Brrrrr, it’s cold

Fall has certainly *coughFINALLYcough* come to Arizona. It’s finally feeling cold outside, and while there are no falling leaves, there is a need for long sleeve shirts. I, at last, got to wear my new leather jacket; I have been waiting for a while for it to get cold enough for it! We have pulled out space heaters out of storage and have them in them bedrooms and Kayla and I have had our first cups of hot chocolate for this season.

I feel like I’ve been very busy even though I’ve not hardly left the neighborhood outside of church. My novel is coming along brilliantly with a word count of 26,877; it is NaNo that no doubt is making me feel like I’ve been busy. That, and continuing the adventures of Sherlock Holmes’ many short stories with Dylan, carrying books around the house for Mom as she is re-organizing the book shelves, and jumping on the trampoline, which makes me feel quite tired afterwards. No, I have not attempted any back flips on it yet. Yet. 😛

This coming Saturday marks the beginning of a very busy schedule as well, which is different because for my family, Thanksgiving is usually a very sleepy holiday. We’ll be attending a goodbye party Saturday, a family friend will be in town Monday, we’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving with old friends this year, and then an Aunt will be visiting for several days right after Thanksgiving! I’m thinking that I will need to do as much writing as possible this week because I’m not sure how much I will get done next week.

Well, this is all the time I can spare at the moment; I have world-building that needs to be worked on before I can even begin writing this morning. I want to hit 30,000 words by tonight if possible (if I keep procrastinating that might not happen though *face slap*) I have a short story to start as well, but at least I have already taken care of the chickens this morning.

Hope you all are having a nice November!




4 thoughts on “Brrrrr, it’s cold

  1. It has been getting around were I live now too. It is around 50 degrees right now but I like the cold wheater though. 🙂 Trampolines can be fun, I’ve had one since I was a kid but I haven’t jumped on it in at least 3 years. It has caused many small injuries. One time I thought I was knocked unconscious when my little bro run into me with his elbow but I guess it was not bad. lol 😀
    I have been kind of procrastinating also, mostly because of the awesome Halo 4 video game.


    1. Ouch! So far, my only injury thus far has been an aching back, lol. We at least have a net around it so I feel pretty safe. I do have to be careful when I with my little brother because if I jump too hard he flies pretty high up and he almost hit his head into my chin the other day! 😛

      Oh yeeees! Halo 4! Our friends at church got their copy of the game on Tuesday and apparently the one brother has been playing it ALL WEEK LONG. They’ve enjoyed it a lot; hope you are too!


  2. Cold here today too–cold and windy! That wind will slice right through your clothes, I’m telling you. Hasn’t even gotten to 60 today, which is quite chilly for us. Nobody’s jumping around on our trampoline today 😉

    So glad to hear you got out of that little writing slump the other day! Sounds like it’s progressing wonderfully. I was walking on Cloud Nine yesterday because I found the absolutely-totally-couldn’t-be-better face for my own main character! I had a really good idea of what he looked like, but I finally found a picture of a certain actor that was so perfect, there was no question about whether or not he was The One. (LOL, I sound like I’m talking about a courtship or something 😉 ) Ah, the life of a writer is THE BEST 😀 😀

    1. Oooh, wind! I like wind but it does make it feel much colder then it really is! 😀

      ROFL That’s so awesome! I don’t know about you, but I always have the hardest time finding faces for my characters. I feel like it’s a curse or something. What I love about my book right now is that almost everyone wears masks, and it makes it so much easier! 😛 Yes, I’m also glad to be out of that Slough of Despond (not really, but I sure felt stuck up to my neck!) Everything is moving much more smoothly but I’m irritated because I made up a brand new character and he is now practically part of the main cast and I know next to nothing about him! *frowns* Oh well, I have a gut feeling that he’s there for a purpose so I’m keeping him. Writing is such an adventure and yes it is THE BEST! 😀 😀 😀


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