Last night I decided to go ahead and use this month’s Camp NaNo to help pick my story back up. If you want to read more, just head on over to my writing blog to read the full post. 🙂

Fairies, Fantasy and Faith


It’s been a few months since I last worked on my book, but the time has been fruitful in different areas and I am going to be using Camp NaNo as an aid to get back to work. The long break has given me time to sort a few things out. I’ve made several choices as to how I want to my story to go along with the different characters in it.

For one thing, my story will be split into two parts; the second part is already mostly written, following Will and Penny as they struggle to survive inside the cursed novel they accidentally found during an electrical storm while closing down the museum owned by Ryan Evets. The first part, the part I’m going to begin writing will be what was originally the prologue. Considering how strong of a character Ryan turned out to be and how fundamental…

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  1. I read this earlier but didn’t have time to comment at the time, sorry. :/ I hate Collage prep! XP LOL

    I decided to comment on this post about the other post because I can check for reply comment easier this way.

    Can you please explain what “Camp NaNo” means exactly? I know about NaNo, what is “Camp NaNo”.

    Good luck with writing more about the novel! 🙂 So will the novel basically work as two mini novels separated into Ryan’s story and the kids? Also the things you added to the novel’s idea about the museum. One more thing, did noticed any similarities with your story and Inkheart? I know most of it is very different but the concept reminded of it, except in reverse.

    Liked the “Don’t Blink” at the end! Oh NO! I blinked!!!!


    1. Whatever works best for you! 😀

      Camp NaNo is basically the same thing as NaNoWriMo but done in summer for those who want to participate; like summer camp, just for writers. This can actually work better for some people if they can’t commit November to the challenge but can still give it a try during either April or July (it used to be June and August). Hope that answers your question.

      I guess you could see as two mini novels, but really, the place that the book splits at is to jump that thirty year gap between the time that Ryan’s work is cursed and when the kids find it. I realized that Ryan’s story is such a large part of Will and Penny’s story that he needed more than just a prolouge. I suppose my story is a little like Inkheart (glad I came up with most of it before I saw the movie, lol) but in reverse. The difference is that in Inkheart the characters became concious of the fact that they were from books while the characters that Will and Penny should meet will, as of now, have no concious knowledge that they are only a work of fiction. Otherwise my story is very different (and probably not as good as Inkheart, Inkheart was SO. GOOD.) But, I’m willing to spend my time to see where the story will go. 🙂

      Thanks for all your questions, I’m glad you are still interested!

      YOU NOTICED MY DOCTOR WHO REFERENCE, I’M SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW! 😀 😀 Can’t wait to see that episode!


  2. *fell off the world again when it comes to commenting* 😦 😦

    *Is glad to see that you are writing your book!!! 😀 * And I love the NANO badge on your sidebar.
    *Is haunting Amazon looking for your book…..*
    *Has awesome idea…. I am a book reviewer, so when your book is done, I will review it!!*
    O.o O.O o.O

    I have that little story plot seed, and it is growing.

    I think my books center on a small town and its sheriffs or police department and mysteries they solve… I think my detective is a returned soldier who was wounded.

    I see a series of mysteries, started off by the first book about his time in the war and his recovery. Or maybe, the mystery series should come first and then the “prequel” should come out. Maybe. People seem to like prequels. Hmmmmmm……. I don’t know.

    And I know almost nothing about my story scene. And I only have one name for one character. Holly says it doesn’t matter if I have all that right now. So I won’t worry. I love the power of books. WOW. They are so delightful.

    Spring is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And that is exciting. Our bulbs are sprouting! Time to plant the garden! No….not yet. Not yet. If my family didn’t stop me, I would be plantin’ peas now.

    Soon, soon.

    Bless you, Jamie!

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