Sherlock Filler Post


Darn, just when I was starting to get back into the swing of posting a little more frequently, I had to go disappear, didn’t I?

This past week I spent four days and three nights at some friends’ house. Since stress levels hasn’t gone done very much at all the past few weeks, I needed to get away for a while, so it was great to get completely away for a few days. But anyway, I had no time to work on any posts at all (or comment; sorry, guys). I have several posts I want to work on this up coming week, but until then, I really wanted to do a Sherlock post as a sort of filler. I’ve been having a lot of Sherlock Homes feels recently, so I need this almost more then the blog needs a filler post. 🙂

And if you haven’t yet seen BBC’s Sherlock yet, do yourself a favor and watch the first season as soon as possible. Put that at the top of your to-do list. Seriously; I have seen non-Sherlockians become die-hard fans of this detective by the end of the first episode. Just trust me on this one.














This gifset just above? This was the gifset that told me that I was going to love this show when I was first looking into it. Just thought that was interesting.

I hope to get back to posting more frequently again soon!



10 thoughts on “Sherlock Filler Post

  1. Glad you’re back! 😀 The “Gun Safety” is my favorite, hilarious! I need to remember Sherlock’s gun safety tips. That gifset at the end is great, it basically sums up why this Sherlock is so great. Season 3 can’t come soon enough!


      1. Thank you. Out of the blue, I just decided to switch things around a little bit, take some things off my sidebar, re-write a few things that were there, and give it a slightly different look. I’m pretty happy with the results. I was way overdue for a theme change anyway.


    1. I am so glad to be back! I also love the Gun Safety, especially since my dad taught me real gun safety and that is nothing near the rules! 😛 I can’t wait for Season 3, but they start filming it this month! We can begin to see a light at the end of this very long dark tunnel of waiting!


  2. Hey Jamie–I’m in a crazy hurry, but I just wanted to say I love that gifset at the bottom (my favorite Sherlock one!) and I like your new layout 🙂

  3. Hi Jamie!

    I wondered where you were. I missed your posts. 🙂 *Looks at blog and thinks “This is a fresh, new layout…I like it!” 😀 🙂 😀 *

    I like the gun safety rules. Boom. Boom. Police on their way! 😀

    That made me laugh. I just finished reading a mystery series where the detective had guns everywhere…under his kitchen table, in his recliner… 😀 He was ready for anything, though, and anything came quite often. Randy Alcorn’s Ollie Chandler collection. We are hoping that Mr. Alcorn will write a book four. Deadline, Dominion and Deception were all filled with strong characters. They were easy to get caught up in. Ollie is a homicide detective in Oregon.

    Don’t you love the way you can get wrapped up in a series? Emotionally Invested is the word for it! I walk around in a daze after I find a really good book or film. It is good to know I am not alone in my obsession.

    🙂 Blessings Jamie ~ Faith

    1. Aww, thanks on both accounts, I’m glad to be back and I’m glad I decided to freshen the blog up a bit. 🙂

      Hmmm, sounds like an interesting series. You described a character similar to a character in a TV show called The Office. Said character had all sorts of weapon hidden around the office in case of emergency; he ended up using his pepper spray in one episode, so it paid off! 😛

      I love getting wrapped up in a show or book, it’s so much fun. 😀


  4. First of all–I love the new look!

    Hahaha the Sherlock gun safety is the best! lol I loved the last gif-set, too! Ooooh man, I can’t wait till season 3 comes out!! When it comes out, my family is gonna slap me because I’m gonna go completely crazy and fangirl like a lunatic! lol 😀

    1. Thank you very much!!! 😀

      I can’t wait till it comes out, it will be so good. It would great if they could do four episodes instead of three this time, but I’m just trying to make myself feel better. 😛


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