Sherlock Season 2


I watched season two of Sherlock. Wow. I have a lot say about these three episodes so I’ll be doing three mini reviews in this post for each show. I’ll refrain from giving spoilers as well as I can as well.

My overall thoughts? I love this show so much; even though it violently shredded my heart at the end of Reichenbach Falls. Actually, that’s part of the ‘wow’ factor for this season. I didn’t know a TV show could have that powerful an impact on me like Reichenback Falls did; like this entire show has. But, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Let’s start with the infamous first episode, “A Scandal of Belgravia”. I know some of my friends like be warned about what the show might contain, so I’ll take the time to do that.


A lot of warnings came with this episode from lots of friends; one scene is bad, skip several scenes, oh, just don’t watch the episode at all! Wow. Lot of controversy. All I knew was that there were only six episodes for this show in existence and there was no way I was going to completely skip one of those six. So, I just watched the entire show. No regrets.

The mystery was interesting (sadly, I already knew the phone code at the end), the beginning  with Sherlock in his bed sheet was hilarious but the ending had a more subdued darker tone. I really liked seeing the parallels between John’s blog post titles to the original short stories. The scene where Sherlock pulled the deerstalker onto his head before trying to push through the paparazzi gave me chills, that was nearly the best scene out of the entire episode. With exception to the Sherlock wrapped in a sheet at Buckingham palace. Now that was both hilarious and priceless. 😛


And Irene Adler was… interesting. I’ve never liked the overall character much at all since filmmakers like to pair her with Holmes, which did not happen in the books and I don’t like that at all. So, this adaption was interesting to see. I didn’t think she was that pretty, actually, and while there was a hint of feelings between her and Holmes, it didn’t bother me like other adaptions have. In regards to the immodesty issues: at the beginning half of the episode you briefly see her several times in really immodest clothing and then there’s the scene where you know she’s wearing absolutely nothing but the cameras don’t let you see very much. After that, she was actually covered up really well for the rest of the show. Overall, both I and my Mom thought it was not as bad as we were led to believe. I will say that guys would certainly have a problem with what was shown, so yeah, viewer discretion is advised.

On the whole, the episode had a dirty feeling to it and it’s not one I will be re-watching very often except maybe for the beginning with Sherlock having the webcam conversation with John and the Buckingham palace part. That was just priceless; Sherlock screaming “SHUT. UP.” at the doorbell nearly put me in stitches from laughing so hard.


If I was to sum up “The Hounds of the Baskervilles” with one word it would be INTENSE. This was an intense episode. I enjoyed seeing the parallels they made to the original story and yet at the same time it was very different. The way the story panned out up to the end was really interesting and clever. It had some funny parts too, of course. Sherlock being desperate for a cigarette at the beginning was hilarious, I was pleased to finally get the smoking aspect of his character in there a little bit. And we got to see a lot of sass from him which is always hilarious. His one liners are the best.

I don’t want to say too much more for fearing of spoiling some things, I’ll just keep this one brief. Overall, it was excellent, a little creepy and a very clever, fresh adaption of one of my favorite Holmes novels.

Okay, moving on to the killer.


I knew “The Reichenbach Falls” was going to be emotionally traumatizing but I didn’t realize just how strongly it would effect me. For a while I put off watching this episode. It wasn’t until a couple nights ago that I felt pumped to watch it and wasn’t already emotionally drained from a long bad day.

WOW. The whole story is Moriarty basically tearing down Sherlock’s reputation and turning him into a bad guy in the eyes of the public. That hurt. And then, of course, the roof scene. Sherlock giving the ultimate sacrifice was amazing and heartbreaking to see. But it wasn’t until I got to the end where John spoke his heart in the grave yard that I totally lost it. It doesn’t help that I’m already emotionally invested in these two character and the entire Holmes franchise. But wow. I didn’t expect to loose it like I did. I haven’t shed that many tears for any movie, ever. I cried a river, was nearly clutching my laptop with both hands, I could barely see the screen through my tears. And then it took me about five minutes to regain my composure after the credits rolled. I knew it was going to be sad. But wow. BBC literally shredded my heart and turned me into a puddle of tears.


So, not only did the show get a hard long cry out of me (an unbelievable accomplishment), it was also just a great mystery. Dark and very sad; it was hard seeing everything just fall apart at the end. But it was AMAZING. The best episode of the entire show.

And Moriarty is despicable and disgusting and slithery and the creepiest villain ever. I love and understand how people can like villains like The Joker or Loki, but I will never understand how anyone can genuinely like Moriarty. Oh my gosh. So creepy. So very creepy. He is disgusting. But perfect for the show.


Overall, the second season is darker and more intense then the first season, but that’s not a bad thing at all. It’s a great continuation and I am DYING for the third season to be released. I’m really curious to see how they continue everything from where they left off.

And I bow to BBC for their amazing characterizations and plot twists and dialogue and just the emotional depth they’ve given this show. I’m really impressed that Riechenbach Falls made me cry like I did, it’s virtually impossible for me to get so emotionally distraught over a TV show. None of my friends were exaggerating when they said they sobbed their eyes out. ‘Cause I did too.

And I don’t shed tears for just anything.


I love you, Sherlock Holmes. You are my hero, and yes, you are my angel. Whether you look like Benedict, or Basil, or just that thin face from the stories, you will live forever in my heart. XOXO


16 thoughts on “Sherlock Season 2

  1. Yes. Just yes.

    After I was the Riechenbach falls was just…. asjdfl;kasdjklfjkl;asdj. Honestly, I can’t describe it. And Moriarty is one of those villians that I love to hate. He IS super super creepy. I think one of the reasons that Moriarty is so creepy is because he acts like he’s insane–insane villians creep me out more than any other kind, because you can’t reason with them.

    Anywho…. I better stop now because I could honestly talk about Sherlock forever. I don’t want to wait until season 3 comes out…

    1. 😀 I wish BBC wouldn’t take so long to make their seasons! I heard a rumor that they were going to start filming soon, though, so I’m praying that’s true!


  2. *Spoilers* Moriarty shooting himself was the most shocking part of the episode for me, since I knew they couldn’t actually kill Sherlock because the show was too successful. 🙂 But I agree, Riechenbach Fall was fantastic! Great ending, looking forward to see how he survived the fall. I watched a few videos on how he did it but I want a real explanation. I also liked how the show changed the name of the original story from “Riechenbach Falls” to “Riechenbach Fall”, because he fell.
    I agree that some people over exaggerated a little about “A Scandal of Belgravia” but the episode was good, just not as good in terms of plot as the others. At least for me.
    My favorites were probably “Riechenbach Fall” and “The Great Game”, Moriarty rocks! And yes, I kind of liked his character, he was so funny and evil.


    1. That was shocking, there’s know way that was faked and I guess we won’t be seeing him again! I also want the real explanation of how he survived but I won’t be spending my days trying to figure it out myself. That would be a waste of energy on my part! Lol

      Scandal of Belgravia was good but had a different feel then the others; I enjoyed all the funny part throughout. “Punch me in the face!” and “We need to call the police” *BANG BANG BANG* “On their way!” LOL

      Moriarty is evil but I like this adaption of him; he has personality and character and is three dimensional. Some Moriarty adapations are just bland. 🙂


  3. Oh my word, I love Sherlock! Of the second season, the last episode was the best…so intense and Moriarity was SO EVIL. How are we to wait until season three?

    I too heard much about the infamous Scandal in Belgravia…as it was, we watched it on our clearplay, so all of the objectionable content was taken out and it was fine. However, as you said, it probably wouldn’t be one I’d watch again.

    I never liked it when Irene Adler was used as Sherlock Holmes love interest…everyone always seems to do it and BUGS me exceedingly! I’m still not sure what I think of their relationship in this TV show, though.

    1. I don’t know how I will wait, it’s will be long but worthwile in the end. 🙂

      Clearplay, that’s the other way to go. 🙂 That no doubt took care of some of those short scenes.

      Yay, I’m glad someone else doesn’t like Sherlock/Irene pairing. I despise it when they make their love interests. YUCK YUCK YUCK. At least in the TV show it was pretty clear Holmes really wasn’t in love with her, he just really admired her and there’s a difference between those two. So, it didn’t really bother me.

      Thanks for commenting!


  4. I love your review!
    I wish I could say more but I’ve never seen this one 🙂
    Thank you for sharing this!

  5. Oh yeah, I forgot those funny parts from that episode. Then in that case, I liked the episode more and the action scene was cool. 🙂 I agree, the many of the older adaptations of Moriarty were not that good. However, Moriarty in “A Game of Shadows” was great, not as good as this Moriarty but still very cool.
    I didn’t say anything about “The Hounds of the Baskervilles” in my last comment. While some of the background characters annoyed me, the overall story was great. Not sure if I am thinking the wrong episode, but the glowing hamster was hilarious and clever. 😀


    1. I am actually watching A Game of Shadows right now, I’m near the end; this Moriarty is okay, but so far I haven’t liked either of Downey’s Sherlock movies, but that’s my problem and for another post. 😛

      It was a glowing rabbit, but close enough! Yes, I liked Sherlock at the beginning complaining about lack of good cases only have bad ones and saying in a mocking voice, “I can’t find Bluebell. Please please please come help.” And then they broke into the Baskerville and Watson was like, “We broke in here to look for a missing rabbit?!” So funny! Henry was kinda whiny throughout the episdoe but I felt really bad for him so I didn’t mind overall. 🙂


  6. I haven’t seen it either but you surely wrote a fascinating review! 🙂 This sounds like a series that viewers can really get swept up in. I have read a very few of Sherlock’s mysteries…I can picture how compelling this series must be. *Adds More Sherlock to TBR List*

    We are expecting snow up here…27 inches two weeks ago is melting and more is coming..only a few inches though!

    We have had flocks of red polls on our bird feeder…a bird with a little ruby spot on its head that glows in the light. I had never seen these birds before. I am excited to see them now! 🙂

    Blessings Jamie! And looking forward to your review of Season Three (Soon?) 🙂 🙂


    1. I highly recommend both watching BBC Sherlock and reading the original short stories and the four novels! I have read nearly all of them and their pretty awesome.

      Awesome! It hailed here a couple days ago and that’s super rare. I’d love to have it snow but that’s really unlikly, so enjoy it for me!

      Very coo, I don’t think I have ever seen a red poll before.

      Well, I will review it but it won’t be any time soon because it hasn’t even been filmed. I hear that they might be releasing it either late this year or early in 2014, so us fans have a long wait! 🙂


  7. Hi Jamie! Just wanted to tell you…. We got seven inches of snow!
    It’s still falling now, we took some pictures and video and I hope to post them on Holly’s blog 😀 If you want to see big, thick snowflakes falling like crazy….And cardinals on the bird feeder. 🙂

    1. Very cool! I will look forward to seeing the pictures! Do you mind sharing what state you live in, I’m interested to see where it is still snowing. I’m in Arizona, and we are having 100 percent chance of blue skies. 😛


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