Awkward but Awesome


Awkward: When you buy a new shirt and it’s even shorter then you thought it would be…

Awesome: when a black tank top underneath it solves everything and you’re glad you got it in the end, because, hey, it would practically have been a sin to leave that sparkly Batman shirt on shelf…


Awkward: When it’s Christmas time and you can’t think of a single thing to put on your Want list…

Awesome: having just about anything you could want already and feeling content about it.


Awkward: Having your first male dance partner of your entire life and being a little clumsy about it all, because, that can be just tad awkward…

Awesome: said male dance partner being really sweet and at least you’ve been a pro at line dancing for seven years previously so it ended up being totally fine at the end.


Awkward: Looking like a dork after church because you’re holding your Sherlock Holmes book under your arm and looking out of place…

Awesome: forgetting about looking like a dork because you get too caught up in discussing the stories with your best friend and deciding how many chapters to read in the coming week.


Awkward: Loosing a ring you got for your birthday.

Awesome: there is nothing awesome about this predicament..


Awkward: Doing a post just like this an entire year and two days ago and not doing another one in between those time frames…

Awesome: there is just two days difference between this post and the last post: That is super awesome, I think.


Awkward: Realizing your room is covered in Marvel Superhero posters and right up next to them is a poster of a DC villain…

Awesome: said DC villain is The Joker and he totally belongs on up on the wall because he is just as awesome as the Avengers, in his own menacing way.


Awkward: Buying new jackets complicate matters because how are you suppose to choose between your Darth Vader sweater, your trench coat, your frilly knitted wrap and your brown leather jacket?

Awesome: Now having jackets that all match at least one thing in you wardrobe.


Awkward: Why do awkward things always happen…

Awesome: …at least they make for great text posts.



12 thoughts on “Awkward but Awesome

  1. Awkward: having your email open at the moment that a blog is updated and thus reading and commenting on the blog post seconds after it is made and looking like a creeper for this reason.

    Awesome: the post is awesome, and reminds you of how much you want to hug the author and meet them and fangirl with them and be a trio of awesomeness with them and their best friend and your best friend and you all talking about Sherlock and other awesome things all day.

    Awkward: how weird and creeper like that sounded.

    Awesome: 50-50 chance of either freaking author out or making author laugh.

    1. I was going to respond via Awkward and Awesome but there was nothing awkward to list! 😛

      You totally made me laugh out loud and I didn’t find it creepy at all; it simply made me feel incredibly special!!! And your comment was so fun, it totally made my evening! 😀 😀 😀 😀 *awkward, excessive amount of smiley faces here but smiley faces are awesome so I will post more* 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀


  2. Oooh, yeah I love posts like these!!!! 😀 Awesome!!!!!!

    That’s really funny at the end, about awkwardness making good text posts. That’s what I think about bad stuff sometimes, it makes for good story’s afterward. 😛

  3. Aww! Loved this post! I always wanted to do one of these posts and never did…maybe I will when I’ve got time. 🙂

    Thanks for an awesome post!

    1. Oh I’m so glad you loved and yes, you should try doing it sometime! It’s lots of fun!

      You’re so welcome! 🙂 Thank you for your comments!


  4. Awkard: When reading title of post and having no idea what it means

    Awesome: When said post is awesome not awkard! 😀

    Great post, I enjoyed it a lot. Cool pictures, I like the one of 221 B Baker’s Street with all the different Sherlock’s.


    1. LOL to the Awkward!!!! 😛

      I love that one too, it has nearly all of them as well–except for the recent Elementary but that’s okay. 😛


  5. Haha loved this! I totally know what you mean with the second one. And the one about the ring?? “There is nothing awesome about this predicament.” LOL 😀 It cracked me up.

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