What Am I?

tumblr_m5c4zkJolE1qhly2no1_500Pictures speak a thousand words on many levels, and the ones I’ve been saving onto my computer relate in ways to how I see myself. So lets see if I can interpert.


I am color. And I am hidden in color.


I am bright and bold, so nobody notices when I am hanging over a precipice.


I am both dark and bright. My mind is like a spinning spiral, constantly turning.


I am splashes and puddles and rainstorms and thunder and chaos.


I am a dreamer who sees big things but finds those things are just out of reach. Or they are just purely fantasy and will never be accomplished. I am false hope, but hope all the same.


I am purple and wispy and I can be blown away and I will hide if my trust is broken.


I am a lover of big.


I am both an optimist and a realist.


I both stand out and I am invisible. I hide in plain sight and yet I must be someone’s favorite person.


I am gold because I have always glittered. I am music because when I’m not playing a piano, I am laughing and I am told my laugh is like music. I am masks, because I know how to hide behind all sorts of them.


I am not a loner. I prefer flying the rides with friends then by myself because friends make me feel like I’m flying even when we’re not in the air.


I am hurt and I am hidden. I am tears and I am clouds.


I care too much and but I don’t give my heart away very easily at all. I’ve been hurt so badly in such large scales emotionally and mentally that being teased and called names is so trivial that it slides off my back.


I am color. Just, sometimes I put on a sepia filter on. And I don’t know why I do that.



That’s what I am.



20 thoughts on “What Am I?

  1. From the pictures, I see you are fantasy and reality, combining in fantastic, thought-provoking ways.
    And you’re a balloon. A product of earth, which defies gravity itself and reaches for the heavens.

    Okay, so my interpretations of the pictures aren’t as cool-sounding as yours…but that’s who I am. 😉

      1. Lol, I remember trying to make a mask for art class one year, needless to say, it didn’t turn out well. I originally made a very pretty little mask with a veil to go with it and it was all sparkly and purple, but it disappeared before I had a chance to finish it so I had to quickly make another one and it was…well ugly to be honest, lol 😀

      2. Oh wow, that sounds like it was really really pretty! I love sparkly and purple; purple is my favoriet color! It’s too bad you lost it! 😦


      3. I know right! LOL, I was a tad angry at the time, I mean the teacher saw me working on it and considering it was left in the art room you’d think that if another student tried to turn it in for credit she’d have been like “Wait…I saw someone else making that!”

  2. Love the pics, and your bits to go along with them. It seems that you see yourself very well.

    I think we all hide behind masks at times; that is just human nature. But I also believe that most hope is false hope, hope for something that will never come — which makes our hope for the things that do come burn all the brighter.



  3. Jamie~
    I think this post is beautiful. {gives internet hug}
    It is a glimpse into *you*- and I love the way you put this post together, combining words and pictures. You have a way with words.

    I am still planning on getting a link to those snow videos…I uploaded one video to youtube, to make linking and sharing easier. 🙂

    *thinks of a way to send you a foot or two of snow in your comment box, and a piece of a sunrise through snowy trees, and a ride into town to the grocery store through snowy roads when every tree is outlined in white, and a starry night after a storm, when the sky clears, and the way snow looks blue in the dusk, just because it is lovely when it is like that :)* I guess I will send you the links to pictures instead. Snow melts in comment boxes really fast, I think. 🙂 🙂 😀 😀

    ~Blessings, Jamie.

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