Iron Man 3


I saw Iron Man 3 last night and it was a-maaa-zing! A lot better then I was expecting and I was kinda expecting a lot; but it was an excellent sequel and they didn’t screw anything up in my opinion. I didn’t cry! I actually didn’t cry but that didn’t bum me out either. 😛 Also, I am keeping this spoiler free!


It was great seeing Tony again, especially since he’s my second favorite Avenger. Everything going on with him was very realistic behaviors after he what he went through during the alien attack  in The Avengers, it was good finally seeing how he was doing after the whole ordeal.  Although shaken up a bit, he still had his same good ol’ sense of humor that was fun to hear!


I LOVED seeing Pepper again, she’s always been my favorite Marvel woman. She was wonderful; she even had a few kickbutt moments of her own which was amazingly awesome. I’ve always loved her and Tony as a couple so I was inwardly squealing through many of their scenes; Tony was actually not so much of a jerk towards her and apologized several times and reassured her of his feelings for her. That’s  just swoon worthy because guys never apologize or take responsibility for their screw ups anymore, so for a guy like Tony Stark to do that to Pepper was just awesome to see. They’re still one of my most favorite films couples ever.


All of Tony’s suits were really awesome to see; I’ve always loved the scenes where’s he’s building or experimenting with his suits, so I was happy to see he had been doing more experimenting. I certainly loved his new suit capabilities; they just get better and better with each movie that comes out!

Keeping this short and neat, I’m going to finish off by saying I thoroughly enjoyed this next addition to the Marvel series, it was a blast to watch, it had some great lines and some surprising twists and turns. I highly recommend viewing in theaters! Oh, and also the end scene after the credits was brilliantly amazing and I was grinning SO. DANG. HARD! Do not miss that scene!



13 thoughts on “Iron Man 3

  1. Does this have any spoilers? I stopped reading after the first few sentences because I am trying to avoid any and all spoilers like the plague. Without spoiling anything, how does Iron Man 3 against the other Avengers movies? Would you say it is better than the first or even Captain America? I assume it is not better than The Avengers though. Can’t wait to see it Tuesday!!!!! Waiting this long is killing me!


    1. I did my utmost to avoid spoilers; let me go review it one more time…. I think I actually did a pretty good job keeping it spoiler free; I don’t allude to anything that wasn’t shown in the trailers. So, if you’ve seen at least one of the trailers then you should be fine; I didn’t go into any details at all.

      Comparing it after one viewing…. I’m not sure. Iron Man was really good but I think Iron Man 3 holds up well against it, I might go so far to say it’s a tad better because you’ve had three previous movies to build up to it. I wouldn’t say it’s better then Captain America but their certainly equal. I can’t wait till you can see it!


  2. I just got to know that whole Marvel Universe and it really is a shame that I got to love superheros that late. Great review! I just watched the first movie but I will make sure to watch them all 🙂 Thanks for writing about Pepper – she really is awesome!
    All the best, Scarlett

    1. Hi Scarlett, thanks for commenting (and following!). Well, better late then never, I joined just when Captain America came out, so I was pretty late myself! I love the first Iron Man movie, that one is good! 😀 I’m glad you like Pepper, too, I always feel bad for her because she’s often overshadowed by characters like Black Widow or Sif from Thor (not that they aren’t good characters, their amazing too). But I think Pepper will always be my favorite! 😀


  3. Pepper is your favorite? Mines need to be Black Widow 😛 And Tony’s my favorite Avenger 🙂 Yep, I love his sense of humor. Glad you enjoyed the movie!

    1. Lol, I love Black Widow too, it’s just I saw Pepper before I met Natasha and I liked her more in Iron Man 2 then I did Natasha; I’ve just always really really loved her. 😀 Yes, I loved the movie so much!! 😀


  4. Glad you went to see it! I really enjoyed the film, too, especially the realism of Tony’s panic attacks, and his cute Pepper moments; they are probably my favorite Marvel couple, too. I’ll admit I was expecting more, but I enjoyed it. I thought the suits seemed too fragile, and at the end Tony seemed kind of useless since they were running on their own, but I digress…most films have too many flaws nowadays, and this one had a bit less than normal, so I enjoyed.

    I hope all is well!



  5. Ooooo I can’t not wait to see this!! I love Tony and Pepper. I don’t think I’ll be able to see it in theaters 😦 But as soon as it comes out, I will be buying it!

    And thank you for keeping this spoiler free!! 🙂

    1. I can’t wait for you to see it and what you’re thoughts will be!! I’m going to buy it too! 😀 😀

      You are welcome, I’m quite proud of myself that I was able to do it! LOL!


  6. Thanks for the spoiler free short review, but I JUST WATCHED THE MOVIE LAST NIGHT AND IT WAS AWESOME!
    OK, even thought I read the comics, the Mandarin being an actor was completely unexpected! My jaw almost hit the floor! The after credit scene was so freaking hilarious! I was think throughout the credits “Please have Mark after the credits, please have Mark after the credits!” and I was so happy when it ended. I loved the movie and the credits music, so amazing.



      *spoilers continuation*

      Mandarin being an actor was really crazy but funny but deep, it was a good reminder that not all terrorists are arabic, lol! He was though! 😛 I LOVED SEEING BRUCE AFTER THE CREDITS THAT WAS AMZING, I WAS ALMOST SCREAMING, ‘THE SCIENCE BROS ARE BACK TOGETHER” Lol, it was perfect!

      And yes, I loved Pepper! And I believe she was cured because wasn’t that what led Tony to having surgery himself? I think she was cured; dang, I didn’t even think about her being an Avenger, that could have been cool! LOL Imagine her and Black Widow working together! 😀


  7. P.S. Pepper Potts is the best! Did Tony cure her from the Extremis? It was a little unclear to me, but if not, Pepper could be a Avengers……


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