I’m catching up on a lot…

So, I’ve been watching plenty of movies lately; with everything that’s going on my mom gave me a green light to check out lots of stuff from the library to help serve as a type of distraction (seriously, it’s been really bad, I’ve really needed distractions.) My mom has been really understanding and she’s been driving me back and forth to the library pick up stuff and drop off stuff and all in all I’ve recently been watching a ton of things. And that sounds shallow, but seriously, it’s really helped.

And instead of wiping out my blog with a bunch of long reviews, I’ve decided to do just one post to quickly cover several at a time with my brief thoughts. No, you’re not going to get plot summaries from me, that’s what Wikipedia is for. Haha. Seriously, I’m not a very good at summing up films quickly, so, it’s just not going to work for this post. Yeah. Let Wikipedia be your friend this time.

I’ve been going through a Tim Burton/Johnny Depp stage and dark movies/tv shows in general. I’m also really digging fantasy right now. And Sci-fi. But I’ve been loving sci-fi for over two years now, so that’s not really anything new.

Okay, let’s get started…

Corpse Bride


Gosh, this was a beautiful film; very fun with enchanting, catchy songs, very interesting animation style, and the story was simple but amazing. I usually do not like love triangles, but this one worked out perfectly and in a way that left me completely satisfied. I think around Halloween I’ll be borrowing this one to watch late at night. I also need to find the soundtrack somewhere. Overall: a new favorite animated of mine and nice dark and creepy romance with some great songs.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


Okay, I know this adaption wasn’t liked by fans of the old movie, but I have to be honest and admit that I actually really enjoyed this movie. Why? It’s so similar to the book! I grew up with the book, and visuals of this movie, especially in regards to the different rooms of the chocolate factory, were nearly identical to what I pictured in my head as a little girl. THAT’S ALL I’VE EVER ASKED OF A MOVIE. Johnny’s Wonka made me laugh even though he was kinda weird and certainly the book Wonka. The only thing that I really disliked from this movie were the Oompa Loompas; they were very strange, not accurate and their songs did not fit movie. Otherwise, visuals brought a childhood favorite to life. And, heck yes, have no fears, my kids are growing up with the book. I’ll let them decide which movie version they prefer.



Oh. my. gosh. What a whacky, dark, creepy, absolutely fun movie this was! This is one of The Doctor’s favorite films and after he explained the plot to me I knew I had to watch it. And I enjoyed it more then I thought I would. The soundtrack is amazing, the couple in the film are so cute, the whole story was very clever. This is for adult viewers, there were a couple bad words throughout and Beetlejuice himself ifs an absolute pervert, so, not recommended for younger viewers, by yours truly. And you need to be a fan of dark, creepy gothic-like movies to actually enjoy this–there, I gave my disclaimers!  I personally really enjoyed this movie and I will own the soundtrack one of these days.

Pirates of the Carribean


You’re not believing that up until a couple weeks ago, I hadn’t seen any of the Pirates of the Caribbean Since I was already watching movies with Johnny Depp in them (Charlie, Corpse Bride, and Rango) I went ahead and borrowed all four Pirates of the Caribbean movies from the library. So far, I’ve seen the first two, The Curse of the Black Pearl and Dead Man’s Chest. Loved. both. Curse of the Black Pearl is the best pirate movie ever; even my mom loved it. “Bring me that horizon! Drink up me hearties. Yo ho!” best. ending. ever. Everybody needs to see this movie at least once in their life. And if your up for it, go after the sequels!

Back to the Future


Where has this movie been my whole life? I literally just watched this last night; loved it. Honestly, any movie that deals with time travel and/or seeing how your life can be different by the different choices you make are some of my favorites. I spend more time then I would like to admit thinking about how my own life would be different if I had made different choices when I was younger, if I hadn’t met certain people at certain times or if my parents had made different choices when they were younger or how different everyone else might be if I never existed, “It’s a Wonderful Life” style. Anyway…. this was a really fun find! Had some really great moments and was pretty funny. I’m debating about watching the sequels….



A movie about someone who could read characters right off the pages into the real world? Makes for a super amazing movie. This was thrilling to see as both a writer and a reader of many fictional books of fantasy worlds and I heartily recommend to viewers over twelve. A very, very clever and beautiful fantasy film. It took my breath away. If your a writer or a just a lover of fantasy, this movie has your name written on it.

Okay, the rest of these are tv shows; I know, it’s a lot. But you understand my situation.



So, I just started Season Four of Merlin, so it’s about time I say at least something short about this show since I’m nearly done with it… *sobs at the idea* I’ve read the legends and I’ve seen the musical Camelot but I’ve really enjoyed Merlin’s prequel take to the classic tales of King Arthur before he was… well, king. I’ve really enjoyed watching Arthur and Merlin become great friends and Arthur turn from being a selfish prince into a bright glimmer of the great king we all know he would become. And Merlin is absolutely adorable. He reminds me of my cousin Ben; the goofy grin and just his different facial expressions, even in just how he can be underestimated but witty. Overall, I’m loving it and I’m liking the dark feel of Season Four so far.



Quick disclaimer right off the bat; this can be more gory then I care for (I’ve watched parts through the cracks of my fingers; less grimacing somehow) and has had some scary, dark moments all throughout the first season (which I just finished). But dark fantasy is something I’m really enjoying right now– so, go figure. Anyway, I’ve really enjoyed this show, I have a long wait till Season Two is released on DVD so until then I will just have to go back and read some of the old familiar Grimm’s Fairytales. Yeah, that’s a good idea. Also, Nick is awesome. Really respect that guy.

Warehouse 13


Yeah, it took me half of Season One to really start liking it. But what can I say, now I’m hooked. Why can’t I just be a Warehouse agent and have a steampunk style gadgets like the Farnsworth and Tesla gun and track down supernatural artifacts to snag, bag and tag? I have to say thank you to Grace for recommending this show on her blog at the perfect time that I was looking for something unique and funny with a little dark and geeky-ness mixed into it. Even though a couple of characters annoy me a little *coughcough-Claudia-coughcough* I’ve still really enjoyed the show and I’m going to make Kayla watch it some time. By the way, I really Myka, and Pete has made me laugh pretty hard. And Artie is priceless. Why can’t I have Artie for an uncle, I would listen to him talk about artifacts all day. So… yeah, I’m looking forward to starting Season Three and seeing where the rest of this show goes…

Once Upon a Time


Fairy tale adaptions have never been so good. I don’t know about guys, but I think all girls would love this show, even you girls who think only action movies are you thing. Okay, this show is classic but dark with some amazing twists on these classic characters who are trapped in everyday life with no knowledge that they are the famous fairytale characters because of the curse of the evil queen with only one person there who can save them. This is pretty much the show that tipped me into adoring dark fantasy adaptions. Dresses are to die for, there’s awesome sword play and cape action and suspense and destiny and everything that’s needed for a good old fashioned fairytale with a modern twist. I convinced my Mom to give it a try and she loved it. We’re both slowly dying for Season Two to be released on DVD.’

So, what’s on my to-be-watched-soon list?

Only, like, The Matrix and Eagle Eye and National Treasure and At Worlds End and more Merlin and I’m going to give the first season of Castle a try. Yeah, I’m excited. And I get to do all this in my new bedroom. Talk about a new comfort zone.

Oh, while I’m thinking about it, any movie recommendations from you guys; movies or tv shows that I just have to see, because now is the time that I’m going to most likely have the time to actually check them out. Don’t be shy, I want to hear your recommendations.


PS. Thanks Mom for letting me indulge more then usual and for all the drives to and from the library, I’ve really apprecated it. And I’m glad you like Once Upon a Time and Curse of the Black Pearl. I hope you like Psych.


12 thoughts on “I’m catching up on a lot…

  1. Glad you decided to make a like this so I know some of the things you are watching! 😀 While I am glad you enjoyed Tim Burton’s movies, I honestly cannot stand them because of his direction. Batman is the only that I kind of enjoy but still not a favorite of mine. I will comment about each of these I have seen in parts below. 🙂

    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: It has been a very long since I have seen, so can’t really say much about it other than a lot of color.

    Pirates of the Caribbean: Of course I like POTC! The first is the best though, and Capt. Jack is so funny. Savvy?

    Back to the Future: Now this is one of my favorites! Can’t remember many movies that were just so much fun to watch. The “I am Darth Vader of the planet Vulcan.” is one of my favorite parts! Although everything is one of the best parts. “Johnny B. Goode” is one of my favorites songs ever and I think I like Marty’s version the best. As for the sequels, I say give them a shot, Part 2 is OK, not great but Part 3 is fun enough to watch. I watched all three for the first time in day and loved the first one!

    Inkheart: Glad you decided to watch the movie, although I can’t remember much beyond the concept but I thought you would like it.

    Warehouse 13: After thinking about it, what I said before was inaccurate, because Warehouse 13 was one of my favorites shows during its first two season. However, season 3 and 4 really tainted it and made me dislike the previous season. And how can you not like Claudia! LOL She was my favorite part, until seasons 3 and 4.

    Haven’t the others but I have heard of them and might watch Beetlejuice sometime.

    Didn’t you say you watched some of the X-Men movies though?

    Still praying for you, help things get better soon.


    1. I had a feeling you’d like this post, James!!!

      Thanks for recommending the Back to the Future sequels, I think I’ll watch them since you thought they were okay; I just won’t expect them to be better then the first. Yes, the Darth Vader part was hilarious, I was giggling really hard. And yes, Johnny B. Good is a great song, a new favorite of mine!

      Claudia just annoys me a bit, I don’t really know why! Maybe because she often acts so immature for someone who appears to be in her early twenties. She has had some great lines, though. “Cough cough said the uncomfortable young person.” Heard that one last night, I laughed really hard. I’m going to see if I can’t slip that into a conversation sometime. 😀

      I really liked Beetlejuice, I think you’D love the soundtrack and there were some funny parts. If you’re not really a big fan of Tim Burton then you probably might not like it. I’d give it a try, though, it may surprise you. 😀

      Yes, I’ve seen the three X-men movies and X-men First Class but that was a long time ago. I must not have ever done a post on them.

      Thanks for your prayers!!!


  2. I haven’t seen any of these movies except for POTC. hahaha! I love Johnny Depp–he is such a talented actor. Curse of the Black Pearl is one of my favorite movies. After I watched Dead Man’s Chest, though… haha I just stared at the tv. I’m still not sure what to think of it! ha! 😀

    Ooooo watch National Treasure 1 & 2!! I love them and I can’t wait to hear what you think about them. My favorite character is Riley–he totally makes the movie! 😀

    Glad to see you back, Jamie! 🙂

    1. LOL, that ending was a bit of a surprise! Haha!! I’m can’t wait to watch At World’s End.

      There’s a sequel?!?! I didn’t know that! Oh my gosh, I’ll have to go see if the library has it!! 😀


  3. Have you watched Psych? I saw it mentiin the PS section, and honestly, that show is one of my absolute favorites ever. It is, in fact. And Monk is a really good show also.

    1. I’ve seen three different episodes of Psych but it… just didn’t click for me. Which made me sad because I really, really wanted to like that show. I’m thinking I need to give it another try but as of right now there are otehr shows I’m watching that I’ve enjoyed more, so it’s on a back burner. My mom wanted to see Psych, so I put it on hold for her. 🙂

      Our family loves Monk! We’re nearly done with the third season; I’m less interested in it now that Sharronah is gone, she was my favorite character. She made everything twice as funny with her reactions.

      Nice to hear from you, Tabby!


  4. I LOVE the new Charlie adn the Chocolate Factory!! 😀 Willy Wonka is so funny!
    Pirates of the Caribbean is awesome!!!! 😀 😀 How’d you like the end of the second? Heheh, I know what happens! The first is my favourite though and I don’t care very much for the fourth.
    Inkheart is a good movie. Did you know there are books of it as well?! I’ve read all of them and they are AWESOME!! (Better than the movie I think. :P) And Dustfinger is just so cool as well.
    I’ve seen some of the Merlin but my family and I stopped watching it because we felt that it was to dark and magicy type thing.
    I started Once Upon a Time one night with a few of my siblings and my Mum. Me and one of my sisters had planned a whole movie night for it and everything but I didn’t like it so we turned it off it just seemed so jumbled and confused and maybe a touch bit jumbled. Maybe I’ll get my Mum to check it out as we didn’t even finish the first episode. 🙂
    Recommendations hmmm:
    Robin Hood BBC TV series. Maybe not the most historically accurate version as in dress and other such stuff as that but definitely enjoyable. The last episode of season two is heartbreaking, the third season I don’t care much for but anyway….
    The Princess Bride!! It’s an old family favourite and is just so funny! You’ll never take the word inconceivable seriously again after watching it.
    The Patriot,
    The Karate Kid, Part I, II and III. Not the new one!
    Megamind (its a great animated movie)
    And I know you don’t do Jane Austen but maybe the 1995 version of Pride and Prejudice? Because I love it so much! 🙂

    God Bless,

    1. Hey, hey, Vellvin, it’s been a little while since I last heard from you!! 😀

      He was funny, his little giggle/laugh made me grin.

      Well, I thought it was great! I’m looking forward to seeing how everything works out. 🙂 Did you hear their going to make a Pirates 5?

      I think I did know there were books about Inkheart, I’ll have to read them sometime; that would be very cool.

      Once Upon a Time can be a little confusing, but you just need to watch the first few episodes and you’ll understand everything better. Trust me, it is well worth the time, the end of Season 1 was amazing; I think you’d really like the show overall! 🙂

      Thanks for the recommendations; I’ve heard good thigns about BBC’s Robin Hood but I’d completely forgotten about it, thanks for reminding me. Ohmygosh, I saw The Princess Bride maybe a month ago, and yes, “INCONCEIVABLE!” “I don’t think you know what that word means!” LOL great line, good movie, albeit cheesy. 🙂
      I’ve seen Patriot and Megamind was okay; I have not heard much about Karate Kid, maybe I’ll look into that one. 🙂

      Thanks for commenting, Vellvin!


  5. Inkheart has books and they are amazing! If you read them don’t space them out though because it’s really easy to forget what happened in the first one.
    OUAT is one of my favorite shows 🙂 I love fantasy (especially books) and the way the different fairy tales are intertwined is fantastic. The next season has a lot of twists to it 🙂

    1. I will remember that!

      I can’t wait to see the second season, I’m really excited to see where the show goes with everything that happened at the very end of the first. 🙂


  6. I was going to reccomend the Inkheart books to you, seeing as you liked the film, but it’s already been done so don’t worry. Cool blog!

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