a pirate’s life for me, amongst other things


I’m in the middle of writing a different post right now, but it’s going to be a little while longer before that one is ready because it’s pretty long and I’m choosing my words very carefully, but I thought I should post something else to make up for lost time.

I’m in a slight pirate mood right now; I just finished At World’s End last night and really enjoyed it; the end battle sequences were amazing and I liked how everything finally tied together with all the characters. If time traveling doesn’t work out for me, I will jump ship and follow Cap’n Jack around the world with a bottle of ale and a swashbuckler’s sword. Don’t tell me no one else hasn’t ever wanted to do this.


 Okay. So besides pirates on the brain, what else is up?

Things are very slow right now, which is what has been desperately needed for a very long time. Stress levels have gone amazingly low. It’s kinda weird because we all have been living on such high levels of stress that I can’t remember what it was like when life was not emotionally painful.  But this is all for that other post.

So, during this slow week, I’ve watched more Merlin and have been feeling Office withdrawals because I have to wait to watch Season Eight, which I wasn’t planning on. I also miss my sister, she has been away for over a month in Washington State. I think she misses me too, because she’s been calling a lot more and wanting to talk. She won’t be back till the 26th and I’m waiting till then to start my free month of Netflix (thus, hopefully getting Season Five of Merlin, Season Eight of The Office and Season Two of Dr Who!)


We have had a lot of fun talking over the phone every few days; we always end up remembering our favorite Office moments together. I also told her she had to bring me back something Sherlock from Washington since our aunt has been taking her to lots of malls where she’s seen a ton of great fandom shops (she told me the amount of Star Wars, Dr Who and Avenger stuff is enough to make a girl faint from happiness. I’m very jealous.)

Speaking of Sherlock, I rewatched both The Great Game and The Hound of the Baskervilles. Gah. This show is near perfection.



I’ve also found myself sitting with my fingertips together more often then not, recently.

Not a bad thing. 🙂

Also I really hope I can finish Merlin soon because I’m planning on a doing a post on the whole series entitled, “What I learned from Merlin”. But I want to see the whole show first. Merlin and Arthur maker me laugh, they have some of the best scenes together; Merlin himself is absolutely brilliant, I love his wit.


I really, really hope at some point Merlin reveals to Arthur who he really is. I’m looking forward to Arthur finding out Merlin isn’t at all the idiot he thinks him to be. That will be the best episode ever…

Now, Kayla will be mad at me if I don’t post any Office for her, so, here you go, sissy. You really need to get home soon, we really need to see more Office together.  And Dr Who, can’t forget Dr Who…













I’m going to text this to you again, sometime, Kayla! 😀 😀 😀 Now it’s stuck in my head. 🙂

And I think I’m going to watch Stranger Tides tonight. It’s all good. 🙂



12 thoughts on “a pirate’s life for me, amongst other things

  1. OK- The Office graphics are so funny…. I don’t even need to get the joke to start laughing. Just like that. 😀

    *What* was on fire in The Office? 😀 There looks like a ton of smoke….

    And what were Pam and Jim high-fiveing about? 🙂 Who did they prank?
    Thank you for making me laugh! 🙂

    I am so glad to hear that the stress level is down for you…
    *hugs Jamie*

    It is pouring rain here… Spring is pouring down around us and rain is part of it. The tulips are up and the daffodils, the frogs are singing in the pond and the ferns will be sprouting here.
    Nothing says spring to me like
    Orange Newts.
    Little Blue flowers.
    Trailing arbutus with its white blossoms.
    Spring rain.

    In Him, Faith

    1. I’m glad they make you laugh!! 😀 They certainly make me giggle, they are twice as funny when you do know what’s behind the joke! 😀

      Well, in the smokey picture, that is from when Dwight set fire to a trashcan and then blocked all the doors so everyone could practice the fire skills he’d tried to teach them but that ended up going sour (he also set off firecrackers and that’s when Andy yelled, “The fire’s shooting at us!”) That was one of the best episodes period.

      I can’t remember what Pam and Jim where high-fiving over, they do that every once and a while if they pull off a prank on Dwight.

      Thank you! *hugs Faith back*

      I’m envious of your downpour! We had lots of wind on Monday and than it drizzled on and off the afternoon but that was it! 😀 And we’re smack in the city, so no ferns or frogs for me! 😀 Enjoy them for me!


  2. The Pirates of the Caribbean movies are a lot fun. 🙂 The first one will always be my favorite, Depp is at his hilarious best in that one, in my opinion.

    Wow, a whole month without seeing your sister! I don’t think there has been more than a week that I haven’t seen my brother (was that a proper use of negatives? 😛 ). Glad things are better for you right now though. 😉

    Looking forward to your views on Merlin, because from what I read it sounds kind of similar to Harry Potter, but I am probably wrong.

    Did you hear that the second episode of Sherlock season 3 is named “The Sign of Three”?


    1. The first one was very good but I really enjoyed the third one too because the characters got a good story arc; the second one was okay but was simply a stepping stone for the third one. I saw the fourth one last night and it wasn’t bad either.

      Haha! It has been a very long time, but it’s been good because we were kinda sick of each other when she left. Absence makes the heart grow fonder! 😀

      Mmmmmmmm, in some ways, I can see it kinda like Harry Potter; the reason I’ve kept watching it is because, it’s, well, a very creative prequel to the legendary tales of King Arthur! How do you not have stories about Arthur and knights and Camelot without magic?! 🙂

      I did hear that; I wonder why it’s the Sign of Three and not The Sign of the Four, like the orignal book (I’m looking forward to seeing The Doctor’s opinion of the title, actually, because The Sign of the Four was his favorite Sherlock Holmes book.) Anyway, I’m so excited to learn what the third one will be called!


  3. At World’s End is my second favourite POTC! Did you like it how Jack had his conciousness? “I prefer rum. Rum’s good.”
    And the start where there are all these different Jack’s is hysterical! Especially where you think that Jack gets shot. ‘Gentlemen, I wash my hands off this weirdness. 😀 And it is so quotable as well.
    So what’s your favourite Sherlock episode? I think the Great Game is my favourite!

    1. The whole movie was good! And I found the multipule Jacks very interesting! 🙂

      I’m not sure which Sherlock episode is my favorite; Richebach Fall was amazing and drew me to literal tears teh first time I watched it but I’m not sure if that one is my favorite. The Great Game was great. A Study in Pink was just classic. They’re all so good. I’m sorry, I can’t pick, not as of yet. 🙂


  4. Ahhhhhh! I love the Office stuff you posted SO MUCH!!! Thank you so much!!! Office is the show that’s near perfection if you ask me. XD OMW, Pam and Jim high fiving kills me!!!

    Wow!!! I’ve wanted to see Pirates for a while, so I’m a tad jealous. I need to see them too, it sounds like fun being in a pirate mood!! 😀 We should see them together maybe!

    I’m REALLY itching to come back!!! Can not wait to have our sleep overs and watch TV and get into the new groove of things. 😀

    AHH! I really hate getting the RYAN song stuck in my head!!! 😛 Poor Ryan XD

    I really need to change my avatar when I get back. It’s pretty outdated.

    1. Yay, I knew you would love the Office stuff! It is near perfection; at least for the two of us!!! 😀

      You will love the Pirates movies, especially Ezliabeth, she kicks some real butt, and you really like that. 🙂

      I can’t wait either!

      LOL “Ry-an started the fi-ya!” I love Dwight so much, he’s still my ulitmate favorite character. 😀

      LOL, it’s a outdated, but very you. You should use a picture of Katniss from the new movie! 😀


  5. Hello! I hope you’re doing well. 🙂 It’s been forever!
    GAH I LOVE SHERLOCK. AND POTC. And now that I know Jam becomes canon I don’t have to watch the Office anymore. Like you said, it’s not for everyone. But I’m infinitely glad you post the funny bits. 😉
    I have grown in fangirl love with Tolkien. I always had a passing intrest but now I’m obsessed. 😛
    Random thought/observation: do you like reading fanfic? I know some you might like; primarily Sherlock and (not together) Avengers comedy.
    I took the ACTs! I hope I did okay… :/
    My random completely off topic rant is now over. So nice to see/talk/type you! 🙂

    1. Haha! Yes, Jam is canon and they are precious. Their the ultimate cute couple, their wedding made me so happy (episode Niagra Falls).

      I need to get into Tolkien, I’ll be reading Lord of the Rings soon… hopefully…. 🙂

      Mmmm, I tried reading some fanfic but I just never really got hooked.

      Good to hear from you, too!!!!


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