happy little moments


When it rained over the weekend and I got to walk the neighborhood with my black umbrella and wear my Dr. Nine-like leather jacket and my favorite cream scarf tied Sherlock Holmes style.

When ‘my’ dog Clarence has a successful trip to the vet and took his shots well and even lost some extra weight.


When I found my certificate for See’s Candy from Christmas and Mom takes to me cash it in for a pound of my favorite dark chocolate raspberry creams.

When I bought Kayla her first bottle of red nail polish and seeing her face light up (and buying myself some too.)


Going on car rides with friends and getting to play music super loud and hearing all their favorite songs and getting addicted to one song in particular.

Getting four inches of hair cut off and having it get even curlier and no longer having to spend twenty minutes trying to comb through it every single time I shower.


When I found “Treasure Island” and “Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde” on a random book shelf after I thought I had lost them forever and getting to put them on my own shelf next to Sherlock Holmes and Dracula and Robin Hood and Lord of the Rings and Agatha Christie and Ben-Hur.

Finally deciding on which paint color I want on my new walls in the bedroom that is downstairs that I will be moving into. Getting to have my own room again, period.


When I found out that the filming for Sherlock Season Three begins in less then a week. Count down begins.

When I learned my best friends had finally seen the first episode of Sherlock and finally getting to talk about the parallels and the differences and the awesomeness and now finally having someone who will be able to catch my sassy Sherlock quotes and understand where I got them from.


Texting with Kayla by using Office quotes or by being Office characters and completely understanding each other and who we’re pretending to be.

And when Kayla said she saw herself as my Dwight and that I was like her Micheal–in a good way. That was a pretty good moment.



23 thoughts on “happy little moments

  1. I heard about Sherlock Season 3 via Pinterest the other day! I congratulate all Sherlockians for surviving the long breathless wait 😉 Steven Moffatt is so hard on his fans.

    Oh goody, a haircut! My mom has promised haircuts for me and my sisters sometime soon. It’s always fun–especially if Mom has time enough to give me some layers!

    Hope things are doing better for you, Jamie! (*runs off to reply to your comment on my own blog*)

    1. Yes, I am going to have a huge celebration on the 18th when it actually begins! I also heard that Benedict and Martin signed to do a Season Four as well, so that was really excited.

      This is my first time having some layers and it looks really nice. I’m glad I was brave enough to try it.

      Things are pretty much the same but I’ve been distracted with empty the old guestroom of stuff with Mom to paint and recarpet it. So, that’s been a good time filler.


  2. I’m so glad you had these really great moments this week!
    I know how it is when your dog does well at the vet, My dog is okay with it but it scares him. 🙂
    I got my hair cut too! It’s really different and it was strange at first, but I like it now, I’ve never had short hair before,
    I hope you have a really good weekend and I’m praying for you!

    1. Thank you for the prayers!!! I’m glad I’ve had a slightly better week too!

      My dog LOVES going the vet, it is very unusual. He loves all the doctors and nurses.

      I’ve had short hair before, it’s nice and really easy to take care of! I’ve been thinking about trimming my hair really short recently but I don’t have the stomach to try it.


  3. YEAH! Sherlock season 3!!!!!! I think I need to get up and do a happy dance.

    Blasting music will driving with friends is awesome. I love doing that

    Red nail polish! I really need to get some.

    I really loved this post 😀

    *runs off, skipping in happiness because Sherlock has started filming again*

    1. YES! I know, it’s so exciting! And you’ve been waiting even longer than I, so I give you props!!

      Thank you, I’m glad you loved it! 😀


  4. *Is VERY glad to hear there were little bright spots in your week!*

    My dog is due for the vet too… and he should lose some weight. 😦 😀

    Don’t you Love finding your books on a shelf when you thought they were lost? 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Isn’t it great to be able to quote lines to friends and families- have them understand! O.O
    And sharing favorite songs is awesome. 😀

    I haven’t had short hair….yet…. O.O I once wanted it really short…now I am not brave enough to try 🙂
    And Sherlock Three is filming? *Gets ready for a great review of it!*

    In Him, Thinking of you every day,
    {hugs} Faith

    1. Thank you for your comment, Faith!! 😀

      Yes, I hope they film it fast and it airs on TV fast and then they release it on DVD fast because that’s when I’ll get to see it! 🙂

      Hugs back, Jamie

    1. Kayla and I watche The Office together; she’s in Seattle right now so I’ve been watching ahead of her, I just finished season six. My Mom was going to watch with us but Micheal annoyed her too much. I really love the show and I plan to do a post on it once I finish the entire show.

      Awww, I hope you feel better soon, how awful! I’ll pray that you’ll get better quickly!


  5. I’m so glad for you. 🙂 Seems like things are already looking up! 😀

    1. It is looking a little up, I was more distracted this week; the week before was really really bad.

      I didn’t! Is there a trailer for Sherlock already?!


    2. That’s good. That it’s a little better, that is. I hope thongs continue on this upward trend.:)
      Wellllll…. No. There’s one for Who. Unfortunately not Sherlock. (I can’t wait asdfghjkl!!!!)
      I had a few things that I forgot to tell you last time, but… *drumroll* I am back from vacation! It’s good to be back. And on your recommendation, I’m watching the Office! I watched two episodes then stopped because I was a little put off by the documentary style. I think I might try again after my brain’s adjusted. Any really good episodes?

      1. I hope so too.

        I can’t wait to see the Sherlock Trailer! asdfjkld;kdsjasd!

        I hope you enjoy The Office (we’re watching the US Version), I personally really like the documentary style, it makes it all feel like real life and therefore even more believeable. One of my favorite episodes was from Season Five called Stress Relief, that is one that will literally make you fall out of your chair onto the floor from laughing so hard. I would highly recommend watching the show is order though, so you can follow the characters’ story plots. The show is also more on the mature side, they can have more dirty jokes or subjects but it doesn’t get super bad and it doesn’t bother Kayla and I since we’re both over sixteen. I’ve really enjoyed the show, it’s added some laughter into my rather miserable life and given me and Kayla something special to bond over.

        Let me know how you like it as you go along!


      2. Here’s the opening to Stress Relief, I just had to post it here if you wanted to see it. The rest of that particular episode is also freaking hilarious. 🙂 I randomly saw this scene one day on the internet and it was that ‘seal the deal’ type of thing where after it was done I was like, “I gotta watch this dang show!” Sorry it’s not great quailty but it’s the best that’s on Youtube.

      1. *huge grin* I’m soooo glad you loved it! Lol, it gets me everytime; Micheal just, “OH MY GOD! OKAY, IT’S HAPPENING! EVERYBODYY STAY CALM. STAY ******** CALM! EVERYBODY JUST ******** CALM DOWN!” Kils me every. bleeping. time.


  6. Reply to Jamie: I will need to watch The Office sometime. Have you seen Seinfeld? That show is hilarious!

    Thank you, I really appreciate the prayers. 🙂


    1. I think you would enjoy it but some of the characters might annoy you. 😀 No, I have not seen Seinfeld. I tried watching an episode of Parks and Recreations, which is done by the same people who do The Office but it was just weird, which was sad, because I was hoping to find another funny show. So, I’ll check out Seinfeld!


    1. No, I just couldn’t see it that way because you don’t really treat me the way Dwight does Michael but maybe Michael can’t see Dwight’s actions either. 😛


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