did I tell you about my new bedroom?

I don’t think I did.

But, for the past month or so, my Mom and I have been working on moving me from the bedroom I have shared with Kayla, to downstairs in the old guest room/misc. room/pantry. We emptied the many bookcases of jars and books and toys and kitchen stuff and sorted it out around the house and garage, then completely dragged everything out. Lots of work. The Boys helped take down the pantry’s gliding doors on Monday so they could be painted and yesterday Mom and I tackled the room with the smokey light blueish/green paint I picked out. We finished painting and all I need to wait for is the carpet to be put in next week and I will start moving my stuff from upstairs to down.

I AM REALLY EXCITED ABOUT THIS, I HAVEN’T HAD MY OWN ROOM FOR OVER SEVEN YEARS! I will get some privacy back, I will have an enviroment that I can completely control, I will have a room all to myself for when I get back to writing (I really need to get back to writing my fantasy book) and I’m just really, really excited.

Kayla is also excited because she is getting her room back to herself.

I’ve gone through my closet and my section under the bunk bed and have let go of a lot of things I don’t need anymore, so I’m very happy about that. I’ve taken down most of my posters off my wall and rolled them for easy transition downstairs (I ordered a poster of BBC’s Sherlock to put up because it’s about time.)  I’m going to have two bookcases instead of just one. For now, I’m going to just have my mattress on the floor, which will be completely fine, I have no problem not having a real bed (a real bed would take up too much room, anway). I also think it will be interested to wake up in the morning and already be downstairs! Lol.

Anyway, I thought it was about time I shared with y’all. 🙂

Hopefully, pictures soon.



16 thoughts on “did I tell you about my new bedroom?

  1. This is good news! Seven years is a long time!

    Did you say you will now be able to use TWO bookshelves instead of just one? 😉 😉 😉

    I like the sound of the paint you picked- a smokey light blue green.

    And once you have that Sherlock poster up, you will probably find lots of inspiration for writing again! (My sister will be excited about you having a space to write again!!!!)

    Thinking of you Jamie! And happy to hear this news! (Finds pieces of cake left over from the filming party, and passes it around….) 😀
    In Him…

    1. Seven years is a very long time, and we’ve made it work. But we’re both older and it’s time we both got some privacy, so we’re really excited.


      Yes, I hope so! If I can emotionally and mentally heal just a little bit, I think I’ll be able to find some spare energy to put into my writing again!

      *takes more cake* Thanks for your sweet comments, Faith!


  2. Congrats on the new room! 😀 I hate painting though, I just really hate doing. 😛 lol
    Since I live in a small two bedroom, one story, house, I have shared a room with my brother since he was born.


  3. *UNCOMPREHENDABLE HAPPY* *kisses squeaky bed springs over my head goodbye* *good ridiance to ugh* *hugs* YAY JAMIE!! It’s kind of ABOUT TIME for both of us!! XD

    1. YEP, EXACTLY! AND I’M SO EXCITED THE CARPET PEOPLE ARE COMING TOMORROW! And the chair and pillows we bought look amazing. I can’t wait to get it into room by the window with the matching curtains!


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