Rainy Days… but they’re my favorite


I haven’t blogged in ages, I know. Hell kinda broke loose last week in my family and I’ve been mentally and emotionally distracted from both blogging and writing my books! But instead of talking about how I’ve not been blogging, I’m just going to jump in catch up on a few memorable adventures I’ve been had the nine or ten days…

Kayla and I had a little adventure with a large Gold Canyon Candle last week—basically, our parents were out for the evening and we were watching White Christmas with Nathan downstairs and Kayla goes to the kitchen for something and find the entire candle on fire. Like, the entire inside of this large glass candle was on fire. I think all the wax was burning or something. Anyway, the flames were pretty big and she called me up. We tried dropping a wet wash clothe over it to smother it but there was a pop and the glass broke, wax was drizzling everywhere, blue flame was on the outside of the candle and I was moving away all sorts of papers and the wooden cutting board because, hey, who’s to say that can’t catch on fire? Kayla called Mom and she told us to wet down a large towel and throw it over the candle. We managed to do this and thank God it went out. It was quite an ordeal but we laugh about it now. 😛


Kayla and I hadn’t made any fun movies with friends in a long, long time until last Sunday; we had a ball filming a thriller with The Boys over the afternoon while we were hanging out around our house. Well… it was suppose to be a thriller, but Daryck and Kayla turned it into a comedy that mostly made fun of me and Dylan (we were acting, Kayla was filming and Daryck was directing.) We had a lot of fun and we made more bloopers then actual useable  film. I ended getting to hanging out with The Boys at their house on Tuesday and we all watched the footage together on my laptop (just about died from laughter while watching ourselves mess up over each take.) And we played Monopoly. So, it’s been nice getting to see more of them the past week.

I also attended our former Baptist church’s Christmas Party yesterday, so it was good to see my old friends as well. We laughed too much and traded stories about fire (I told the candle story), we practiced our acting around the fire pits, frosted sugar cookies, and went caroling up and down the neighborhood block. I got to catch up with my new friend Stephen, whom I only get to see at these get-together’s, so that was really nice. We were even caroling buddies; I held the book full of Christmas songs and he turned the pages for me because I couldn’t with my gloves on. It lightly sprinkled rain late in the evening, but it never came down hard during the party, so it turned out to be a perfect evening.


It’s been raining all day today; I love rain so much; I rarely see it and it’s lovely to have the sidewalks wet and the skies dark all day. It feels like winter when it rains like this! This afternoon, because for some reason I function on the random side, I decided to go out in the rain and do some of my signature moves of life, called Puddle Splashing. I put on some black boots, my black and red Halloween vampire cape and grabbed my umbrella and trotted around in the front yard and up and down the street for a little while. I even swung on the swing hanging off our tree so I could get some good cape action in. I would say the neighbors probably thought I looked weird, but I think by now they are used to seeing us running around the front yard clothed in capes and leather from all our weird Cops and Robbers games with The Boys. Yeah.. the neighbors should be used to this.

And finally, I’ve been trying to put together post about one of my goals for this upcoming year but it’s been difficult to get the right words out onto my post; considering I don’t usually share really deep, heart-hurting posts, it’s just a little weird for me. But I’m hoping I’ll feel ready to post it by the new year. 🙂


I need to go write something for my book, now….

So…. cheerio.


13 thoughts on “Rainy Days… but they’re my favorite

  1. Wow, never heard of anything like that happening before. But rapidly heating and cooling usually shaters glass though, glad you’re alright. 🙂
    So why hasn’t you or Kayla uploaded your movies? I really want to see them! 😀
    I couldn’t go out in the rain were I live, it is like 50 degrees! lol
    Looking forward to your goals for next year.


    1. Thank you, I’m glad we’re alright too. Mom even called the candle lady, and she’d never heard anything like it happening either! Thankfully Kayla caught it when it was small and it didn’t catch anything else on fire! 😀

      Kayla doesn’t like most people watching her movies because they’re (according to her) not her best work. Maybe we’ll be able to someday went she’s not so self-conscious about it!

      Thanks, I’ll keep working on that post till I get right!


  2. Glad to hear that your misadventure with the candles ended well! I can imagine that was pretty scary. When I told my mom about it she practically made me swear never to light a candle while she’s away from the house! We did have a little fire almost get out of control one time . . . we were trying to burn some old hay and–ahem–those little flames (and they *were* little) crept right out of the hay piles and across the fence into the neighbor’s yard! Like I said, the flames were small, it wasn’t like a wildfire or anything, but let me tell you, we had a water brigade going! We were running back and forth with buckets of water (because our hose wasn’t long enough to reach) as fast as our legs could carry us! Oh boy, that was quite an adventure…

    I’ll pray that the Lord gives you grace to write out your goals for next year without much difficulty. Just keep your chin up and your trust in him, and he will direct your paths!

      1. *hastily* No no no, not hay bales! Lordamercy, that WOULD be scary, haha! No, this was some old dirty hay from the barn that had accumulated in the very back of our yard; it wasn’t good for anything but mulch and there was too much even for that, so we decided to burn it 😛

        Love ya back, Jamie my friend! 😀 ❤

  3. Now that I think about it the candle inccident was kind of fun…. like it makes a really good story. 😛

  4. Oh my goodness. Wow. Freaky candle scare.

    Going out in the rain swinging in a cape (and this is why they say not to do…whatever I just did. It makes NO sense.) sounds like alot of fun!

    I’ve been watching Ultimate Spiderman lately and I LOVE it! IT HAS COULSON. I am a Coulson fan.

    1. I love that reaction! LOL

      It was a lot of fun, and you made sense! Haha! You should try it sometime!

      OMG I love Coulson so much, he is my baby, I get very protective of Coulson…. Wow. That sounded really weird now that I reread that sentence but I think you understand my sentiment!


  5. The candle story… LOL. I’ve done something rather like that, except I set the kitchen dish towels on fire. Ooooh, and no one else was home. It was rather fun after I got the smallish flames out.

    And… where do you find the pics you always stick in your posts? Cause they’re so pretty! The kind of things I love, kinda thought provoking they almost have a special meaning to them. LOL…

    1. Oh my gosh, you set a dish towel on fire? That’d be scary! LOL why am I laughing? 😛

      Tumblr! Here is one of my favorites for pictures like that top one (the rest of the rain pictures I got off of Google.)


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