Currently reading: The Hound of the Baskervilles by Arther Conan Doyle

Currently listening to: soundtrack of a childhood favorite Lego PC game, Rock Raiders

Currently learning for piano: Wind by Brian Crain

Currently obsessed with: vintage/antique trinkets and steampunk in general

Currently drinking: pink lemonade from Fresh and Easy

Currently liking: having the Christmas tree up

Currently attempting: to control my dreams using this technique

Currently tired of: too much family drama

Currently needing to: write a Christmas list and start buying Christmas presents

Currently wishing: for rain

Currently done: posting for today



15 thoughts on “Currently

  1. Wait…. You played LEGO Rock Raiders! I thought I was the only kid how played the game, it was my favorite when I was a kid. Sorry if I am going a little crazy, but I seriously thought that I was the only who actually liked that game. Haven’t played it in years but I spent hours and hours when I was around 7 years old. That soundtrack brings back a ton of nostalgia, those Rock monster were a pain when they ate your crytals! 😀
    Me Currently: Enjoying your post. 🙂


    1. YES YOU KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT! Kayla and I ADORED Lego Rock Raiders! The videos were so fun, we re-watched them over and over and the game itself was THE BEST EVER! It was always so exciting when you were able to move on to new caverns! I wish I knew where our copy of the game was, I would do just about anything to get it to work on my laptop! That and Lego Island… but I don’t think they would work on Windows 7 *gross sobbing*


  2. You just reminded me that I need to write a Christmas list… haha I have no idea what to ask for OR what to get people…. :/

    haha Really liked this post 🙂

  3. THAT IS SO AWESOME! I can’t find my copy of the game either, the game was so much fun. 😀 I played Lego Island too, the first one especially. Going all around the Island and stoping the Brickster in the end of the game. You are the first person that I know that played those games. 🙂


    1. I only played the first version of Lego Island but it was SO fun and VERY ADDICTIVE; I think my mom had to put a time limit on how long we played it because we would have been glued to the computer for hours on end! YES THE BRICKSTER I LOVED CHASING THE BRICKSTER! And Pepper, “I’m the pizza delivery dude, the dude with the food!” So many memories. It seemed like the possibilities for that game was endless, we were constantly discovering new things to do in that game! Vice versa, you are also the first person I’ve met who has also played these games! I’m now going to tear apart all our PC game folders to see if I can still find them. I wish the Lego company would update the software so they can work on the new computers I WOULD SO BUY THEM AGAIN! 🙂


    2. Jamie……. you don’t need to tear anything up. I have the games. 😛 Like yes, but they don’t work. 😦 It makes me so mad.

  4. Oh, cool! You’re reading the Hound of Baskervilles!!! I haven’t actually read it yet…rather surprising considering it is currently sitting beneath my bed….but, whatever. I think I read a kiddie version once. I’m working on Murder on the Orient Express! I think the lady…Mary whatever, you know, the woman that was talking to the guy… Colonel Aber…Aber…his name. Abubunthy? Abenthy? Abe-be-grr. But you know, the woman, about 28, deep red nails, smoking a ciggarette in a long holder and that man to whom she was talking early in the time that Hercule knew/saw/traveled with them. I think the Colonel might be involved, but I definitely think the lady. Of course, I’ll find out, but since you’ve read it too I thought I might share my hypothesis.
    Who did you think it was? No spoilers now, I haven’t finished it!

    1. YAY you are reading “Murder on the Orient Express”!!!! Let me just tell you, be prepared for a massive shock at the end! Yes, I know who you are talking about but I’m going to refrain from giving commentary! LOL! I really suspected the doctor throughout the story; he was my main suspect. It was such a good story and unlike some of Agatha Christie’s books, it rarely got boring! Just when it would begin to slow down, something else would pop up! Such a good read, I’m glad you’re reading it now!



      And hey, I was right! Kinda, but I was right! XD


        😛 And I was sooooo off it wasn’t even funny! LOL


    3. Actually, towards the end I started suspecting the doctor, too. But…it was totally mindblowing!!!!This throws the Secret of Chimneys last-minute-twist totally out of the water!!!!!!!!

      1. I really want to see the film versions of this movie but my friends said the recent version with David Suchet as Poirot was really disappointing (they’d read the book as well) so that makes me sad. I totally loved the book, though.


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