The Doctor and I


So, The Doctor and I are finally reading Sherlock Holmes again after several week’s break and it’s awesome.

Sorry, did you just ask, who’s the Doctor?

….I just laughed way too hard….

I know most of you know The Doctor as a BBC actors playing a time traveler who hops through time and space in a blue box called the Tardis while saving the world from all sorts of disaster; he has great hair, wears classy clothes, is full of witty comments and usually has a couple of traveling companions behind his elbows.

Well, I know The Doctor. And I’m going to explain now how I know The Doctor so you all don’t ask me in the comments what I’m talking about whenever I mention I’m doing something with “The Doctor”.


My best friend Dylan is one of the hugest, most enthusiastic Whovians I know. And every once in a while he’ll just shout in a British accent, “I’M THE DOCTOR” at the most random times. Most recently we’ve gotten to have excited conversations about saving the world and sonic screwdrivers and time travel. It’s simply another thing that we both mutually love; ever since we met nearly two years ago we’ve had a lot in common and have been inseparable partners in everything for all that time. We’re the freaking duo Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson; I have his back and I know he has mine and he’s pretty much one of the few guys I’ve met who’s not a jerk. To make this short, through books and many situations that have given us a chance to build mutual, unbroken trust in one another, we’ve become best friends. And we recently become another freaking duo, of yes, you guessed it, The Doctor and companion. However, he had the idea that anytime I mention him here on my blog, I should just refer to him as The Doctor. This is frankly the most hilariously fun idea ever. And I’m actually going to seriously do this.

From now on, whenever I mention my best friend, I will be calling him The Doctor. And you will get used to it.

Will this be confusing? Well, here’s how it’s going to work. There’s going to be The BBC Doctors, with their names, Chris, Tennant, and Matt. You’ll know I’ll be talking about them because I’ll always say, “The BBC Doctors” before beginning to talk.


And there will be The Doctor. The Real Doctor, my best friend. Because on the inside, he really is a young time traveler at both hearts. Seriously, he’s got his own awesome hair style, he’s pretty much the wittiest guy I know and he even knows how to tie bow ties. He could literally be the next regeneration of The Doctor, Doctor Twelve. 😛 But to me, he’s just The Doctor.

Before anybody asks, yes, it’s awesome knowing The Doctor. I’m not sure which companion I am most like but it doesn’t matter. This Doctor reads books with me. Speaking of which, did I mention we’re back to reading Sherlock Holmes? We’re almost done with that 1,000 paged collection of Arther Conan Doyle’s stories on my favorite detective. I don’t know what we’re going to do when we get to the end and we’re done. A piece of me just might die. I suppose we’ll just hitch a ride on the Tardis back to the early 19th century together after we’ve finished it; I’m going to find Doyle and plant the idea of Sherlock in his head and The Doctor will probably stop some Daleks from taking over England, which will ensure that Doyle will be able to write about Sherlock in the first place. It’s going to be awesome.

….oh my gosh….

Just now… I just came up with that plot idea for the time traveling story I’ve been trying to make work in my head, right there above. Wow, my gosh, it all came to me just like that. This is awesome, this post wins the ‘helping me figure things out just like that’ award. Oh my gosh, I’m so excited.

And…. I’m rambling now. Great. This post needs to be wrapped up.


Oh. I’m sorry. Did I forget to mention I’ve seen the first season of the Dr Who reboot? Forgive my forgetfulness of mentioning how my sister and I became Whovians over two months ago. And yes, you can expect a review on Season One and Eccleston’s Doctor in the near future…. that is if I don’t get caught up in time traveling this week…….

…. I have a Sherlock Holmes short story to start.


PS. Just because I’m a little curious, I’d like to ask my fellow Whovians, who have seen more of the show then I, what companion do you think I’m most like, just from reading my blog? I’d really like to know your opinion *is looking at James expectingly* *grin*


22 thoughts on “The Doctor and I

  1. OH MY GOSH YOU’RE A WHOVIAN!!!!! Lafjlgasfjljashkldahkksgjk AND YOUR BEST FRIEND IS THE DOCTOR!!!! AND YOU WARCHED THE FIRST SEASON!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!
    Btw, I think you’re most like Donna. For a lot of reasons; I’ll tell you a few if you’d like.




      1. I can be opinionated, yes, but I think I can also be mature about my opinions too. And hey, I can handle being cool. LOL

        Yeah, I’m not ginger, gingers are awesome. My cousin is a ginger. 😀


    2. AND GINGER. I know you’re not ginger, but still. GINGER. (Okay, so I have a thing sort of about gingers. They’re just really cool.)

      1. ECCLESTON DESERVES SO MUCH MORE ACKNOWLEDGEMENT THEN HE GETS, HE WAS ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT! He made me laugh so hard, he was so sarcastic and serious at the same time. “Lots of planets have a north!” Lol!


  2. I love it when you ramble. 😛 Its great you have a friend who likes Doctor Who! I wish my friend try watching it again, she hated the first few episodes and never watched any more.

    After much thought I would say you are most like Donna Noble, You kind of look like her and you are like mysteries, and you have a very bubbly and fun personality. Also she is tied for my favorite companion with Amy Pond. Except you have a different hair color.

    Here is a cool Doctor Who song I believe you would like.


    1. Awww, that’s sad, she should give it another try. I can understand how the first season could turn people off, it did have a few cheesy moments, but that should be expected for the beginning of any show. Overall it was aboslutely brilliant and so much fun! I know the first episode was enough to get me hooked.

      😀 Thank you for giving your reasons; Donna and I sound very similar. I took a personality test and I actually got her! LOL I think our personalities are very similar but I don’t think I get into people’s faces like she does, LOL! Can’t wait till we get to her part and I can see what she’s like.

      Thanks for the video, that was awesome! I’m 90 percent sure it’s going to be stuck in my head for the rest of the day. 😀


  3. LOL This post is so adorable! I absolutely adore the Doctor, and hope my future husband is as wacky as he is. (10 was my favorite, personally, though 11 is cute, too). It’s good to have a Doctor in your life, to make you look at things in a different way. 🙂

    As far as companions…hmmm, I’d say a mix of Sarah-Jane and Donna, both of whom I adore. You have Donna’s sparkiness at times, but you also have that sweet and adventurous side like Sarah-Jane.



    1. Aboslutely agree! They make life just a bit more crazy and fun! 😀 I can’t wait to see 10 and 11, I’m really curious who I’ll like more. 😛

      Thank you for your opinions, I’ve really enjoyed hearing everyone’s thoughts of who I’m like! You are the first to compare me to two. 😀 Thanks!


  4. Well, hello. I have been following your blog for quite some time, and this is the first time that it has allowed me to actually comment…(I think). I am a big fan of Doctor Who, too. I love this story, it made me laugh so much! Your friend is great! I am currently on Season 1…almost done, I think. But incredibly freaked out over certain episodes…luckily, I am obsessed with DW too much to quit… 😛
    Well, now that you know I am a Doctor Who fan…I’m also a fan of LOTR, Star Wars, and a bunch of other awesome stuff…If you want to know more, you can follow my blog: I have another one just for Star Wars, and yet another for Doctor Who, so I invite you to check them all out…(And I love reading your blog, BTW! 🙂 )

    1. Oh my gosh, I was so excited to find your comment, Victoria! I’m very happy to meet another Doctor Who/Star wars fan! We are the best!

      I will certianly check out your blogs, I hope I see you again soon! Thank you for your wonderful comment, I’m glad I made you laugh!!

      Thanks for reading my blog, I really appreciate it! 🙂


  5. Glad you liked the video! It got stuck in my head for a week when I first heard it and that was kind of a problem. LOL

    Oh, I have to know what you thought about “The Empty Child” and “The Doctor Dances”! I guess I was around 12 or 13 when I watched the episode and that “Gasmask Kid” really freaked me out. I rarely got scared by anything but that really stuck with me long after watching it. Plus kids (and dolls) are always major creepy! I will take a giant monster any day. LOL 😉

    Looking forward to when you watch “Silence in the Library” story arc, that was very memorable.


    1. LOL

      Those two were some of my favorite, but I think it would have scared me if I had seen it when I was younger. His little voice was very chilling. I agree, dolls can be really creepy! LOL


  6. I go on vacation for a while… leave ya’ll unatended…. and this is what goes on back in Az… 😛 LOL!

    It’s really neat for real though!!! I kind of love how Derek and me are partners in crime more and you and Dylan are the Sherlock/Watson/Doctor//Compainion pair. 😛 You know?

    1. LOL…. um, okay, what does that mean?!??! 😛

      Haha, yes, I know. I know! It’s cool, because if you think about, we’ve never gotten do this with anyone else before, except for maybe the cousins. Remember the Super Cousins?! LOL


  7. Did I just read you saying you were going to write a Sherlock Holmes story? O.o *Gets very excited, runs around room*

    Writing a post and having a plot idea pop into your head like that is cool. Very cool.

    Having a sister who is writing away as we speak has left me with a little plot kernel sprouting in my head, for a novel about a small town police officer and the mysteries he finds there. I haven’t had a plot in a long time, so that is something for me to chew on and try to flesh out. Having a story in my head was always interesting 😀

    I agree with what you are feeling as you end your 1000 page book.

    Books that draw you in like that are terrible to end. Books that make you part of the cast and make the characters part of your heart never let you go. How can you forget someone like the characters in great books? They are real!
    I insist that hobbits are real. The bravery, the courage. How about Strider, turned to Aragorn, and the scene when they meet him at Bree? And the scene after Pippin ad Merry meet the Ents and they and Aragorn smoke their pipes outside the ruined city?
    How about the ending to LOTR, and the way it draws the tears every time I reread it?

    And recently, I have begun reading Detective- Police mystery novels. And I said to my Mom “I have found what I have long been looking for.” A well written mystery explores the full range of emotions. The question of innocence and guilt, trying to protect those you love from danger, seeing justice happen, the unlikely hero who gets hurt trying to save someone else. The deception that must be avoided in the search for truth. The intensity of a mystery is stunning. You can feel the whole book.

    I found this quote a few days ago, G. K. Chesterton said it best: “The detective story at its best allows the full range of human motivation, from hatred and greed to a desire for redemption, to play out in limitless ways. Moreover, given the universality of human emotion, the settings for a good detective story can be just as varied, from country houses to urban offices.”

    I tend to wander about in a daze after such a book.
    Last week I was standing in a grocery line, staring into space, thinking about a mystery I had just finished, wishing it could have gone on longer, reliving the last tense moments before the rescue….. who cares what everyone else in the store thought? 😀

    In Him,

    1. ^I so agree.

      Mysteries/detecitve stories have been my favorite genre of books since I started reading and you are so right in everything; there is so much emotion that you can infuse in mysteries. Gah, they are the best.

      I am not looking forward to ending Sherlock Holmes. Thankfully, The Doctor said we’ll take it slow to make the ending last, so we are only reading one short story a week. I’m getting upset talking about it. lol!

      Thanks for your wonderful long comment. I’m glad you feel free to ramble here, I enjoy it! 🙂


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