I’m procrastinating from NaNo right now because I feel real “blaw” today about it, but I won’t rant here. Maybe I’ll rant over on the other blog in a bit.

Today Dad and I set up our trampoline and I have been jumping on it on and off all day with Nathan. He really likes it and I think it’s his first time on a big trampoline. I also cooked three pounds of bacon this morning, watched The Clone Wars “The Gathering” on the Star Wars website, got horribly stuck on my Murder of the Orient Express computer game (I’m a horrible detective), and procrastinated from writing that much by sharing my inspiration music with Kayla. It’s been really overcast today and the temperature had dramatically dropped too. It was 50 degrees this morning! Brr! I had to wear my Darth Vader sweater!

Considering I don’t have much to say right now, I think I’ll have a short round of rofl picks that have made me smile this week because I haven’t shared any funnies in a while. They’re good space fillers too. Lol

Okay, I should stop procrastinating now……

*leaves to go complain on writing blog*


8 thoughts on “Procrastinating

  1. BWAHAHAHA!! Love that last one. I can sympathize with it quite a lot…but you know, there are some things that you won’t ever outgrow…things like playing with little siblings or watching Pooh Bear or looking fondly at your old action figures that have been through the wringer in the past ten years…all these beings things I’ve done this very week 😀

    Keep up the work with NaNo! Nutritious (brain) food and a good night’s rest oughtta do the trick. I’ve found those are two of the most critical requirements for me to do any worthwhile writing, honestly!

    1. Oh yes, I still love watching Winnie-the-Pooh. You can never outgrow Disney as far as I’m concerned. 😛

      Those are both great tips; I’ll be sure to retire at a decent hour tonight. It’s getting easier to go to bed on the earlier side what with the sun being a lazy bum and setting so early! It makes me feel like I’m up later than I really am! LOL


  2. Nice! I love the one about the heroes. 🙂

    I can definitely understand. I’ve had a blah day myself. They do happen.


  3. Glad you watched the Clone Wars, have you been watching the other episodes. The one about common sense is hilarious! 😀 And sady, it is very true. I’ve seen a Mcdondalds under construction. 😉


    1. Yes, I’ve seen all the episodes from Season FIve, except for the recent one. I also have seen most from Season Four, at least from the imfamous episode with Ahsoka and Lux. 😛 LOL, but have you seen a Burger King under construction? 😛


  4. I’ve been having a ton of blah days, too. Today is especially one because I’m tired but don’t want to take a nap because when I wake up I’ll be cranky :p lol

    Hahaha! I love all of these. My favorite was the superhero one. I have that pinned on Pinterest. lol I would totally jump off a building if it meant that Captain America would rescue me hahaha

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