Christmas-y Feelings on a Small Scale


For some super strange reason, it doesn’t feel like Christmas to me this year. And, compared to last year, I haven’t barely even blogged about Christmas that much on here, so, time to fix that! Time to at least attempt to get into that Christmas Spirit within the last six days before the big day is here. 🙂

I don’t know about you, but I think it would be fun to experience a typical ‘Christmas’ like you see in some of the cheap-y holiday films, like what Hallmark sometimes make. I’d love to be that one kid who has to spend the holidays with rich, extended family in some “god-forsaken” country-side away from the city with the house all decked out to the wall-paper and nothing to worry about except some silly drama that really isn’t that bad anyway—except, I would find that super fun and not be all “my Christmas is ruined!” nonsense that the kid would wail at the beginning upon hearing their fate. Like, it would be awesome to spend Christmas in the country-side where there might actually be hills to ride sleighs on and you wouldn’t even have to do all that extensive decorating, it’s just all done by that butler who’s been with the family for years and of course there would be snow….. I have never had a Christmas with snow.

Kids in movies get it so lucky sometime and of course, they complain about it.


Yesterday I cooked sugar cookies with my brother Nathan (who just turned six, come to think of it, and I didn’t even blog anything for his birthday, shame on me.) I think I looked a little funny doing it because I was wearing a purple apron that just clashed by my silver and black Batman shirt and then I had gotten flour all over the black parts of the shirt and then he was wearing his little kids Pampered Chef apron that I used to wear when I was his size… why am I rambling about our clothes? Anywaaaaay, we made bears, snowmen, Christmas tress and large snowflakes. We then frosted them and Nathan dumped large amounts of sprinkles on them and they turned out pretty nicely! 🙂

As I’m sitting here typing, Kayla and I are listening to Focus on the Families’ radio drama version of A Christmas Carol and I was reenacting Scrooge myself a moment ago–at this moment Kayla is hopping around the room pretending to be Crachit but I don’t know why Crachit would be hopping. Although I’m not a huge Dickens fan at all, I do love A Christmas Carol; I’m looking forward to reading the book for the first time in a couple weeks with Dylan–I just need to borrow a copy of the book from the library and then the two of us are going to break from reading Sherlock Holmes to put in a Christmas book before the year ends. 🙂

I can’t think of anything else that I’ve done that has been very Christmas-y… so this post must come to an end. 🙂


I hope you’ve been having a more Christmas-y feeling Christmas then I have. 🙂 I hope to feel the spirit soon… I hope…



12 thoughts on “Christmas-y Feelings on a Small Scale

  1. I agree about Christmas, they usually have the same cliched plot. Only Die Hard, Home Alone, and Elf are very good Christmas movies. “Now I have a mechine gun. Ho, ho, ho.” 😀 Have you seen the recent animated “A Christmas Carol”? It was actually a good movie, one of the better versions of the story I have seen.
    I’m not exactly sure what doing “Christmas-y” things is other than putting up a Christmas tree. I have been helping my monther bake a ton of everything and I’m terrible at it. lol Merry Christmas! 😀


    1. *gasps* Die Hard is the best Christmas movie ever–we just watched it again a couple a weeks ago right after Thanksgiving. I haven’t see that movie, come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve seen a single A Christmas Carol film adaption ever. I really do need to though.

      LOL Baking is fun, I have more baking I need to do for my mom, which includes making some Fool’s Toffee….


  2. compared to last year I’m not much in the spirit either. I don’t have any idea why too 😛 I got a death star toy for christmas (which I’m still freaking about over), and that’s about it. we don’t celebrate christmas here a lot ):

    1. Oooh, a death star toy, that’s freaking amazing, I don’t see many of those here for some reason! 🙂 Aww, I wish you did celebrate Christmas, that’s sad. Hopefully you have some of your own holidays you celebrate? 🙂


  3. Let’s see…the Christmas-y things I’ve done….

    Welp, I’ve bought and wrapped presents and have making more of them in my schedule.

    I’ve decorated the Christmas tree.

    Oh yes! AND IT SNOWED. Like, 4 inches or so. White Christmas! 😀

    1. Alright, you got some shopping done! I’ve done some shopping but I need to do more on Friday. 😀



  4. It doesn’t feel too much like Christmas for me, either. Maybe it’s because it’s so green… haha.

    What have I done for Christmas?? I made Christmas cookies with my family, had a get together with my cousins, went Christmas shopping and was part of my church’s Christmas cantata. I also went Christmas caroling. I love Christmas.

    And I’ve also been listening to One Direction like crazy… haha not really Christmas related, but still 😀

    1. If you’re used to a white Christmas then that would be very different to have it green!

      Sounds like so much fun; I miss getting together with my cousins, we used to always get together for Christmas but we’ve not done it in several years. 😦

      1D should make a Christmas album. I’d actually listen to that! LOL


    2. I know, I wish they did too!! haha, I’m so glad I found someone else who thinks that! I’m the only Directioner I know, unfortunately…

  5. How was shopping? Fun? I hope so! One of the disadvantages of snow is that it makes it hard/dangerous to drive anywhere…good thing I had all my shopping done!

    1. Just got back from shopping, actually, and it was fun. I even saw a few things I wanted for myself and my dad bought them for me. I just need to wait till Christmas to get them! 😀

      That is one thing that I like about not having snow. No dangerous driving and no walks to shovel. 😛


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