I was too but it was getting too late and close to bed and think of going for something to eat! HAHA!

      GAH! I did, didn’t I! I’m so used to see it that one way for some reason!


  3. Hey Jamie! ❤
    Very nice answers…oh, that would be so fun to meet R.D.J.! 🙂 Why didn't I think of that!?Hehe…I never remember anything when I'm asked questions! 🙂
    'Best of British Cheekbones' – pretty much. 🙂
    I always wanted to live in S.W. when I was younger (gosh that makes me sound like I'm significantly older now or something: which I'm not.).

  4. Three cheers for Tom Hiddleston! You made me a Hiddles fan, Jamie 😉 Even though I’m not a Loki fan (*ducks from flying tomatoes*) I do like Tom a great deal and agree that he’s one of the most down-to-earth actors currently in existence. Love him in War Horse…he also plays Winston Churchill’s bratty son in “The Gathering Storm” (one of my favorite films) but it’s still fun to see him. We just ordered “Return to Cranford,” a British period drama in which he plays the dashing gentleman-hero. I can’t wait until it gets here and we can watch it over cups of hot tea!

    I need to do more cooking; I’m more the baker at my house, while my sister and my mom are the cooks. I actually like the chemistry aspect of it…it’s fun to “tweak” the chemistry and make a whole new recipe!

    1. YAY! I’m glad you like Tom, now. It’s hard not to like him once you read a few quotes of his! 😀 I would like to see Return to Cranford for Tom. I’d also like to see King Henry IV and V. 🙂

      I just don’t like the tedious of some recipes. I”m not a detailed oriented person so I just don’t like it quite as much. But both are enjoyable!


  5. I can never decide on my favorite TV show either. It’s like trying to pick a favorite book or sibling. Quite impossible. ;D Speaking of shows… have you seen Psych? Reading through your list makes me think it would be one that you’d be interested in. My brothers and I really enjoy it (and quote it all the time). 😀

    Awww. Hiddles!!! I love him too (and that pic of him and Benedict *sigh* is almost too much awesome Britishness for me to handle). His Loki was perfect and my little sis and I swoon over him in Return to Cranford. Of course, I like him in War Horse too, but he wasn’t in the film NEARLY enough.

    So, you don’t like Austen or Dickens, huh? Have you read a full book by each author? I freely admit to being a fan of both… but I adore Doyle as well. My reading taste runs wildly through many a genre. 😀


    1. I’ve tried watching Pysch; I’ve seen at least four episodes but it didn’t rub me the right way. Which was extremely sad because I really wanted to like the show. I might try watching it again but I have a lot more things to watch that I really really like right now. 🙂

      Yes, he and Tom should have had more screen time in War Horse! They were good characters! 🙂

      I’ve not read A Christmas Carol but I’m very familiar with it but I have not read or seen anything Austen. But I’ve done a lot of research and neither are my type; at least plot wise. I know some people don’t like that about me but that’s just who I am so I don’t mind saying any of this. 🙂

      So glad to hear from you again, Tayler!


      1. I know what you mean about having so many shows to watch (and catch up on…). Plus, then there is always real life to be lived. We can’t, and shouldn’t, make time for everything. 😉 At least now I know that you tried Psych… I think it’s hilarious, but yeah, not everyone is the same, and that’s a really good thing!

        Hehe. Even knowing your semi-heretical views on Austen, I still like you. ;D It really bugs me when someone “likes” something just because they’re supposed to (‘cuz every homeschooler HAS to love Dickens, right?!). Oh, and for the record I haven’t always like Dickens – he definitely had to grow on me. 😀


      2. Exactly; and maybe in a year I find it really funny! I just need to give a rest and come back to it later!

        Haha, I’m glad you are excepting of what I like and that I don’t actually fit into a homeschool stereotype; I almost think I am the only homeschooled Christian girl who did not go through a Jane Austen phase! LOL

        Thanks for being so sweet and gracious, I wish some of my old friends were as open to my different opinions as you are. 🙂


  6. Jamie!

    I love the answers to these questions… and you need to know: I never went through an Austen phase either! In fact, I never read a whole Austen book or watched one of the movies, and I don’t have strong feelings for Mr. Darcy either. I would rather read about a homicide detective, FBI Agent, CIA Operative or police officer.
    *ducks tomatoes from Darcy fans!*
    So you are not alone. We could start a club. 😀

    Jamie, I am almost embarrassed to admit how seriously I considered your question about what-would-I-do-with-ice-cream-on-my -nose. I think I would do the same: clean finger to wipe it off and then lick the finger clean. Yup. Or shall I say yum? And what flavor of ice-cream was it? 😀

    I simply cannot name one favorite book or character either… too many that I love!

    I have been writing a Tv show series review… for a detective show from the 80’s. I never really had a Tv series that I really liked before, and I am so happy to find one that I need to review it. And I am having fun doing that, getting screen shots of all the characters from youtube videos of the episodes and writing about each one. I will try to link you that post, if you would like, 🙂

    😀 In Him, Faith

    1. Awww, thank you for sharing that, that makes me feel less alone! Yes, we would be the two member club the irregular hommeschoolers. LOL

      I would love to see your review! Be sure to leave me the link when you do finish it up! Thanks!


  7. Jamie,

    I have a book recommendation for you: Anthem by Ayn Rand. It’s a fairly short book, but it’s a romantic love story that has some ideas you might find inspiring. It serves as a nice introduction to Rand’s other works. Perhaps after you finish the Time Machine, you might consider it?

    Happy reading! 🙂


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