Mini Reveiw of TDKR


Well, I at last saw the final part of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy and since it was a pretty big movie of last year, I decided to do a spoiler-free post with some of my thoughts. Also, I might sound a bit harsh but I do want to assure everyone, I did like the movie! It was a fun ride and a decent conclusion to the trilogy. It just wasn’t my favorite of the trilogy nor my favorite superhero film.

I’m going to spit it out right off the bat and say that while I enjoyed The Dark Knight Rises, I did like Batman Begins and The Dark Knight better. There was a different feeling to TDKR that was missing from the first two that I missed, I think it was just simply the dark atmosphere of Gotham. In TDKR the street’s seemed brighter and the city looked more modern and too different. To me, it had a different atmosphere and I missed the darkness, the grimness of the old Gotham.

I don’t want give anything away because I know some people who want to see it, haven’t seen it and there are some pretty big twists. These were great but I won’t talk about them now.


Bane?  He would have been scarier if his voice hadn’t been so muffled. There were points that I felt like giggling at him even though he was saying serious stuff because it just sounded funny. He’s a good villian but I disagree with people who say he’s better or even equal to The Joker. Then again, it would be rather unfair to compare those two. Seriously, even Tom Hiddelston has said that Heather Ledger set an incredibly high bar. My overall thoughts? To me, he didn’t live up to the everyone’s proclamations that he was ‘an amazing villain’. He certainly didn’t win his way on to my favorite’s list.


Catwoman? An interesting character, but she didn’t make it to my favorite ‘strong women’ list beside people like Black Widow or Sarah Conner. And she wore silly highheels which always throws me because you simply can’t do strong action moves in highheels. Seriously. Unrealistic. Her relationship with Batman/Wayne was interesting to watch but I’m not sure about them being *SPOILER* a couple. I’m just not sure what I think about that. *END OF SPOILER*

john blake

John Blake? I will get a lot of hate for this, but I would have liked this character more if Jospeh Gordan-Levitt hadn’t played him. For some rather unknown reason, I don’t really like that actor very much (reasons are actually not altogether unknown; I think because he reminds me of someone I’d like to forget that I don’t like him.) The character was great, he was practically the only police detective with any sense through out the whole film.

The soundtrack was amazing as usual; the music for all three movies are some of my favorite ever.

As always, I loved seeing the return of Alfred and Lucius Fox, they’re great, classic characters. It was also good to see Gordan, but I felt really bad for him throughout most of the movie.


Ultimately, as I said before, The Dark Knight Rises was a good movie, it finished everything off well; it even left it open for a possible but unlikely fourth movie. However, for me, it simply didn’t surpass the awesomeness of The Dark Knight and it’s amazing character clash between Batman and Ledger’s ‘legendary’ Joker. It will have to be an amazing character combination to beat those two.



12 thoughts on “Mini Reveiw of TDKR

  1. This is a great review!
    I love reading them 🙂
    Your blog looks so cool in this new theme!
    I hope everything is okay,
    Grace and Peace~ Holly,

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it! And I’m glad you like my new theme 🙂

      Everything here at home is still very stressful, I was actually working on a post about it the other day. Thanks for asking, though!


  2. *Warning Spoilers and Long Rant Ahead*
    Since I advocate any negative opinions of The Dark Knight trilogy, I am glad you were honest about not loving it. If you said anything that would suggest that any of TDK trilogy anything less than perfect on YouTube, you receive a ton of hate comments.
    Now for my opinion on the various things you talked about and some plot spoilers.

    OK, this is actually my favorite of the trilogy based on enjoyment level. Many of the plot points are so stupid and riddled with plot holes, but I had such a fantastic theater experience. The dumbest part in my opinion was the giant fire Bat symbol on the bridge. When did he have time for that!!!!!! Seriously! There were other things, but that part has no redeeming qualities to it other than looking cool.

    Gotham’s Look: I mostly agree that there was an explanation for Gotham’s visual change. Except in The Dark Knight I actually thought it looked mostly similar to TDK.

    Bane Vs Joker: I completely agree, Bane is overrated! I only liked him because Batman actually had a formidable enemy to fight that he could not realistically take down with one punch like The Joker, and Scarcrow. The Joker was definitely much better. But neither one of them is even in the same league as Loki or Darth Vader. 🙂

    Catwoman: While I can’t blame you for not liking her, she was about 60% of the reason why I really like TDRK. Anne Hathaway finally brought the Catwoman I wanted to see.
    I loved the
    “Do those heels make it hard to walk?”
    “I don’t know, do they?”
    She was so cool! 🙂 Also Bane’s death with her saying
    “About the whole no guns thing, I’m not sure if feel as strongly about it as you do.”
    I was thinking: “Finally someone with the sense to actually shoot the Bane! He’s not bullet proof like a real villain who actually has the power to believable battle a hero.” 😉
    Basically, I loved the character of Catwoman, because she was exactly what Gotham needed and when you think about it she saved Gotham! But I am not arguing about you not liking the character, because I completely understand why. 🙂

    John Blake: Since I am a JGL fan, I really liked his character. But, again, I can see why you disliked him. Saying his name was “Robin” at the end and basically setting him up for another movie was cool in my opinion. Since he wasn’t named after any of the Robins in a comics, I wondered if he was actually going to be Robin.

    Another reason I enjoyed the movie so much was that it was more “comic book-y” like the old Batman comics. While I like Nolan’s take on Batman, he is more of a ninja in a Bat costume than “World’s Greatest Detective and Crime Fighter” of the comics and Animated Series.

    My biggest problem with the movie is that people try to say that it is better than The Avengers because “It is an emotional experience”. Seriously how could anyone say that!? No one important died!!!! Coulson’s death in The Avengers was so painful to watch and SHOCKING, even if he does some how come back in the SHIELD series. In TDKR only the villains died, and that usually happens anyway in Batman movies. The annoying Police Officer died, but I disliked him anyway. In The Dark Knight I also disliked Rachael and was glad The Joker killed her because she was so annoying.

    However, I really liked the ending, except for the other plot holes that arose. Although The Dark Knight’s ending was cool, it was kind of dumb when you think about it. Why not blame Dent’s and the other people’s death on the Joker or some random thug that escaped Arkham in Begins?

    While I like Batman Begins, there is poor directing, which I cannot ignore. But overall a fantastic movie. 🙂 Just my least favorite of an overall great trilogy.

    As a whole I really like The Dark Knight Trilogy, definitely Top 5 and until Iron Man 3, the only Comic Book trilogy at to end with a disappointment.

    Sorry if there are grammar errors and that I didn’t comment sooner. I was AWOL most of the day.

    There was my rant, I did give you fair warning though. 🙂 Awesome post! Now I will post some of my TDRK spoiler posts soon since you have seen the movie (you told me earlier but now I have some ideas).


    1. LOVE your rant, James!!! 🙂

      I know, I would get a lot of hate for not liking this movie very much. In one way, I really enjoyed it but in another, I didn’t enjoy it as much as The Dark Knight. It probably would have left a bigger impact if I had seen it in the theaters, though.

      Bane is very overrated; he’s just nothing compared to The Joker, or Loki and Vader. Vader is just the iconic villian and Loki is complex and emotionally wounded and mischevious and The Joker is crazy and hilarious and just awesome. Bane felt… blawk, he just felt like nothing special to me.

      I’m glad you like Catwoman, I wanted to like her but she just rubbed me the wrong way. And since I’ve not read any of the comics it’s not like I’m familiar with any other versions of her. Even Kayla didn’t end up liking her as much and Kayla loves strong action women. So, I’m not sure what went wrong for us there.

      THERE IS NO WAY THIS WAS A BETTER MOVIE EXPERIENCE THEN THE AVENGERS. OH MY GOSH NO. I can see where people would think it was emotional, but really the whole thing with Bruce in that pit and everything just felt out of place. Just. No. The Avengers was waaaaaay more of an emotional experience on sooooooo many levels! Coulson, Loki and Thor, Natasha and Clint, poor Steve, Nick up against the council, the whole freaking movie was emotional! GAH! It’s still the best movie of 2012

      I think a lot of Batman fans are just really extreme in their fandom. I really like Batman, I have Batman headphones and a Batman clock and I personally went out and bought The Dark Knight for my own private collection and I have a Joker sweater. But I’m at least not blinded to the fact that the trilogy isn’t flawless. It is an amazing series with some amazing characters and action scenes, it’s just….. it’s just overrated. 🙂

      I am looking forward to your posts! Thanks for waiting for me to see the movie first, that was really thoughtful of you!


  3. Totally agree!!! This is one of my most favoritist trilogies ever, and though the third one wasn’t a disappointment, I felt it was much weaker than the other two, especialy The Dark Knight, which surpassed everyone’s expectations. One thing that is interesting to mention is the possibility of Blake, or Robin, showing up in future Warner Bros films like the planned Justice League movie as a sort of Batman Beyond style Batman, which I wouldn’t mind at all. There were also a few plot holes, I felt, that were not explained at the end of the movie.
    The first and most obvious one is the fact that Batman mysteriously teleports himself into Gotham. There is no explanation as to how he was able to do that, all methods of transportation were blocked off from the city, and no planes were allowed in (enforced by the army). The next one was the very end when Bruce was flying over the sea. We see a flash of Batman’s face before the explosion, too far into the flight for him to jettison an escape pod and leave undetected towards land without being incinerated. Another one is less of a plot hole and more of just a thing I didn’t like too much about the movie. The bomb was going to go off in five months, as Bane said, and for many of those months Bruce was in the Pit. It seemed a little bit unrealistic that Batman would happen to return with only a day left on the clock. What are the odds? I would say not too good, and it felt a little overdramatic because of it. I didn’t think Bane was too bad, but he definately wasn’t the best villian I had ever seen. Although SPOILERSPOILERSPOILER I really liked Talia. I did not see that coming at the end and I was just like whaaaaaaaaaaat!!! But overall I definately put it high up on my list of favorit movies!
    That’s my little rant 🙂 Oh, and to James: It sounds like Colson is back in the SHEILD TV show, which takes place after the Avengers, so it sounds like he might not have died after all O_o don’t know how I feal about that haha

    1. I agree with all your plot hole problems; the Batman trilogy just doesn’t answer all the questions, I suppose!

      I am glad you enjoyed the movie, though. I wish I had enjoyed it more than I did but I didn’t. The Dark Knight will reign supreme in that trilogy, at least for me!


  4. Hi Jamie!

    First, every time I read here I come away convinced that the Avengers is a great movie- even if I haven’t seen it (yet) 🙂 🙂

    Second, my Holly Angela has LOVED commenting on your writing blog…it is so fun to watch her typing away, and I ask “What are you writing?” and she says “A Comment to Jamie.” 😀

    She has a plot now going about a girl living under a tyrannical government that takes her sister away and wants to put her in a hospital to condition her to think like the government wants…. (where do you authors come up with these plots??!!!!????!!!!) I am amazed at people who can actually write a story or a book or a blog that they post on for years…and they bless the lives of so many readers! (Lord willing, I will have a few years of blogging ahead of me)

    Blessings Jamie, and praying along with my sister that the stress level goes down for you 😦

    In Christ, Faith

    PS- we got another foot of snow today! 😀

    1. Hey!

      I can see where you could come to that conclussion! LOL It really is a great movie, though, my top favorite at this point in time.

      Awwwww, I’m so happy to hear that! Yes, I heard a little bit about her idea on my other blog, it’s a very interesting plot concept. I hope she gets somewhere with it one day! 🙂

      Thank you so much for your prayers that means sooo much to me! Thank you, thank you!


      PS That is awesome! We got some rain in my neighborhood, so that was really exciting!

  5. Wow, there are so many things to talk about with this movie!!! Love the way you write… I know I’ve said that before… but I kind of can’t say it enough!!!

    Yeah, Bane- ugh if only the voice!!! The weird mask thingy…. ??? Why?

    I personally loved Catwoman, but yeah, heels aren’t realistic. :/ Really actually. XDD

    And Batman… well, I was really annoyed the way he was kind of falling under the stereotype of the good guy who doesn’t want to kill/really hurt the bad guys, you know? 😛 Ugh. XD

    *claps* Really nice long post though!!!!!

    1. Ahha finally voicing your opinion here.

      LOL, yes, geez, the mask was just blaw.

      I thought you were a little dissappointed with Catwoman but I suppose I was wrong. I was dissappointed with her, anyway.

      I thought Bruce getting stuck in that pit was just really weird, as well as those other things you mentioned.


    2. Yes.

      Well, this is going to sound weird/dumb etc. but what do I say that doesn’t? but really, I kind of connected with Catwoman since she was like a master theif and that’s really Scarlet Blood’s occupation. She was like a Scarlet Blood/Black Widow mix or something, which really excites me. XD

      Yeah, I agree, it doesn’t feel in-character for Bruce/Batman. :/

      1. Well, I can see how you could make those connections. She is like a Scarlet Blood sort of character but I like Scarlet better; Scarlet has better class. LOL



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