To Laugh





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I really like to laugh; even the silent, inward laughs count. Funny things just make everything better. 🙂



24 thoughts on “To Laugh

  1. I saw the one of Sherlock climbing through the window just the other day on Pinterest! Also the pie-chart of Lord of the Rings. That one never gets old!

    1. XD I think I am the only girl who is not on Pinterest! 😛 And yes, that pie chart always makes me giggle and I’ve not even seen LOTR yet! 😛


  2. “Screw it, I’m Iron Man” ROLF! One of the many reasons why Tony is so much better than Batman! 😀
    Avengers Deleks is just hilarious! Exterminate!
    Except for the LOTR one these are ROLF hilarious! 😀

    P.S. This is Moth, James is dead.


    1. I agree, Iron Man totally rocks more as both a superhero and a billionaire! Come on, he knows how to spend his money on good stuff, not on hotels! Lol 😛

      ROFL; Moth, why would you do that to me?! I need all my friends! 😛

      HAHA, thanks for playin’ around! 😀


    1. *sobs* Then tell me where they’ve buried him so I can pay my last respects! And then I’ll be coming after you, Moth! With RAID! So beware the anger of the blogging buddy! *in Maria Hill voice* I will get the Avengers, and you will be avenged, James!


  3. James was eaten by Moths, no body left. *Gets hit by fly swatter*
    *Arnold Schwarzenegger voice* “I’m Back!”
    I killed the moth! Stupid Moth trying to make you think I dead.
    ROLF! I love your reaction! You are so funny! You really should be a comedian. 😀


    1. ROFL

      that was awesome!

      And thank you! I should be and maybe I will be, someday. 😛 You’ll be able to say, “I knew her when!” ….. anyway, glad you killed the moth; he was up to no good. Would probably have only turned out to be an identity thief if his career had lasted any longer! 😛


  4. Hahaha! How did you add the Gif to the comment? Or is that something only the author can do?
    btw Awesome Gif of Emma Watson (one of my favorite actresses). 😀


    1. I think it is only something the author can do and I always forget that I can do it, since the ‘add image’ button isn’t clearly marked. 😦 Glad you like it. 😀


    1. I would die too. I’d have heart failure, and he’d probably step right over my body, quite honestly, if you think about what he would actually do. 😛 I love him anyway!


  5. Love those pics! 🙂
    I’m looking forward to probably watching Sherlock in the near future. 😉
    After seeing your review I am even more excited about watching it.

    1. I hope you see Sherlock; I haven’t seen the second season, so I can’t fully give recommend it yet but I can safely and easily recommend watching the first season! If and when you watch it, you will have to do a blog post about it! 😀


  6. Awesome. I particularly love the Dalek Avengers, and Sherlock climbing through your window; if only…



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