The New Room (update)

IMG_1205 - Copy

I have one picture to share with you guys right now; I don’t want to post any more pictures until I have my room exactly as I want it to be. I still have a few things to dump out of my boxes, but this picture should give you a sample taste of my new room’s color scemes. I freaking love those pillows.

I’ve already spent one night in my new bedroom; it’s certainly very different but much nicer then my old room upstairs. I’m very excited to be nearly all moved in.

Thursday the carpet people finally came and put down my new carpet. They came earlier in the morning which worked out perfectly because I expected them to come after lunch, so I ended up having way more time to start bringing things downstairs then I had originally thought.

Everything worked out perfectly; The Doctor’s brother, good ol’ Daryck, came over in the afternoon and helped me carry all my boxes downstairs, along with my bookshelf, my desk and he got my mattress of the top bunk and down the stairs all by himself. This was an unexpected but delightful occurance and I got to hang out with him for the rest of the afternoon and he certainly saved me a lot of energy with all his help; so thanks a lot, bro!

So, because of Daryck’s help, I ended up having everything moved downstairs in one day, which I hadn’t thought would happen! All that is left up stairs is a few things behind the door and my clothes. I slept well with the matress on the floor and I’ve already watched Warehouse 13 and Merlin curled up in my new chair–super comfy, lemme tell you. I actually referr to that chair as the Doctor Who chair, because Kayla and I will watch Dr Who together on when she comes home (it’s big enough for two people and I can stretch across it very nicely when I’m by myself)

And my Sherlock poster arrived today. So, I’m pretty happy. I got a lot accomplished yesterday, my room feels fresh and amazing and I’m looking forward to the hours of peace and quiet I will get just my shutting the door.

Oh yeah. My door. I put the numbers “221B” on it. Couldn’t resist.



8 thoughts on “The New Room (update)

  1. Aha! 221B. That is the perfect touch. And I was wondering when Holly told me about this post if the Sherlock poster had arrived yet. I am very glad to hear it did. O yes. I have deduced it. A Sherlockian is Lurking…..

    And a Doctor Who chair? 😀 😀 Perfect!

    Now, is there something to remind you of The Office in there? O.O

    In Him,
    and loving the paint color you chose,

    1. It has arrived and I have it on my wall. I need to get a decent picture of it. I should be in the final picture post next week.

      Something like the Office…… mmmm, no, actualy there isn’t. Which is a shame, I have Star Wars and The Avengers and Sherlock Holmes and Batman/Joker stuff all around but nothing for The Office. Darn. 🙂

      Thank you, Faith!


  2. Glad you’re getting everything moved into the room. 🙂
    I watch Warehouse 13, unfortunately……. The first two seasons are good (not great) but the third and fourth seasons were absolutely terrible! In my opinion at least. Some people still like it, but I am not sure why I am still watching it sometimes. The writing has gotten really sloppy and stupid. I catch half of the first episode of Merlin but nothing after that.


    1. I’ve really enjoyed Warehouse 13, but I only just finished the second season. I actually took me a while to get into it, it wasn’t an instant love kinda thing. But after half of the first season went by I started to really enjoy it. I hope the next season is not too terrible. 😦

      I just began Season Four of Merlin; love that show. And it’s finally going somewhere at last; for a while it began to feel a little repetitive but it’s been great fun.

      I’m going to need to do some posts on these sometime; I guess. 🙂


  3. I love how your room looks! The colors are great! I’m a little jealous ;p

    221b!!!! 😀 Awesomeness.

    Sounds like a lot of fun! Congrats on the new room! 🙂

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