The Cliche

First things first; I completed NaNo! I will let loose my excitement on my writing blog later, but I just had to announce it here that I wrote all 50,000 words, with a few days to spare even!

I’m finally getting over the cold I’ve had since last Monday; I spent Thanksgiving by myself with that cold (the family went to a friends’ house for the day) so I ended reading and watching an excessive amount of Sherlock Holmes/detective/mystery stuff. Which is, like, my favorite things ever so I was happy. The last weekend has been busy with visiting with an aunt who has been in town and so that’s a lot of fun. I’m now finally feeling better and things are dying down after all the excitement and I at last have some time to blog!

So, Thanksgiving Day when I was all by myself and had a slight headache and had finished “Sherlock Holmes VS Dracula” and was not sure what do next; I decided to attempt doing the cliche. I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that all ‘the famous’ bloggers out there attest to always “curling up with a quilt and a warm cup of tea to read their favorite book in the window seat” and the way they phrase it sounds as though this is something they do all the time.

I don’t know about you, but as wonderful as that sounds, that isn’t something I’m able to do all the time. But Thanksgiving Day I decided to attempt recreating that statement only in my own fashion to see just how it feels. So, I dragged my brown blanket and teddy bear (yes, I still have my childhood teddy bear) from my bedroom and threw them on the loveseat; I got a cup of water, threw a pile of pillows on one side, curled myself up under my blanket and turned on “The Scarlet Claw”. It wasn’t exactly the cliche picturesque idea, but I have to admit, it was kind of fun imitating the internet idea of ‘snugly perfection’.

Wow, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m very much a dork. Haha, who else has tried this idea out?

Well, for the first time in months, I don’t know what story to read this week because I didn’t see my reading buddy on Sunday. So I’m feeling a little lost right now and I don’t know what I’m going to be doing this afternoon.

Oh, wait, I’ll be cooking this afternoon. Never mind. I know what I’m going to be doing… it just won’t be reading. I still wish I knew if I should read ahead or not. Grrr, I hate missing church!

To all my NaNo buddies, keep up the hard work this week!!!!! I know you can win this! Even if you don’t end up winning, that will be okay too! If you threw your best into this challenge, then you’re a winner in my book anyway! Go for it, girls!

Now, if you’ll excuse, I have a victory post to write my other blog…



7 thoughts on “The Cliche

  1. Congratz on finishing NaNo! 😀 I’m glad that NaNo is basically over for everyone, because Blogger is getting very slow since it started. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad many blogger enjoy doing but there is a lot less blogging in November.
    I’ve heard that cliche a few times. Not sure what sitting by the window would be a good place to read though. 🙂


    1. I know what you mean, it does slow waaaay down, doesn’t it?! Well, I think there will soon be an abundance of Christmas related posts in the near future. 😀

      Windows give good light; that’s probably where that comes from. My house doesn’t have a window seat though. 😛


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