Shine On Award


The Shine On Award Rules:

1. Link back to the blogger who nominated you. Which I did, see above.
2. Post the badge on your blog. It’s pretty. Do it.
3. Answer the questions posed to you. Regardless of how out-of-left-field they may be.
4. Nominate five bloggers who shine a little light in your day and be sure to notify them.
5. Issue some questions you’d like them to answer.
First off, a big thank you to the blog owner of “Sanity? Optional. Writing? Required.” for awarding me with this; it made my day and I had a lot of fun answering your questions! 🙂 I’ll be adding the award to my specific blog awards page. I’ll be following the rules for the rest of this post so there no need for me to keep rambling on here! Let’s do this thing!
The Questions:

1. Why did you start blogging?
I’ve answered this question before, but I’ll see if I can rephrase it on the short side. I started blogging because I liked writing but I didn’t start off on my own blog. I began blogging first on the family blog–I actually wrote a lot over there. After maybe a year of blogging over there, I wanted to spread my wings and my parents agreed to let me start my own blog. That was two years ago and I still love blogging. 🙂
2. Tea or coffee?
Uhhhh, neither. Well, if I had to pick one it would be… tea. I suppose. Honestly, neither. I don’t care for either, I don’t regularly drink either…. I like water. With ice.
3. Most inspiring writer?
The writer that inspires me the most would have to be Agatha Christie. She really is Queen of Crime and her intricate plots blow me away each time, leave me marveling and stunned. She wrote so much for so long and created the most popular detective in fiction–after Sherlock Holmes, of course. I want to be able to write quality stories like her and certainly inspires me to continue working on my plots. So, she is certainly the most inspiring writer to me.
4. Your favorite fandoms?
OH MY GOSH, THIS COULD TAKE DAYS TO ANSWERS! Okay, in brief: Star Wars, The Avengers, Batman/ and Joker fandoms, and Sherlock Holmes (including both the books and the BBC show). Others too, but those are the ones off the top of my head. You can read this if you want more of a informative list. 🙂
5. If you were to take over the world, how would you do it?
Okay, the trick to taking over the world successfully is making nearly everyone like you. If nearly everyone just loves you, they’ll all help you take over the world, so to take over the world, you just need a large fanbase. I know you’re laughing, but I’m serious! If Tom Hiddleston ever took it in his head to take over the world, do you know how many people would actually help him do it? A lot. So. Just saying.
6. Which do you prefer, a computer or paper and pen?
Computer. I could not for the life of my write a short story on paper. I’ve been writing stories on the computer for so long that it is the only natural way I can write (keep in mind I started writing stories when I was about eight and those stories were written on the computer, so it really is the only way I’ve ever written stories).
7. The best moment of your life was–?
Wow, how do you boil your life down to one event? That’s pretty impossible for me to do. The best moments overall, though, have been with friends. Even though I have a hard time showing it, I really do appreciate the friends I’ve made over the years. I’ve never had very many friends at all and I’ve lost a lot of friends in a blink of an eye without having a chance to say goodbye. Most kids and teenagers are jerks, so the ones who’ve actually been kind to me and talked to me and made time for me have left a large impact on my life. The best moments for me is when I can wrap my arms around my adopted sisters and goof off with them late into the night, or when I can make movies that create bloopers that I can rewatch a dozen times and laugh at or when my family has gone on vacation with my cousins and we got to run across the beach and visit Legoland together. Those are the best moments of my life.
8. The first song to come up on your portable musical device of choice:
Ocean Princess by Thomas Bergersen. Best. Trailer. Music. Ever. This and Merchant Prince. Gah, I love this sort of music.
9. Love is–?
Love is self-sacrificing. Love gives unconditionally. Love thinks outside of it’s self. The best example of love that I have in my life is my Mom. She really shows love to my siblings and me and she tells us that she wants to be there for us. She loves us enough to do the right thing even if she gets a lot of pressure not to. I love my Mom very much and I hope I can be just as good as mom when I have my kids.
10. Why did the chicken cross the road?
Why does anybody do half the things they do? Anyway, considering I’m not clever enough to come up with a witty response to this question, I’ll just say what chickens decide to do usually only make sense to them–I’ve had chickens for a year, so I can say this with experience. They are strange little creatures who lay eggs and will eat cockroaches and scorpions.
Okay, I must now nominate five bloggers: so I giving this to my dear friends who’ve shined into my life through all their wonderful comments, including:
Okay, that’s more then five. Oh well.
Now for some questions I would like you guys to answer. Let’s see if I can come up with some good ones.

What’s your favorite comedy movie or tv show that you’ve seen?
The Avengers or the X-Men and why?
What is one of your favorite carnival rides?
Who do you like more in films, the heroes or the villians? Why?
Is there something that comes with the territory of blogging that you struggle with–is it hard for you to write your posts, schedule them, come up with the post ideas, ect?
Favorite ice cream.
If you could meet your blogging friends, who would you like to meet and where and how would you like to meet them?

And those are your questions! I hope you all have fun doing this tag! I know I did. 🙂
PS I entered a giveaway at God’s Daughter and a mandatory rule was share a link in someway; so here it is! Check it out if you want! 🙂

22 thoughts on “Shine On Award

  1. Thank you for the nomination, it made my day! I love the answers you gave for what is love, and the best moment of your life. They sound like things I would have said if i were asked those questions lol. 😀

  2. : D I really enjoyed reading your answers!

    May I please answer the questions? For fun?

    1. I started blogging because I loved reading blogs. : D And because I wanted to be able to review books. God has opened amazing doors for me through blogging.

    2. Tea and cocoa. And spoonfuls of frozen orange juice. Not in water-on a spoon.

    3. Ohhh- don’t ask me to name a single author! For fiction alone…Lewis and Tolkien. I love long, detailed, intricate sagas, with slow character development, and rich descriptions. And did I mention long books?

    4. I am afraid I can’t answer this one yet… : D

    5. *hasn’t really thought about this before* O.O

    6. For writing- computer. I just began using the computer one year ago. For reading- print. Always for books. I love print.

    7. I can’t make it just one moment. : )

    8. Currently I am singing “The Everlasting” by Third Day,

    9. Love is… what God did for us, and what He enables us to do for each other.
    What you said was perfect…”Love is self-sacrificing. Love gives unconditionally. Love thinks outside of it’s self. The best example of love that I have in my life is my Mom.” *Loved this*

    10. Why did the chicken go in the pond- almost? Because she lived with ducks! : D
    Who knows? Our hen did not like living with ducks. She was tidy and clean and loved a fluffy nest, they were not tidy or clean and loved water. She almost went in the pond once. Almost.

    Thank you for allowing me to ramble! Blessings Jamie!
    In Christ!

  3. Thank you thank you for tagging me! It came at the perfect time–I couldn’t think of something for tomorrow morning’s post 😉

    P.S. Wait, you have chickens?! I don’t think I knew! (*checks off another “thing in common with Jamie”*) We’re planning on getting a whole new batch of baby chicks here in a couple of months! They’ll replace these old 2 1/2 dozen moochers who eat a lot of grain but give us only about five or six eggs a day in return 😛

    1. Oh, I’m so glad! I can’t wait to read it tomorrow! 🙂

      Well, we had chickens up until maybe four weeks ago, we just couldn’t take the time to care for them like they needed because we’ve needed to channel mental energy to other things. But yes, I still say it’s another thing we have in common! 😀


  4. Thanks for the award Jamie! 😀 I should be able to get it posted by Saturday. 🙂 Great answers, always like learning more about you (hope that did not make me sound like a stalker :P). I really like your questions, they will be fun to answer. I think I will answer a few of the questions you had for fun.

    5. With an army of Tom Hiddleston clones! 😛

    8. “Stars Align” by Lindsey Striling (from her album)


    1. Thanks, James and no that doesn’t sound like a stalker! Stalkers usually don’t make their presence known! 😛 I’ll look forward to reading your post!

      OMG YES! An army of Hiddles, yes that would certainly take over the world! 😀

      That’s a good song; I just recently bought her album off Amazon and it’s been great to listen to away from my computer! Thanks so much for recommending her to me!


  5. Thanks for tagging me, Jamie! 😀
    I’m going to answer some of the questions you got now. I’ll answer the one you gave me all properly in a post. XD
    2. TEEEEEAAAAAAA!!! I love tea. I am obsessed with tea. Tea. (But coffee is sooooo good!)
    6. Pen and paper. The scratch and swish of pen across paper soothes me. Sometimes I write or draw or just make lines when I’m upset and need to calm down.

  6. *sighs* I almost wish I could write well on a computer – but most of it just turns out as … well, terrible dribble. *rolls eyes* I suppose I better keep to my precious pen and paper.

    Bye the bye – “Grandmother’s Letters” really, truly is almost done – and I’m getting there in the typing too! Thought you might like to know! I’m soooo excited!!! Secrets are being unearthed – and I actually, after all these months, er, years – have actually astonished my sisters!!! 😀

    Okay… done rambling. 😀


    1. It is much more efficient to write on the computer, Rebekah, it does save time. It just might take practice. 🙂

      Ooooooh, how exciting!! It does seem like a long time since you started Grandmother’s Letters!


  7. Aw, thank you, Jamie! This is awesome. 🙂

    I loved reading your comments. It’s nice to get to know your blogger a bit more. I think that, as far as the friends and learning more about yourself are concerned, well, that comes with time. But it’s awesome that you’re starting that journey, and that you’re willing to take time for it. Getting to know yourself is a rewarding experience.

    What? You can’t name your kid Sherlock Holmes? That’s like saying you can’t name your kid Loki! 😦

    I’ll write up the blog post, and post it tomorrow! Thanks. 🙂



    1. Thanks for the encouragement! Time and patience should really help me, I hope!

      LOL, well, I don’t think anyone would let me name my child Sherlock Holmes. I thought “Basil and Benedict” was pretty clever and I like those names anyway! 😛

      I’m looking forward to your post!


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