it’s hard to say goodbye

I need closure, I need to say goodbye, whether they ever see this or not (kinda like I did a year or so ago with this post when we left the last church) This is more for me than anything else…..


Dear Twins (or Thor and Iron Man),

I’m going to miss hearing you talk about The Avengers every week. I’m glad I was able to teach you checkers and I will miss our rematches. Thanks for liking my piano playing and making me play The Avenger theme a lot for you. I had fun matching all the kids up to different Marvel characters with you. I’ll miss your hugs and silly grins and accents. You both are very sweet and I will miss you a lot.

Jamie, or Miss America

Dear Zak,

We never talked that much but I would like to say goodbye to you too. Thanks for the ammunition you gave as a graduation present, that was pretty cool. Keep an eye on the twins for me, okay?

Jamie, another gunman

Dear Lauren,

I will miss not being there the next time your sister decides to surprise you. I absolutely loved all those adventures we had, especially when all us girls hid in the bathroom of that one store and we jumped out at you. I’m glad we got that on camera. I think your very strong and brave for your age and you have such a fun personality. Also, thank you for pushing me last summer to play the preludes for church. That really helped me get out of my comfort zone. So thanks.

Jamie, another musician

Dear Gabrielle,

It’s been fun getting know you. I remember the time when it was only you and me and one of the twins that went down to the park one Sunday and we ran around in the wash pretending to be SHEILD agents escaping from Loki; that was a lot of fun! Thanks for teaching Kayla and I all your card games and talking to us. Thanks for playing for church every Sunday, too, you are good violinist. I will miss you and your dry sense of humor.

Your older sister, Jamie


Dear Boys,

This isn’t really a goodbye, it’s a more a thank you. Because I really can’t say good bye to you both just yet and we do live only a mile away from each other, it would be weird and silly if we never saw each other again. But, I’m going to miss seeing both of you at church every week.

Dear Daryck,

Yes, you are a gentleman even though you tease me all the time; but I’ve simply taken that to mean that you are comfortable enough around me to tease me the way you do, which makes me happy either way. Thanks for talking to me all the time and for making me a fan of Halo even though I’ve never played it; I always liked hearing about your video game escapades and other stuff you’ve done over the week. And your movies, I always liked hearing about your movies. I’m very very glad you liked BBC’s Sherlock, I hope you didn’t sleep through the end of Reichenbach Falls! I will miss you and your jokes and teasing.

Your friend no matter what, Jamie

Dear Dylan, or Doctor, or Lord William, or Sheriff Will, or Sherlock Holmes; I don’t know what the heck to call you anymore,

We became friends very fast, didn’t we? I can only think of two other people whom I became friends with just as quickly, so our friendship is rare and meaningful to me. So, this isn’t goodbye, it’s just ’till our next adventure’. My book will remain on the shelf with bookmark between The Dying Detective and The Disappearance of Lady Frances Carfax until I know for certain that we won’t be able to finish it together. Thanks for reading all those stories with me and for introducing me to Dracula and getting me that collection for my graduation. Thanks for always talking to me and listening to me play the piano and trusting me during do-or-die moments during Cops and Robbers. We made such a dang good team! I will miss you very, very much but I will still  hold out hope that we will be able to read every single Sherlock Holmes story together! Thanks for being my best friend; thanks for everything. Remember I’ll always have your back.

With much respect and admiration, Jamie, or Dr Watson, or Deputy Penny or The Dame, or your time traveling companion; whichever you most prefer.



Dear Kayla,

You have been gone for a long long time, way over a month. And I have missed you. But you are coming home very very soon, and I’m so glad. Because friends come and go but I think you will always be there for me just like I’ll always be there for you. It will help having you back to keep me from being to lonesome for our friends. I can’t wait to start watching Dr Who together, and picking up where you left off with The Office and hopefully you’ll see more Warehouse 13 soon. We shall go to movies together and stay up late watching stuff in my room and we’ll read the old Cousins stories again together and we’ll keep being besties forever. I’ve really missed you and I’m glad you’re coming home.

Your sissy, Jam.


Goodbyes are terrible but


I’ve said ‘goodbye’ and ‘until next time’ and I’ve cried my tears and told myself I will see everybody again. But that doesn’t stop my heart from hurting. Because the worse thing about making new friends is that they will actually mean something to you one day. And when it comes saying goodbye to those friends a few years later, it’s just….

It’s just that, sometimes, it’s hard to let them go.



16 thoughts on “it’s hard to say goodbye

  1. Oh no… I was hoping you wouldn’t need to leave your church. 😦
    Goodbyes can be terrible.
    You have chosen a beautiful way to say “until we meet again,” through this tribute to your friendship.
    Praying for you Jamie.

    1. I was too, I really didn’t think we’d have to leave another church but I’m praying that God must have a good reason for us move on, even though I feel like my heart has been broken again.

      Thank you for words, Faith, and your prayers!!! *hugs back*


  2. That was really sweet, Jamie. I agree: goodbyes are hard and painful. But you did them with a level of maturity I only hope I’ll be able to emulate one day.

  3. Well, I’ve never been able to say, “I know how you feel” on your previous posts–but I can definitely say it for this one. Been here, done this, and yes, whenever my mind goes back to it, it still hurts. I can at least encourage you with this: It’s gonna be okay–eventually. I just keep reminding myself that God must have me in this very long “friend-famine” for a perfect reason and I’m sure it’ll prove the same for you.

    Praise God, though, your best friend still lives with you–and therein I can relate as well. Sisters are dah best 😉 My two sisters are laid up after having their wisdom teeth out yesterday, so I’ve felt like something of a loner all day long while they’re recovering! I’ll be glad when they’re up and about again, but I’m sure you’ll be twice as glad to have Kayla back after so long.

    1. *is frantically hugging her internet bestie* Thank you, thank you so much for your encouragement!!!! At least have my internet friends, even if it’s not quite the same!!!!

      Yes, I’m so glad Kayla is coming back!!!! She’s the best, even if we can drive each other crazy. Living in two seperate rooms should really help that problem though. lol. Tell your sisters I hope they feel better soon. And yes, although we phone chat and text back and forth, it’s not the same. I’m really really excited to have her coming home! 😀


      1. Omgoodness…(*heart completely melts at the name “Internet bestie”*) Aww, Jamie, you’re so sweet! How I wish I could give you a real hug. One day, one day… 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Ahhhh why am I crying! I NEVER CRY.

    Aww, thanks for writing to me and missing me and stuffs. It made me feel so special! I am SUPER freaking excited to come back! We’re going to have such fun now!!! *rubs hands together* And tonight…. *in Nathan joker accent* presints! XD

    It is so awful how our church history has been, and I’ve totally given in to the notion, as long as I look for friends at the churches our parents pick, they’ll never last, but what can I say? Part of me doesn’t want to make friends at church now, cause it’s always the same. But you’re right, it’s like that sticker on our wall says, “Sisters forever… so you can’t get rid of me!!!!” 😀

    1. Are you legit crying?! I actually shouldn’t be surprised I lost it when I wrote the last few paragraphs and had to leave my laptop to find a kleenex box.

      I know, I know, we’re going to have so much fun; we’ll have to pick a night to do a sleep over in my room and we’ll read the cousin stories and then watch Mean Girls and She’s the Man together, okay?!!!! We can stay up as late as we want, too 🙂

      I know what you mean, it hurts to care about people and then loose them because of situations completely out of our hands. We’re not to blame for any of the mess but we are influenced very heavily by the consequences of long kept secrets and pride. LOL, hey, you remembered our sticker page, I knew it would be good that I had put those up! XD 🙂

      See you very soon!


  5. Sorry to hear you are changing churches again. 😦 Since my father was a professor pastor before he was disabled we just have house church with my family (I know it is very odd, I usually have to explain to people why I don’t go to public church) and I do not have much experience with goodbyes. Not sure what to say, sorry but trust in the Lord’s will.


    1. Mmmmm, I think my mom and sister and I will be doing house church for a while, too.

      You don’t have to say anything; I’m glad you are just here for me! 🙂


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