tumblr_mmftopaz5M1r38m8do1_500Currently liking: these currently posts I came up with, they are fun to write and simple and I hope they are fun to read.

Currently listening: to the Wreck-It Ralph soundtrack, specifically Sugar Rush’s theme. This song makes me happy and I really wish I could visit Sugar Rush myself, it was the cutest arcade game ever in existence

Currently eating: Terry’s Chocolate Orange (dark chocolate of course!) One of my favorite chocolates, it reminds me of Christmas and when I was a innocent and naive little girl. Nostalgia.

Currently sitting: at the dinning table for once instead of at my desk.

Currently learning on the piano: Marsden’s Lament from Warehouse 13 and playing around with the Harry Potter Theme and Fireside Dance from Oz: The Great and Powerful; not doing so well with those two.

Currently writing: an assortment of film reviews for my other blog and about to begin my “What I Learned From Merlin” post considering I just finished the final season on Sunday.

Currently tired: from lack of sleep, I’ve been trying to get up earlier but my sleep cycle has gotten knocked around so it’s hard to fall asleep before midnight now. *sigh*

Currently excited: about watching The Office tonight with Kayla!

Currently scaring myself with: scarier movies… and I don’t know why I end up watching them at night when I’m alone in my room right before I go to bed. The thing is I enjoy dark scarier movies and at least I’m not a vivid dreamer. 😀

Currently praying: that Kayla gets comfortable with her new schedule and that everything will go well when I see my dad tomorrow and that we will get a lot of rain this monsoon season. I really want some rain.

That reminds me.

Currently wishing: for rain.


6 thoughts on “Currently

  1. So have you seen Wreck-It Ralph recently? I just watched it last week and plan to post a review for it after my Iron Man 3 one. 🙂 The soundtrack to the movie so much fun! It reminds me of many retro video games and a mix of other ones, I have listened to the entire soundtrack at least three times since watching the movie. There is not one particular song I like, but as a whole I love it!

    Can’t wait to read your reviews on your other blog, it will be a lot of fun to read those. 🙂

    I hope everything goes as well as it can tomorrow.


    1. I saw it several months ago and then we just recently watched it hear at home (I bought the DVD for Kayla because she ended up loving it). The soundtrack is awesome! I also have a review written for it, maybe I’ll post it tomorrow! 🙂

      I hope so too, I’m keeping my fingers crossed. 🙂


  2. Praying that everything goes well tomorrow, Jamie.

    Om-nom, chocolates…if I were very tall and I weren’t on a Getting-Ready-For-Vacation-Diet-And-Workout-Schedule, I’d have a few with you, LOL 😉

  3. I will pray that things go well tomorrow, Jamie 🙂

    Chocolate orange…. YUM. My friend gave me one this winter and I was so happy I nearly died 😀

    Haha I totally know what you mean about the lack of sleep. I stay up unreasonably late and then walk around like a zombie the next day… And yet I continue to do it each night lol. And the scary movies things? Yeah. Same here. I wonder why I watch creepy stuff at night. Because I AM a vivid dreamer lol.

    I love these posts! Sorry that I haven’t been commenting much (or doing anything blog-wise). May has been a super busy month. Hopefully things will start to slow down soon 🙂

    1. Thank you, Emily!

      Aren’t they wonderful?! When I pass off not-so-good-tasting ‘junk’ food saying “I’d rather get fat on something else that’s amazing”, this is one of those ‘amazing’ things I mean! LOL

      LOL! Yes, exactly! Exactly! You understand me!!!!

      That’s okay, I completely understand. I’ve slacked off on my commenting myself, so I’ve been trying to comment more often as self discipline lately.

      Love you! ❤


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