Dr Who – Season 1


I thought I should write a post about this season before I see Season Two and Tennant’s version of The Doctor; besides I have a few weeks wait for Kayla to return from Washington to begin that season anyway.

Let me sum up my feelings as quickly as possible right here at the beginning. I really like Dr Who, I’m really excited to see the rest of the seasons, I loved Season One, which no one ever talks about, and I absolutely adored Eccleston’s Doctor, Number Nine.


The first episode, “Rose”, was one of the most bizarre forty five minutes of my life. Kayla and I got to the end of that show and she started clapping and I was just sitting there with my jaw slacked open and I asked, “What the heck did we just watch?” It was the weirdest…. thing ever. We closed my laptop and moved on to do other things. Thirty minutes later I threw my hands up and I put the disc back in my computer and I said, “We gotta watch that next episode right now, Kayla! I need to see more.”

Those ‘what the heck was that but I loved it’ moments are one of the best.

So, we watched the second episode, and it just added to that thrilling, nearly addictive feeling that this was bizarre but absolutely amazing. Rose was beautiful and so realistic and clever in her own way and Number Nine; I still wonder how people just forget or can even skip him. Sarcastic and serious with the goofiest smile; I still absolutely love him. He was brilliant.


You, of course, need to make room for the out-dated effects or slightly cheesy moments; I and my sister fully expected these and so we weren’t thrown by them when they popped up. We know better effects are ahead of us!

Several of my favorite episodes (that I can remember, some of them blend together to me) are Father’s Day, The Empty Child and The Doctor Dances. End of the World was also a fun one.

Oh, for the record, I do not find the Dalek’s annoying. It was actually very exciting to see them for the first time and in a weird sense their kinda cute, like strange, huge pepper shakers. lol.


Dr Who

I’m really excited to move on in the series as soon as Kayla comes home and we get Netflix. I’m looking forward to seeing Tennant’s Doctor and if he lives up to all the hype. 🙂

Until then, live safely, fellow Whovians! Don’t create any paradoxes!



16 thoughts on “Dr Who – Season 1

  1. I can’t wait until you see David Tennant! He’s an amazing actor. I’ve actually only seen one episode (with Matt Smith) but I keep up with the whole things thanks to family and friends 😉

    Funniest Doctor Who thing ever: a picture of a Dalek saying to R2D2: “R2, I am your father!” and poor little R2 lets out an agonized “BEEEEEEEEEP!”

    1. Haha, that’s how I’ve kinda followed for a long time! But it’s so much better just watching it then hearing about it or seeing gifs. 🙂



  2. I agree, Eccleston is very underrated and I can’t wait to see him in Thor 2! 🙂 Despite what I said earlier about “The Empty Child”, it is one of my favorites because it left such a huge impression, and I wish they would use something similar in later episodes. Except for Capt. Jack, I really dislike his character after the unwatchable Torchwood. XP Great review! 😀 Can’t wait to hear your thoughts about Tennant.


    1. OHMYGOSH. I completely forgot he’s going to be in Thor 2! WOW, now I’m really, really excited to see him in that movie! 😀

      HAHA, oh my word, The Doctor, right after church, was filling me in on all the reasons why I should not watch Torchwood! I actually wasn’t repulsed by Jack but I guess I need to see where his character goes in the future before making my final descion on whether I like him or not. 🙂

      Thank you, James!


  3. I liked the 9th Doctor too, actually, and it’s sad that many often forget him. He really brought the show back, and he made a good post-Time War Doctor.

    10 is still my favorite though, and I think that you’ll really enjoy him, too. He has a very rude and somewhat unsympathetic vibe, and yet he’s very emotional. Sometimes he can be pretty dark too, but again, I think it really suits him. Plus, he faced the Master, and I love the Master. 🙂

    Glad you’re a Whovian now!


  4. Okay…we are halfway through Season One, and boy, are they ADDICTING! I did see a few episodes with Ten, who I instantly adored. (But I wanted to go back and actually watch them in order, so I have unceremoniously abandoned him until I finish season 1) It took me a little longer to warm up to Nine…but, really, I’m a huge fan now 🙂 Why does everyone always forget about him, poor man?

    And for the record I like the Daleks, too 🙂

    1. Addicting is the perfect word; like I said, it took just one, I had to just keep watching! I’m glad you went back to the beginning, it’s always great to start at Season one so you can watch the different characters grow, like Rose or Mickey. I ask the same question, how do you just forget Nine? It’s okay if Ten and Eleven are better, but that doesn’t mean you just go and forget how good Nine! 😀



  5. I love the way you write!! I love Rose and 9!!! ROFL, your so funny about the first episode!! 😛 I don’t think I minded the effects near as much as you did. 😛 I’m glad we’re Whovians now. It’ll be cool to get to season 2.

    1. Thank you! The first episode was so bizzare, but I got used to it quickly. You have to admit those plastic arms were rather cheesy! LOL

      Whovians for life.


    2. The arms… eh, maybe. I just don’t ever want to forget when Rickey got his head cut off and we started laughing even harder and you were like “Why are we laughing?” and that made me loose it!!! XD

      1. Lol, I don’t remember that, that sounds hilarious. I don’t like RIckey, or Mickey, or what ever the heck his name is—I blame you, Number Nine, for making me confused!! 😀


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